Recap: The Amazing Race 28, Episode 5 – "I'm gonna die."

Recap: The Amazing Race 28, Episode 5 – We’re Only Doing Freaky Stuff Today


First of all, have you seen this absurd list of The 25 Most Favorite Teams of All Time posted by It actually is more absurd than TAR28’s absurd opening credits of doom!

On to the episode. After teams are given new clothes, teams must search the streets of Chamonix for a Dacia car with one of the provided license plates. They will be driven in that car to Les Grands Montets Gondola Station.

There, teams will choose a guide and collect gear and a baguette which they will take with them up Mont Blanc and the summit of Les Grands Montets.

TAR2805 TAR2805

To get the next clue, teams must pull themselves along a line to the hanging envelopes.

Those envelopes reveal the Detour: Dynamite or Campsite.
In Dynamite, teams will deliver a dynamite and a baguette to crews who perform controlled avalanches to prevent the accumulation of snow on the slopes.
In Campsite, teams must set up a tent based on an example.

Brodie & Kurt, Tyler & Korey and Matt & Dana choose Dynamite. After Ashley has to get a 2nd clue when she drops her first, she and Burnie choose Campsite.

TAR2805 TAR2805

Sheri fights through tears to do the zipline because Cole is afraid of heights. She gets through it and suggests they do Dynamite.

Blair jokes to Erin & Joslyn about making sure to grab lunch with the dynamite.

Meanwhile, Brodie & Kurt arrive at Plan Praz Gondola Station and find the Road Block: Who feels the wind beneath their wings?

For this Road Block, teams will go tandem paragliding and must keep an eye out for the yeti (which is right in front of them). When they get back on solid ground, they must answer a question correctly to get the next clue.

Brodie and Korey do the Road Block. Brodie messes up the run down the hill, so Korey is able to pass him. Immediately after takeoff, they both see the yeti waving the French flag.

TAR2805 TAR2805

Back at the Detour, Cole agrees to do Dynamite while Erin & Joslyn are still looking for lunch. Burnie & Ashley discover the tent is taking a long time.

Korey reunites with Tyler after giving the correct answer about the yeti and the flag. They can now make their way to the Pit Stop at the Dr. Paccard Statue. Brodie apologizes to Kurt for putting them in 2nd.

Tyler & Korey step on the Mat and Phil tells them they’re going to Boracay in the Philippines.

TAR2805 TAR2805

Sheri & Cole think they are last, but Burnie & Ashley show up behind them. Sheri suggests they work together to pass others, but Burnie says they’ll just race.

Matt, Blair, Rachel are next to do the Road Block. They end up stepping on the Mat as Teams 3 to 5.

Erin, Ashley and Sheri (arriving in that order) are tied for last and the pilots are waiting for the right wind. Ashley is allowed to go first, but faceplants into the snow. Sheri is then next to run down and is able to takeoff.

Erin goes next, but falls right at the start. Ashley fails a 2nd time as well.

Cole is surprised to see his mom arriving next. Ashley reunites with Burnie. For some reason, Burnie & Ashley finish 6th and Sheri & Cole are 7th.

TAR2805 TAR2805

That means Erin & Joslyn are last, but this is a Non-… and are eliminated.

Episode Thoughts

Seriously? This was a horrible Leg. Complete waste of a stunning location. But then again, these European mountain snow Legs have never really been conducive to competition. And when that’s the case, then it most certainly should be a Non-Elimination Leg.

It was a linear Leg that was mainly an hour-long commercial for beautiful Chamonix and Mont Blanc in France. And this was the episode before the March Madness hiatus. Craziness!

A completely sketchy Leg all around.

Let’s back up to the start of the episode though. Hello non-sponsors REI and Automobile Dacia!

The high wire clue was fine. The Detour choices were okay, though completely unbalanced again. It’s kind of a cop out that the teams didn’t even witness a single explosion. But that Detour choice also helped prolong the linear nature of the Leg. As did the paragliding, which is absolutely a TAR staple.

All visually stunning tasks. But not very good in a competition sense. TAR is still a Race, after all. This episode was being hyped as one of the best ever.

Umm… the person who thought that must have been the same person who came up with the “Most Favorite” teams list after looking at Wikipedia and looking at only teams finishing Top 3 while throwing in Jeff & Jordan since Jeff actually works for

This Leg was almost as bad as last week’s Leg. The pretty mountains and all the snow were the only things that help this episode barely top it.

