Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 21 -Amazing! The Ganma World!

Ghost 21

Takeru wants to go to the Ganma World with his Makoto-niichan, but he says he can’t.

Ghost 21

Over in the Ganma World, Edith welcomes Alain back and asks Adonis to reaffirm his will. Adonis says humans are imperfect. That is why he created a world without anger or hatred and a world where no one can die. They must expand this perfect utopia to other worlds.

The CEO of Deep Connect is describing the Demia Project to possible investors. Igor watches from the transparent shadows. He orders Katchu Ganma to eliminate Takeru and Makoto.

Ghost 21

Over at the temple, Art Supply Ganma (with Akari’s scientific encouragement) is chasing Onari around so he can paint his beautiful round bald head. They stop when they see Takeru’s got a lot on his mind.

He tells them about wanting to go to the Ganma World.

Meanwhile, Adonis speaks privately to Edith and mentions the old times when they were young and Adonis’ wife was still alive. Edith says he’s worked to bring about Adonis’ perfect world and asks what kind of world he wants this time? Adonis says he’s already stated what he wants. Someone listens from behind a column.

Over in the lab, they try to figure out how to get Takeru to the Ganma World. Art Supply Ganma catches Onari off guard and turns his head into a cone. Akari decides to name Art Supply Ganma Cubi.

Akari wants to examine Cubi’s body to see if that can help find a way to the G World. Edison peeks out of Takeru’s cloak.

Ghost 21

Kanon finds her brother at his favorite spot by the water. She tells him about Alain-sama changing. But Makoto says he didn’t change, they’re just have different goals.

Ghost 21

Alain thinks about Takeru and Makoto’s friendship. He gets himself to believe that a heart is unnecessary and instead will work to attain his father’s perfect world.

Ghost 21

Akari wants to probe a scared Cubi. But Cubi gives them what they want. He gives them an eye which they think is a Gate to the Ganma World. Takeru henshins and tries to jump in, but instead just gets zapped back.

Narita and Shibuya come down to the lab to tell them about more paranormal happenings. Takeru heads out just as Katchu Ganma takes the souls of the city’s men.

Takeru henshins to Boost. Katchu Ganma looks forward to defeating him and taking his Eyecons. They fight. Makoto arrives.

Katchu Ganma is very strong so Takeru goes Goemon. He and Makoto are about to deliver a final blow, but Kanon arrives and gets in the way. Katchu Ganma says it’s un-chivalrous to involve women in battles, so she leaves.

Ghost 21

Adel interrupts his father as he’s praying to report on the Demia Project. Adonis, upset, tells him this is a holy place and he cannot set foot here.

Igor is upset that Katchu Ganma failed, so he purifies her.

Back at the temple, Takeru feels like he can connect with Katchu Ganma like he did with Cubi.

Ghost 21 Ghost 21

Cubi, however, is miserable sitting with a contraption on his head which Akari says tracks a special brain wave which pops up when he paints. That might be a clue to the Ganma Gates.

Akari gets Cubi to paint and he becomes very happy.

Makoto says Takeru is pretty amazing for having the ability to get to people’s hearts. Knowing how he was able to connect with Cubi, Makoto is sure they can get through to Alain.

Ghost 21

Takeru follows Makoto outside as he draws an eye, turns himself into an Eyecon and floats in.

Ghost 21

Adonis continues his prayer, but Alain comes in, having been summoned by his father. Adonis asks Alain what he thinks of the human world. Alain says it is absurd and unsightly.

“Is that all?”

Ghost 21

Alain smiles when he mentions the blue sky. Adonis asks about Alain’s friend, but Alain says they are friends no longer.

Alain takes his leave, but Adonis stops him and tells him to follow his heart whenever he is troubled. Adel watches the whole thing.

Ghost 21

Akari has found that Cubi can create and maintain a large Gate when he’s extremely happy. And of course, that means when he’s painting. Akari uses the Bat Clock to send converted brain waves that enlarge the Gate.

Takeru henshins and jumps in…

…but gets spit back out.

Ghost 21

Takeru won’t give up though. Suddenly, Edison sucks him in. He tells Takeru that without 1% of inspiration, even 99% of effort is useless. And that inspiration is intuition, found within your heart.

Takeru is back in the lab. But before they can work with Edison’s clue, Narita calls Onari.

Ghost 21

Alain talks to his sister. He wonders why father would talk about heart or individuality when it isn’t required in a perfect world. Aria says he must have a perfectly good reason for saying it. But she’s more interested in finding out how Makoto and Kanon are doing since she misses them. She wishes she could be with them again.

