Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (7) 27 – "I like to hit hard."

Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (7) 27 – Home Run Koda


The Rangers are trying to teach Koda about modern sports, but his super caveman strength is too much for sports like tennis or rugby or golf. They even interrupt a nearby baseball practice.

And speaking of, the next sport is baseball. But before Koda can give it a try, Fury sends Game Face and a bunch of Vivix to play their game with the Rangers instead.

While the baseball team runs away, a coach stays to watch as the Rangers try to fight off the monsters. Koda manages to knock Game Face’s sports equipment everywhere, including a similar looking bat as the one he had earlier. Game Face orders the Vivix to send exploding tennis balls and footballs at the Rangers.

Finally, Game Face has the Vivix pitch some baseball bombs. Koda runs over to grab the bat and manages to hit every single one outta the park, except for one that Game Face catches and takes him out of the park as well.


The baseball coach is impressed. He runs over and introduces himself. Coach Ted is the head scout for the Amber Beach Earthquakes and thinks Koda can make it in the big leagues.

Koda is not sure what that means, but Riley says he’ll love it. With Koda’s skills and Riley’s excellent baseball knowledge, they “could go down in history.” As long as “that good,” Koda’s in.


Heckyl is about ready to punish Game Face for his failure, but Game Face blames his out of shape team of Vivix. Fury says all they do is stuff their faceless faces with treats. Heckyl gives Game Face one more chance.


Over at the museum, Coach Ted formally introduces Koda as the Earthquakes’ newest player who will get them a championship. Riley introduces himself as Koda’s personal trainer and coach.

The others watch as Koda answers question from the media. Kendall wonders if this is what Koda really wants. Shelby says that’s what Riley says.

The Rangers head to the park for Koda’s first game. Ivan has his lucky ram’s horn to cheer Koda on.

Koda’s next to bat. Riley gives him shoes. Koda reluctantly takes them since he’s not a fan of squished toes.

Koda heads to the plate. The pitch… and Koda hits it out of the park. Or really, hits it into the next town.

While Game Face puts his Vivix team through tough training, so does Riley to Koda. And it seems to be paying off since “Home Run Koda” is now a huge star.


At the command cave, Kendall shows the others the new Dino Victory Charger which uses all their Energems to power up a final strike. Speaking of strikes, Riley and Koda come in just in time so they can test the new Charger out. But Riley says no can do because Koda’s got more training.

Tyler reminds Riley that they still have Game Face to deal with. But Riley says to trust him. It’ll be fine. Koda reluctantly follows Riley out.


It’s time for the decisive game. If the Quakes win, they’re in the Championship. Koda doesn’t seem very happy, but he hits a homer anyway which wins the game. Riley is very excited, but Koda not so much.

They head to the command cave where Kendall is telling the others about a group of suspicious Vivix (the ones training). But Riley says the Championship Game is in an hour.

Riley tells them to just go check it out first and to let ’em know if it’s “something.” The others are very pissed. Koda doesn’t feel right.


The Rangers find the Vivix Training Center. Game Face asks Wrench why his bat isn’t working. Wrench breaks it open and says this isn’t the right bat since it’s only made of wood and not explosives. Game Face remembers Koda taking the explosive bat. And that’s awesome because it is literally an explosive bat!

As long as they can get close enough, they can detonate the explosives and kill everyone, including the Rangers! Woohoo.

Tyler tries calling Riley and Koda, but they left their Dino Coms in the locker room. The Quakes are already taking the field, but the Rangers manage to catch them just in time. They tell them about the bat and they take it away.


Koda wants to go with, but Riley tells him it’s always been his dream to win a Major League Championship. He never had the skill or ability to reach this level, but Koda does. Koda says Riley has an even bigger ability, Ranger abilities! And the Rangers are his team.

Riley wakes up and they hurry out of the stadium and after the others.

But they are stopped by Fury, Wrench, Game Face and the now-conditioned Vivix All-Stars. Game Face is ready to detonate the explosives, but Koda takes the bat and tosses it high in the air to explode safely away from the stadium and preventing a major lockdown of Amber Beach for a terrorist attack.

Game Face implies the bat was magic and Koda questions whether he was any good in the first place.


But more importantly, it’s time to switch over to Sentai footage morph and play basketball with the Vivix All-Stars. Kendall pops in with the untested Dino Victory Charger.

Ivan takes care of the Vivix first before Tyler goes Rexy and the five Rangers use the Victory Charger.


Heckyl orders the embiggening of Game Face and the just-killed Vivix All-Stars. The seven Rangers hop into the Dino Charge, Plesio Charge and Ptera Charge Megazords then combine to Plesio Charge Megazord Pachy Rex Formation to quickly finish them off for good.