Aside from being a competition, TAR is of course a travel show that shows off the world. But TAR can be travel porn while still providing exciting competition. That did not happen this Leg (or last).

Anyway, first Philippine trip from Travelocity! And of course it’s Boracay, one of the biggest (though beautiful) tourist traps in the country. lol

This three-week hiatus might actually be a good thing. By April 1st, we might forget how horrible these episodes have been and we can only hope things get better with Episode 6 and beyond.

My Subjective Team Rankings

What did the teams really do this week to really change anyone’s opinion of them though?

Looking back though, Blair joking with Erin & Joslyn about the lunch looks like a pretty douchey move now that they’ve been eliminated. Of course, editing could’ve just made it a bigger deal than it was. But TAR editing made a conscious choice of pointing out Blair causing Erin & Joslyn to go walking around for lunch before they are eventually eliminated. Umm, okay.

Sheri was great all Leg. But this Kurt & Brodie vs Tyler & Korey “rivalry” has to be one of the most boring ever.

Episode Quotes

Tyler: “Why would you eat me?”

Dana: “These toes are not for sale.”

Dana: “I’m gonna be sick, I think. I’m gonna die.”

They’re back!
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10 thoughts on “Recap: The Amazing Race 28, Episode 5 – "I'm gonna die."

  1. The title “I’m just die” just basically what I’m express about TAR28 so far. Plus this season was getting one way ticket to my bottom 3 season so far. (The others bottom 3 was 16/24).

  2. I think whatever horribleness the leg was (and I disagree that it even was), they make up for the beautiful location they chose for the leg and how terrifying high stakes most of the tasks are, figuratively and literally.

    I understand the decision Rooster Teeth made in trying to shake up the placements and attempting to go to first place by taking the detour that most other teams would have been less keen on trying. I guess they didn’t expect the replication task to be so time-consuming. Burnie and Ashley are lucky that it didn’t cost them but they were close though.

    I have to give credit where credit is due for Sheri for shutting down Cole’s suggestion to take the “safer detour” as that would have been their ultimate undoing had they done so while they’re still at the bottom of the pack.

    While I would have been bothered by the revolving door of the same two teams switching places between first and second place, I’m surprised that I’m no so in the case of Tyler/Korey and Kurt/Brodie. Their fun civil rivalry significantly softens whatever tensions they may have with each other which proved to be a refreshing sight to see. While that may translate to boring telly for some, it’s still a nice change for once after several seasons of tension filled rivalries in the past, most recently being TAR27’s Texas vs Greenies.

    The lack of any clear villain team means TAR editors have to create one out of thin air. Unfortunate that the Dancers where chosen to be that artificial villain when clearly they’re not (and Dana is surely pissed).

    What is the perfect TAR season anyway? That’s a question I wanna ask casual fans about. Every season that has aired so far has its share of flaws which makes it all the more interesting (whether it’d be good or bad) and over-all enjoyable to watch.

    And yey for that Boracay trip. Siguradong matutuwa si Danya Jacomille niyan. Hehehe

    1. I guess I like having a rooting interest in rivalries. Since I don’t really care either way with Frisbee vs TeamLaugh I don’t enjoy them. lol

      I read about Dana being upset. But if TAR didn’t edit them this way, they’d be absolutely boring. I actually like them more this way lol

      and OMG! Lolololol Danya Jacomille! Any future TAR visit to PH, any franchise, I hope they do all rural Legs. lol

  3. After these 5 episodes of TAR 28, I’m close to quitting watching the show. I was such a fan before but these recent seasons (minus TAR 25 & TAR 27) have lost my interest. Right now, The Voice is my favorite show. What is your assessment to each coaches?

    1. Yeah I know about TAR. Even the casuals are hating this season. I really hope Bertram Van Munster and Co. wake up before it’s too late. They are casting for next season, but there is no guarantee CBS will even pick-up the show for next season.

      I haven’t been watching The Voice this season though.

    2. I stand corrected, CBS renewed TAR for next season today lol I will assume Bertram Van Munster and Co. will take that as “Hey, they must like what we’re doing! Let’s keep doing it.” =/

      1. Yes. At least rumors about Adam leaving the Voice is not true. Without him or Blake the show will be different. Many have been complaining about Miley. I prefer Gwen or Christina more.

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