Alain says that’s impossible because they’ve never come back.

But Makoto has come back. He sneaks around.

Ghost 21

Downtown, Narita and Shibuya watch as Katchu Ganma takes souls of everyone she sees. She sets her sights on the two and takes their souls just as Takeru and Onari arrive.

Katchu Ganma warns Takeru not to henshin or she’ll destroy all the souls. Onari calls her a coward and she takes his soul too.

Katchu Ganma demands all the Luminary Eyecons. Takeru has them all in a bag and tosses them over to her. Igor happily picks them up, but just laughs when Takeru asks them to release the souls.

Igor tells Katchu Ganma to bring the souls back to the G World once she defeats Takeru.

Takeru henshins to Boost anyway and they fight. Takeru manages to cut the soul ball off of her neck and Igor’s purification reprogramming seems to have worn off.

Ghost 21

Takeru tells her Igor manipulated her heart. She understands and apologizes. Takeru reluctantly hands over the soul ball, but Katchu Ganma makes good on her promise to release everyone.

Katchu Ganma says they will have a fair battle next time.

Ghost 21

Back at the lab, Takeru thinks Edison’s hint refers to him looking within himself and having a clear mind, just like Cubi. Cubi takes that as a huge compliment and is intensely happy. The Gate is as big as ever.

Takeru sits and clears his mind, thinking of only one thing… Makoto-niichan.

Akari tells him that he better come back.

Takeru goes through the Gate.

Adonis continues praying. Adel firmly walks through the palace?, intent on protecting this perfect world they have.

Ghost 21

Edith is in a room with some Eyecons and a very interesting looking device. The power to create a new world? he laughs to himself.

Takeru arrives in the G world.

Ghost 21

Episode Thoughts

A very interesting episode. Definitely plenty of movement.

First off, I enjoy Art Supply… I mean, Cubi-chan just hanging out with the rest of the Gang. I hope he’ll stick around the rest of the season. But there’s definitely still that outside chance he’ll get killed one of these episodes. A heroic death maybe. But I really hope they let us have nice, happy things once in a while. lol

A lot of the build up when it came to Akari, Onari and Cubi was very light and slapsticky. But I guess it worked out in the end because a happy Cubi meant a big Gate. (What is this, Wizard? lol)

The more interesting parts of the episode though were definitely the scenes in the Ganma World and the first real look at the dynamics within the “royal” family. The most obvious is Adonis treating Adel and Alain differently. Adel, the more hardline “perfect world/utopia” guy vs. Alain, the guy who loves blue skies. And Adonis seems to either favor Alain and his heart following or is egging him on in some twisted effort to use Alain in some way for his world building. Arlia, meanwhile, just wants kids to play with apparently.

Elsewhere, Edith seems to want to go all Sengoku Ryoma on everyone’s ass. lol When/If Adonis’ perfect world isn’t to his liking, he’ll just take care of it himself. Or, he’s already planning some coup or something. Plus with some unknown connection to his not-twin(?) Grampa Sennin, you know there’s a big piece there somewhere.

Anyway, we’re at Episode 21. Nearing the midpoint, so of course it’s time to get to the midseason climax. It’ll be interesting to see what’s up. I’m definitely intrigued and interested in what’s going to happen next. But with the way the season has been going so far, I’m hoping for some nice, big episodes in the next few weeks.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 21 -Amazing! The Ganma World!

  1. I guess how Takeru will get his midseason upgrade with tell us who Edith and Grandpa Sennin is. Though, since they are edging more towards the “Edith and Granpa Sage is one and the same” twist, I hope they do give it something more. Kinda like how DJ Sagara gave Kouta the Kachdoki lockseed in Gaim. That one really had the “WTF!” moment and really deepened the series’ mystery.

    And hey, we actually get two consecutive “not evil” Ganma, that is certainly interesting. Im guessing Cubi will become more of a team mascot, and the lady Ganma is the one who takes that “dying a heroic MOTW” role.

    Also,the story feels a bit clunky, but I like what I see with the Ganma royal family, very interesting. Though, I kinda wish they would bring in a bit more consistency with Alain’s character. One moment he goes “The human world is a worthless piece of trash!” then go “Ah but they have a beautiful blue sky”. They really need to bring forth that inner conflict in his character more, instead of making him look somewhat bipolar.

    1. Definitely on all points. I too see Cubi being the “mascot” while we definitely will see a heroic MOTW death.

      And I agree about fleshing out Alain’s inner conflict more. I can see what they want to do with it, but it could definitely use more focus. Maybe make his feelings a little more pronounced, though of course still “mysterious.”

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