The all hurry back to the Championship Game. It’s the bottom of the 9th and all tied up. The Rangers run with Riley and Koda down the tunnel. Coach Ted meets them and asks Koda for one of those big home runs. Koda tells Riley without the magic bat, he isn’t sure if he can do it.


Riley says it’s not about the bat or hitting a home run. He tells Koda to use his instincts, like he’s hunting. “Caveman strong.”

In the time it takes Koda to walk out of the tunnel and to home plate, the Rangers magically teleport into the stands with some popcorn and a foam finger.

First pitch, Koda swings… but it’s a strike. Next pitch, Strike 2.

Koda thinks about what Riley told him earlier. He decides to take his shoes off and instead of the usual batter’s stance, he goes caveman.


And with a one-handed swing, Koda gets a huge home run. The Earthquakes are World Champs!


Episode Thoughts

A very interesting episode. It was all very enjoyable and great fun, but very messy and sadly flawed. lol

First, any Koda-focus episode will be guaranteed fun. Koda has been one of the best characters during this Saban Brands Era and Yoshi Sudarso has been all kinds of awesome in the role.

Since Kendall and Chase found Koda well before we first met any of them, we haven’t really seen a lot of Koda adjusting to the modern world. Some little moments here and there, but not a lot of contrasting Koda’s caveman ways with modern sensibilities. (That’s something I’m hoping Zyuohger will do a lot of with the Zyumans in the human world.) So seeing an episode focusing on him and his unfamiliarity with sports is great.

There were nice little moments during the episode too. Ivan’s lucky ram’s horn was randomly hilarious. And Game Face getting the Vivix into top form was also amusing.

And this was definitely very cute:

Not only name checking PR casting director Iris Hampton, but also Yoshi’s brother Peter. And with the quote “Oh brother, he’s great!” Just added even more fun to the episode.

But to the big flaws of the episode. First of all, only home runs by Koda? Coach either had him batting first every inning or the other Quakes team members are just horrible because Koda didn’t even get one grand slam? Come on now. Haha.

But while it was all fun and games, literally, it did do a number on Riley’s character. Him going all in on baseball was very illogical and out of character. Pushing his dream onto Koda (a dream that’s never even been hinted at before) was very strange. Most especially when he, 2nd only to Kendall as the strategic genius of the team, decides sprinting is more important than defeating a monster who just threw exploding balls at them.

There was also a very odd sense of time. It almost seems like Koda played at least half a season’s worth of baseball games, including the Championship Game, in a single day. The episode definitely felt rushed and I think it added to the implausibility of the episode’s plot and its details.

But at least it was a very fun episode and very enjoyable.

How different was Dino Charge from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger?
Corresponding episode(s): Brave 32 – Victory! The Sports Game

So, I haven’t watch Brave 30 or 31 yet, so I have no idea what a Secret Stone is.

Speaking of messy, Kyoryuger‘s introduction of the Victory Zyudenchi was very random and a very Gosei-like way to bring about a new toy. Unless they talked about it in 30 or 31, so I wouldn’t know lol

But this episode was more about the Kyoryugers’ teamwork and appreciating what each other has brought to the team. Which of course then allows them to use the Victory Zyudenchi in the end. So I guess that works out the clumsy opening.

Compared to Dino Charge, I think they have different purposes. Kyoryuger had a clear objective with its plot about teamwork and it worked reasonably well. Dino Charge seemed to just be about making Riley be a jerk to everyone then quickly learn the error of his ways at the end. So both episodes were okay. Kyoryuger had the better plot, but a sort of messy execution. Dino Charge had an odd plot, but was still very fun to watch.

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2 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (7) 27 – "I like to hit hard."

  1. I agree with you on this one. While it was fun and enjoyable, something about it did feel off. As I was watching, I did notice the same thing about Riley. It felt odd that he forcing Koda to do something he wanted and all. But I’m glad Koda got him to tell him what was more important.

    Another thing was I felt at first that Koda getting all those home runs was strange. I mean, a caveman trapped in ice for 100,000 years and only being out and learning about the new world for a short time can hit home-runs better than a professional baseball player? Then I realized “Oh, the bat belongs to Game Face, so I guess I can let it slide”. Then when he hits that home-run at the end with only a regular bat, and how similar it was to all those home-runs he hit with a super bat, then it went back to the same questions I just mentioned. Hitting a home-run (his first REAL one) on your first (or third) REAL attempt and better than professionals? Yeah, I don’t think so.

    Also, no Singe? But Heckyll let Fury out? I guess he’s been playing nicer or something.

    And YES! More Kendall in action AND she finally get to use her own zord! More of that, please!

    Only one more episode to go until the hiatus. See you next time!

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