Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 22 – Conspiracy! Adel's Trap!

Ghost 22

Takeru has arrived in the Ganma World. Makoto is running through some underground while Alain is looking down at Makoto’s body in a box.

Back in the human world, Onari heads out with Spider Lantern-tachi. Cubi wants to paint with Kanon. And after an update on their plans at Deep Connect, Igor punishes Katchu Ganma for her mistakes.

Takeru walks through the desolate Ganma World and wonders just how this is supposed to be a “perfect” utopia. A bunch of basic Ganma and an army of Gundari start attacking him and the alarms sound.

Ghost 22

Takeru henshins to Boost and fights his way through.

During painting time, Akari asks Cubi and Kanon about the Ganma World. Cubi says everyone is an Eyecon and Kanon says that there are no fights because of the Grand Emperor. Cubi adds that the Emperor is always praying in the place only he can enter.

Ghost 22

Speaking of, Adel again interrupts his father’s prayer. But this time, Adel zaps Adonis and bursts his Eyecon. Adel laments that he lost his perfection, but he will now take over and follow through on Adonis’ ideals.

The Monolith in the lab starts glowing and Grampa Sennin senses the great changes happening.

Ghost 22

Alain faces Takeru and realizes Specter has also returned to the Ganma World.

Adel informs Aria that he has become the new Emperor as their father was assassinated… by Alain?!

Ghost 22

Kanon leaves to show Grandma Fumi her takoyaki painting. Akari shows Onari the fishy things happening at Deep Connect, but he doesn’t easily believe it. Cubi says he doesn’t like that ugly building and only painted it because Igor told him to.

While Aria tries to wrap her head around the idea of Alain killing their father, Makoto walks in much to her delight.

Meanwhile outside, Takeru and Alain are still battling. Alain sends Takeru flying and the apparent Ganma Generals think he’s dead. Alain cautions them about Takeru not being an easy target. But some messengers arrive to summon Alain to Adel.

Ghost 22

Makoto tells Aria that he has three objectives in returning here. One is to regain his body. Second is to thank her since he wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for her. Plus, Kanon would have never come back to life.

Makoto asks Aria to come to the human world. But she says she has a responsibility here, especially now that Alain is suspected for killing their father. She believes he has been framed.

Makoto understands and turns to leave. But Aria asks what the third reason is. She knows it is to meet Adel. Makoto says he wants to set things straight.

Ghost 22

Alain meets his brother who immediately destroys him. “All for a perfect world.”

Adel walks away, but Edith picks up the Necrom supplies.

Ghost 22

Onari and Akari drag Cubi back to the Deep Connect building where they are immediately greeted by Katchu Ganma who is set to punish Cubi as a traitor.

Ghost 22

Alain wakes up in one of the strange body boxes.

Ghost 22

A bloody and bruised Takeru drags himself through the underground as Adel addresses the Ganma World, announcing his ascent to the throne. He orders everyone to find and execute Alain for assassinating Emperor Adonis.

Alain, now dressed in his royal clothes, cannot believe he would ever kill his father. A couple of Ganma find him and pursue.

Ghost 22

Akari and Onari are valiantly fighting off Katchu Ganma to protect Cubi. He doesn’t want to fight, but he will gladly paint. Only, he wants to paint Onari’s beautiful head again.

Ghost 22

Takeru stumbles upon a room full of boxed bodies and remembers Igor talking about how valuable souls are. He sees one of the capsules glowing and he heads over to see the body disintegrate into dust. He touches the capsule and suddenly sees all the man’s memories of his family.

Takeru goes to other capsules and finds more already dusted bodies. He realizes Makoto-niichan’s body must be here too.

Basic Ganma suddenly appear and Takeru henshins.

Ghost 22

Katchu Ganma asks Cubi why he became a traitor. Cubi says he simply learned the joy of painting when he came here. Katchu Ganma says that’s foolish and raises her sword. But she doesn’t cut him down since she thinks he’s too foolish. She’ll wait for “him” to come back.

Ghost 22

Makoto finds Adel. He thanks Adel for turning him into a soldier and asks what he’s doing to Alain.

Adel says Alain is no longer needed, just like Specter. They both henshin, Adel to Ultima.

Ghost 22

Makoto says Alain might have a heart and can change. Adel just laughs and proceeds to beat him down. Takeru arrives to help, but Adel is just very powerful.

While Adel fights Takeru, Makoto delivers an Omega Fang which sucks Adel into some pyramid for a few seconds allowing them to get away.

Ghost 22

Takeru helps his Makoto-niichan walk. They get to a fork in the underground ruins. Takeru wants to go down the dark, red path. But a voice tells him to go to the light.

They end up in the room Edith’s been hanging out in, full of Eyecons. Takeru finds Musashi who must have been the one calling them. He also sees one huge Eyecon in the middle of the room. He touches it and gets zapped a little before he can pick it up.

Ghost 22

Alain stumbles in, looking for answers from Edith about what’s going on. Makoto catches him, surprised by his body. Alain shoves Makoto off him.

