Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (4) 24 – "My headache's getting worse."

Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (4) 24 – A Date with Danger


The Rangers are teasing Chase before he heads out on his date. Meanwhile, Snide, Wrench and Fury meet a new arrival from space, Singe, who offers to help them acquire the Energems.

Later, Chase’s date doesn’t go too well when he has date Kaylee watch him skate for an hour. Tyler is in his jeep starting to read a letter from a Rusty, a colleague of his father’s. But suddenly, large explosions rock the city.


Tyler and Chase morph and hurry over where Fury introduces them to Singe. Singe uses his “Last Blaster” to bombard the area, destroying everything in sight in an effort to hit both Tyler and Chase.

An old woman is hit in the crossfire and Chase runs over to get her to safety. Luckily, Kaylee (in her awesome car) is in the area and sees the Black Ranger carry the old woman. She offers to take her to the hospital. Chase thanks her for the help and makes sure not to reveal his identity.


Kaylee is very impressed.

But Singe continues to overpower Tyler and Chase until the others finally arrive. Singe says his hero headache is getting worse, so he must leave. But Fury orders him to finish the job. Singe will not take orders from a failure like Fury.

“I’ll get rid of your headache… by getting rid of your head!”

Singe and Fury fight, but they retreat back to the ship.


With a picture of Chase and Kaylee, Singe has the idea to target the Rangers’ loved ones. Heckyl tells Singe he better get the Energems he promised.


At the Dino Cafe, Tyler shows Shelby the letter from Rusty. He thinks this is the break he needs to find his father. With Shelby’s encouragement, Tyler leaves to go meet Rusty. But not without kissing Shelby on the cheek as thanks.

Over in the booth, Kaylee has asked to meet with Chase. Not so she can marvel at all his medals and trophies, but to break up with him.

“I appreciate your enthusiasm for yourself, but the truth is I’ve met somebody else.”

Chase wants to know who this chump is and Kaylee tells him it’s the Black Ranger. Chase stops himself from admitting he’s the Black Ranger and Kaylee leaves.


Down in the command cave, Shelby, Koda, Riley and Ivan listen to Chase’s frustration over the Black Ranger stealing his girl. But Shelby clues him into the fact that he didn’t seem to show as much interest in her as he does in himself.

But Chase gets an idea. Shelby warns him not to do anything stupid.


Tyler meets with Rusty who says his father James was the best geologist he ever met. Rusty recounts the night James saved his life during a cave collapse. James had gone back to help him only to get buried in rocks himself.

Tyler is sure his father found a way out. Before Tyler leaves Rusty marvels at his Energem.

Downtown, the Black Ranger surprises Kaylee and they go for a walk. Chase asks her what she’s interested in and she says she loves everything about outer space. She’s going to become an astronaut.

Chase takes Kaylee on a ride on his Dino Cycle then presents her with a telescope. She asks if she can know his name, but Chase says he can’t tell her.


At the command cave, Keeper sees Chase admiring the selfies he took with Kaylee and decides to serve him some Real Truth Flavor.

What good is Kaylee liking the Black Ranger when she doesn’t know who’s behind the mask? Will she truly be happy with such mystery?

Next day, Chase as the Black Ranger decides to break up with Kaylee saying it’s better they just stay friends instead of continuing like this. Chase tries to get in a good word for whoever was in Kaylee’s life before. But Kaylee says her “skate date” was too wrapped up in himself. Chase says maybe the guy was just overcompensating and to give him another chance.

They go their separate ways. But as Chase goes to grab his skateboard, he hears a scream. It’s Kaylee and she’s being held by Singe and Wrench.

Chase skates towards them and manages to get Kaylee away. He tells her to get to safety.


The others, minus Tyler, arrive to help and they morph. But Kendall calls to tell him what’s up.

Singe gets Heckyl to fire the magna beam and he embiggens. Tyler arrives and they all hop into the Plesio Charge Megazord Para Formation. Chase leads Super Drive and Riley summons Raptor Zord to add some firepower. But Singe is very powerful.

Poisandra teases Fury about Singe being pretty awesome. So Fury decides to cancel the embiggening and Singe shrinks back down.


Back at the ship, Fury finds Singe has taken his cell after Heckyl rewards him for a good performance today. The two are certainly no fans of each other.

At the Dino Cafe, Chase and Kaylee reconnect and decide to give it another try.


Episode Thoughts

This was a pretty solid episode. It felt like a filler episode even though we are introduced to Singe. But the whole Chase-Kaylee story played out well, though certainly with no surprises.

With Singe’s introduction, it kinda felt like something was missing. And not in the “Ooo, what’s the mystery?” kind of way that gets you excited, but more of he just appears out of nowhere and just slips into the group. Singe’s introduction is very sudden, they have no idea who he is, but the rest of the episode plays out like he completely checks out or has been with them a long time. Maybe even an old friend. Which would’ve been a better introduction I think. Keeping him sketchy, but not just out of the blue with respect to Sledge’s crew.

I think they could’ve handled his introduction a little better, especially if he’s sticking around for a few episodes. He could be a great villain. He shot an old lady for goodness sakes.

I did like the subplot of Tyler getting more information on his father. And Keeper giving out advice was nice as well.

Did I miss why they call themselves Super Charge now though? I know they have Super Drive, but it hasn’t really been a big deal in terms of fighting or power ups. It’s awkward.

Also awkward how little we see of Kendall morphed and fighting so far. She could’ve helped them fight off Singe maybe.

But the episode was still alright.

How different was Dino Charge from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger?
Corresponding episode(s): Brave 26 – Surprise! The Gabutyra Human

This is my first time watching this episode. And I must say I think I like Kyoryuger‘s treatment of the overall story a little more.

Similar plots in order to fit the Kyoryuger footage into Dino Charge. We touch on Daigo’s father again like we do with Tyler’s. And instead of failing at dates like Chase, we call back to Ian’s beef with Aigaron killing his friend.

I see Endolf is directly connected to Deboss/Deboth so there’s that basis for the character from the start. The Endolf-Dogold rivalry also gets a clearer intro here while it’s more vague between Fury and Singe.

Endolf also appears more ruthless and calculated while Singe is just trigger happy so far.

So overall, I prefer Kyoryuger‘s episode of Dino Charge this week.



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One thought on “Recap: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge, Episode (4) 24 – "My headache's getting worse."

  1. I liked this episode. I do see your point about Singe’s sudden introduction. I also feel he’s saying his whole “you rangers give me a headache” schtick a little too much. But who knows? Maybe he will turn out to be a scheming, manipulative villain this season. I’m currently rewatching Lost Galaxy and Deviot showed up out of nowhere, but (and I’ve yet to see this for myself), from what I’ve heard, he becomes one of the greatest scheming, backstabbing villains in all of Power Rangers. We’ll see if Singe gets a similar treatment.

    I smell a rivalry between Fury and Singe. Hopefully that will be interesting to watch. Well, Singe did start it with pointing out Fury’s failure to get an Energem after being on Earth for 65 million years. It may just come back to bite him.

    See you next time!

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