Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 18 -Reverse! Mysterious Science!

Ghost 18

Onari sees Akari is frustrated. Not just because of getting her soul taken away again, but because of that annoying Igor. Takeru, meanwhile, is frustrated with Newton running off all the time.

Onari and Akari both think Newton’s acting weird because of Himiko as they are both complete opposites in philosophy.

Takeru takes Himiko Eyecon out and she sucks him in. She says that she and Newton are like oil and water since she believes in what’s inside people’s hearts more.

That makes Takeru think about Alain’s words. Suddenly, he disappears again. Onari and Akari think he’s gone into an Eyecon again, but Yurusen pops in and says he’s gone somewhere much scarier…

Ghost 18

The Ganma World!

Downtown, Igor is back collecting more souls. But Alain wants to know what the hell he’s doing to them since the humans are supposed to become part of their world. Igor admits that Adel sent him here, just like Javert.

Ghost 18

It annoys Alain that he again wasn’t told of these movements, but Igor says he it wasn’t necessary since he is not Alain’s subordinate.

Akari tires to get Yurusen to explain where Takeru is. But Narita comes in to report that people have seen the fog Ganma again. Onari is worried, but Akari says it’s a perfect time for her get revenge.

Ghost 18

Alain joins Kanon by the water. She came hoping her oniichan would be here.

Kanon asks if Alain remembers the first time they met. They flash back. A woman is leading young Makoto and Kanon down a long spiral staircase when they run into Alain.

Ghost 18 Ghost 18

Turns out this woman is Alain’s sister. And she explains that these two are siblings from the human world.

“I have no interest in such things,” Alain says as he leaves. Makoto gives an incredulous look. But sister tells the kids not to mind him as they continue their way down.

Kanon says she was a little scared of Alain back then, but not anymore of course.

Kanon asks Alain if he can help her find Makoto. He agrees, but says there’s no guarantee they’ll find him. Kanon is excited and grabs onto his arm as they leave. The mailman sees them.

Down in the lab, Akari continues to find a way to improve her Shiranui and insists they must do what they can to help.

Onari sees Newton lurking around and picks him up. But Narita calls that he’s right in front of a fog and there’s screaming. The fog then engulfs him and Knife Ganma slashes.

Akari finishes Shiranui Plus Mark 2 and is ready to go face the Ganma. But Onari senses she has some doubts in her heart and that is dangerous in battle. Akari says she believes in herself.

Ghost 18

Takeru seems sick to his stomach at seeing the Ganma World, but he gets zapped back to the human world. And just in time since the mailman is here with a package. He also tells Takeru that he saw Kanon and some pretty boy with an intense gaze. Her boyfriend?

Takeru realizes who it could be.

Kanon has brought Alain to Fumi-baba for some takoyaki. Alain thinks the tokoyaki are Eyecons and is shocked to see Kanon eat one.

Grandma Fumi is amused that Alain doesn’t know what takoyaki is.

“Why are you treating me like a child?!”
“Well for a 75-year-old like me, you are a child!”
“75 years old? I’ve lived for twice as long!”

Ghost 18 Ghost 18

Grandma Fumi thinks he’s funny and asks Kanon if he’s her boyfriend. Kanon says of course not, but Fumi-baba teases that he’s handsome and a good catch.

Alain looks around. He sees kids playing with their parents and an older couple enjoying a day at the park. He walks away, but Kanon runs after him.

She asks Alain what’s wrong. He says he doesn’t know, “just…”

Ghost 18

Takeru interrupts this critical moment and immediately asks Alain what he’s doing to Kanon. Kanon says it’s fine, but Alain makes her step aside.

“How convenient. I needed something to clear my head.”

Alain henshins to Sanzo while Takeru goes Boost. Alain says Takeru is dangerous because he made Specter deviate from his mission. Takeru demands to know where Makoto-niichan is.

Ghost 18

Alain obliges and Makoto, already henshined, walks out from behind the tree.

Kanon runs over to her brother, but is shocked when Makoto attacks Takeru. Alain dehenshins and says he and Specter have become one.

“This isn’t Makoto-niichan. You and Makoto-niichan are friends, right?”
“That’s correct. The best of friends.”