Ghost 22

Takeru grabs Alain by the collar demanding to know what the hell this place is after everything he’s seen. Before Alain can say anything, Makoto-niichan tells them they’re surrounded.

They head out to see an army of Ganma waiting for them. Makoto henshins and takes them on. But Alain knows they can’t possibly survive this. He henshins, draws an eye and tells Makoto to run. Makoto-niichan grabs Takeru and they jump in.

They land right in front of the others with Alain right behind them. He collapses to the ground and dehenshins.

Ghost 22

Makoto tells Onari and Akari that it was Alain who got them back safely.

Katchu Ganma is ready for her honorable duel with Takeru. Takeru obliges.

Alain asks Makoto why he isn’t helping. But Makoto says this is a one-on-one, just as Katchu Ganma wanted. That’s why Takeru is giving it all he’s got.

Takeru delivers an Omega Drive to finish Katchu Ganma for good, much to her satisfaction. “Spectacular. That was fun.”

Ghost 22

None of this computes for Makoto who gets up and walks away.

Ghost 22

Meanwhile back in the Ganma World, a capsule opens and out pops Javert. Adel hands him an Eyecon.

Back at the temple, Akari and Onari watch as Takeru is meditating. He remembers what he saw in the G World. And right next to him is the big Eyecon he swiped.

Ghost 22

Episode Thoughts

A very eventful episode. I’m not really sure I know what actually happened though. I definitely need to watch it again. I feel like I didn’t get everything I should’ve gotten from it since the way it was edited appeared to be building up tension and excitement. And I think I was focusing on bits and pieces instead of watching it all the way through. But I liked what I saw and understood from first impressions.

First of all, those body boxes capsules. Seeing that room full of capsules filled with bodies is déjà vu for me because I swear I wrote some short soapy story back in high school that involved some crazy mad villain keeping frozen (not in the cold sense) bodies in a big white room until he was ready to unleash them back into the world and turn the protagonists’ lives upside down. (That was the Days of our Lives influence back when my family loved watching the soaps lol)

But I did like the scenes of Takeru finding them, his exasperated reaction and then his confronting Alain later. Looking back, we know Takeru, especially in death, regards life as something very precious. He’s seen glimpses of people’s lives literally flash before his eyes. And he’s used his awesome hugs to cleanse people of Ganma control before they too would die. So it’s very understandable and a good continuation of that aspect of Takeru’s character when he is angry seeing a room full of seemingly dead bodies/frozen souls just waiting to be used in some meaningless way.

It was also great to actually see Takeru so angry and fired up instead of just being slightly vexed.

Cubi being amusingly simple and Katchu Ganma’s whole deal also helped build up whatever they’re planning to do with Alain. And of course, we are to assume that he basically wants to become more human based on his father’s advice, Makoto and Kanon’s feelings toward him and his love for non-red skies. Having a heart he can follow instead of just moaning and following orders like those basic Ganma in the G World.

We saw Adel smashing Eyecons, but Alain is still alive. And then of course Javert is being resurrected for the nth time. I assume it’s possible daddy Adonis could pop up again. But with that and the capsule bodies and souls and Ganma-not-Eyecons, we definitely have our fresh round of questions that’ll take us at least into the 30s.

Makoto thanking Adel for turning him into a soldier (like is being done to the other bodies?) is very interesting. But I’m more interested in Aria and why all she does is sit in her room. I definitely hope we get to learn more about her. Especially now that we see Makoto thinks highly of her, like Kanon does. So much that he invites her to see the blue skies too.

Other things happened this episode, but I don’t really know what to think. Who knows what’s going on with Gramps Sennin and his twin. And I’m honestly surprised that “Deep Connect” is actually a major/minor plot point that’s still important four episodes later. lol Definitely felt like a throwaway detail at first. But I guess Igor has something big planned. Again, I hope it is Akari that somehow finds out or ends up spoiling that plan to get her in a faceoff with him.

And one last bit, there was some nice directing during Takeru and Katchu Ganma’s fight. They’re trying fresh things, like with drones and stuff so that’s good.

Overall, I think it’s a good, solid episode. Definitely lots to chew on, but I definitely need to go and watch it again.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 22 – Conspiracy! Adel's Trap!

  1. The episode felt like it was in a bit of a hurry, but….

    OMG! OMG! That’s definitely the twist that we have been waiting for. And it came just at the right time (as a side note, both Ghost and Gaim made their game-changing reveals at almost the same time). This definitely throws the series’ story into an interesting twist. Much like Gaim’s Invess, it seems like all those Ganma that Takeru defeated are all former humans.

    Though I wish they gave a bit more depth to Katchu Ganma before killing her off. But eh, it still drove home the point.

    And seems this is also the point where Alain slowly starts to switch sides. Definitely intriguing. And hey, at least we didn’t have to wait for thirty plus episodes for this twist (*cough* Drive *cough*)

    1. And hey, at least we didn’t have to wait for thirty plus episodes for this twist (*cough* Drive *cough*)

      Yes! lol And everything we saw in this episode was at least touched on and/or foreshadowed in some way before too I think. Like, Adel didn’t suddenly just pop out of nowhere. (Banno!) lol

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