Makoto initiates an Omega Drive, but Kanon begs him to stop. Makoto pauses. Takeru points his blaster at Alain, but Makoto protects him and they disappear.

Takeru walks over to make sure Kanon is fine. But Kanon is confused by Alain’s actions. Takeru promises to bring Makoto-niichan back. They get up to go home, but Yurusen pops up to tell them about Knife Ganma.

Onari and Akari arrive at the new fog location and charge in. Onari sees Narita sprawled out over the steps. Akari takes her Shiranui and points it at Knife Ganma.

But it turns out this new Knife Ganma is Igor. He asks if Akari has come to a conclusion about his perfect world. Akari says science is something to make people happy and improve their lives. And taking their souls is definitely not science.

Igor says she is incorrect. He henshins to Ganma Superior and uses a Knife Eyecon to power up and counter Akari’s Shiranui shot.

Ghost 18

Igor is about to take her soul, but Onari covers her and takes the slash instead. Before his soul flies out of his body, Onari says Akari’s speech was pretty exciting.

Newton flies out of Onari’s robe.

Igor analyzes Onari’s soul and says because the purity is low, it’s garbage. Akari says Igor is the true trash.

Ghost 18

Takeru arrives as Akari fiercely defends Onari as a hard working and good person. She again uses Shiranui, but this time it blasts Igor right down the stairs.

Takeru runs over and tells Akari she’s done well before he faces off against Igor. Newton watches from above as Takeru goes Boost.

Takeru goes Himiko to counter Igor’s fog, but it doesn’t work. Igor says he’s modified the magnetic field to counter Himiko’s power.

Akari suggests Takeru combine Himiko and Newton’s powers to get rid of the fog. Yurusen says that’s impossible. But Newton flies down and says they have reminded him of how a true scientist should act. He allows Takeru to combine his power.

Takeru puts both Newton and Himiko into the Sunglasseslasher. He notes that science shows oil and water do not mix, but by accepting and understanding each other, you can bring forth a new power. “That’s what humans can do!”

Takeru initiates an Omega Shine and gets rid of the fog before delivering a Boost Omega Drive to destroy the Knife Eyecon. Everyone’s souls are back, but Igor is still very much alive. He draws an eye and hops in.

Ghost 18 Ghost 18

Meanwhile, Alain is back by the water. He flashes back to seeing Makoto again for the first time since the siblings first arrived. After easily taking on lowly Ganma for training, Alain gladly welcomes Makoto as his opponent and they battle.

Takeru hopes someday he will be able to understand Alain.

Episode Thoughts

Yay! We’re back to the exciting stuff!

I definitely liked seeing more into Makoto/Kanon/Alain’s “relationship,” including Makoto and Kanon’s arrival in the Ganma world. It’s very interesting to think about how Makoto and Kanon have such opposite feelings on the Ganma world and of Alain.

We’re getting more into Alain’s personality and secrets. That scene with Grandma Fumi was very fun. (See gif above! lol) But more importantly, we maybe see more of Alain’s conflicted feelings. He’s having impure thoughts about humans and the human world! Hee. That scene though at the takoyaki cart is in line with the trailer for Alain’s little miniseries from the Blu-rays. Should be good watching his story develop and unravel.

I hope we get a big scene out of Kanon though realizing Alain isn’t just her nice Alain-sama. I wanted them to drag her obliviousness on a little longer, but as long as the developments are satisfying, it’s alright.

But what about Makoto and Alain suddenly in Fight Club yeah? Very awesome and adds to the whole mystery of their relationship. Plus, what were Makoto and Kanon doing in the Ganma World while growing up? And if Alain hadn’t seen either of them for years, how did Kanon become very fond of him?

Again, I like seeing Akari and Onari (and Narita this time) getting in harm’s way. But also mustering up the courage to take on whatever comes their way. In this case, Igor. I’d like to see the show though emphasize a little more that they’re doing all this and risking their lives for their friend. Though of course at the same time, showing that they are very noble and want to help other people too. We do know they believe in themselves though. =)

Loved hearing that Necrom theme again.

Overall, a great episode.

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  1. They seem to be giving Alain a bit of a similar route to Chase. Still has that disjointed feeling to it, but not as bad as the previous ep’s.

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