Recap: Power Rangers Dino Charge, Episode 17 – "You sly dog!"

Power Rangers Dino Charge, Episode 17 – “World Famous (in New Zealand)”

Dino Charge 17

Chase hurries into the cafe to show everyone a newspaper report of a UFO sighting by one Albert Smith. The UFO looks exactly like Sledge’s transport pod. But the most exciting part for Chase is that the sighting was in Auckland, New Zealand!

The Rangers fly to the land of Kiwis and decide to do a little sightseeing before getting to work. They hop onto a ferry. Chase gets off the phone with his mom and Riley says it’s too bad they can’t visit them since they live in the south islands.

Dino Charge 17

Shelby sees dolphins in the water and Koda wants to jump in to swim with them.

Later, the Rangers drive into the wop-wops to find Albert Smith who also gives Bigfoot Tours. He doesn’t seem to be around. That is, until they get trapped in a net.

Ooops! Albert thought they were Bigfoot.

Dino Charge 17

He lets them out and shows them his unicorn horn and Bigfoot footprint. But they want to know more about his UFO sightings. He shows them more photos and excuses himself.

The Rangers think Albert’s a little weird, but they just want the info and they can go. But Tyler is more interested. While Albert checks the police scanner, Tyler tells him about going Bigfoot hunting with his dad once.

“How many did you catch?”
“None. But I did catch a cold.”

Dino Charge 17

Tyler says it was a great adventure at least and Albert agrees. Life should be one great, big adventure.

The Rangers leave after Albert gives them the locations of the sightings. They head back into the city. But while they’re planning what to do next, a thief steals a woman’s bike. The Rangers pursue.

But the thief has already been stopped and tied up.

Dino Charge 17 Dino Charge 17

By the Purple Ranger! So Sledge wants the Purple Energem!

The Purple Ranger runs and the Rangers follow. But Meteor, whom Sledge has tasked to find the Purple Energem, arrives. He summons Vivix, but the Rangers jump in to help.

The Purple Ranger hides behind a park bench while the others take care of the Vivix. Meteor escapes back to the ship.

The Rangers demorph and approach the Purple Ranger who apologizes for the trouble. But wait…

Dino Charge 17

The Purple Ranger recognizes them… because he is Albert!

“So you’re a Power Ranger?!”
“Is that what they call it when I change?”

Albert shows them the Energem and they explain what’s going on. He says he just wanted to do some good deeds for the town.

“Now you can do good deeds for the world!”
“Sounds like a grand adventure.”
His words say one thing, but Albert’s face says another.

Back on Sledge’s ship, Wrench reanimates Iceage and Sting Rage to help Meteor take the Energem.

Dino Charge 17

Over in the wop-wops, the Rangers decide to help Albert train. But he shows them that he actually doesn’t need it and it’s the Rangers who need to keep up with him.

Dino Charge 17

While resting, Albert tells them how he found the Energem. A year ago, their town was hit with a freak snowstorm. While hiking in the mountains, his friends’ daughter Cindy got lost and he was the only one who could find her since he knows the mountains well.

Albert found her and that’s when he found the Energem. He picked it up and it bonded with him. Once he was able to become a Ranger, he got a police scanner which helped him know who to go and help in town.

Dino Charge 17

Their DinoComs alert them to alien DNA in downtown Auckland. It’s time for them to jump into action. But Albert isn’t as eager.

Meteor, Iceage and Sting Race are rampaging downtown and the Rangers arrive to face them.

Dino Charge 17

It’s Morphin’ Time!

Dino Charge 17

They all morph. But Albert freezes. Tyler asks him what’s wrong. Albert says he wants to fight, but he’s too afraid. He runs around the corner as Tyler promises to protect him.

Tyler goes over to Albert. He says it’s easy to take on a bike thief or a purse snatcher. But fighting a monster that wants to kill him is a different story! Tyler says he was able to face a giant squid though.

But Albert admits that he’s a fraud. None of that ever happened, everything’s fake. Even his eyepatch.

“I’m nothing but a coward.”

Tyler says that’s not true. The Energem doesn’t make mistakes. It bonded with him because he saved Cindy. And that proves he’s not a coward.

Tyler goes back to help the others. Riley takes Meteor’s meteor ball and they start playing keepaway before Tyler Royal Punches the meteor back at the three stooges.

Sledge embiggens Meteor and the Rangers, minus Tyler, hop into the Megazord.

Dino Charge 17

Tyler goes to Albert to prevent Sledge and Co. from getting the Energem. But Iceage shoots Tyler and freezes his leg.

Iceage and Sting Rage approach, but Albert helps Tyler up.

The Rangers summon the Pachy Zord to help in the fight. They eventually initiate the AnkyloPachy Formation which easily takes care of Meteor.

Albert takes Tyler into the forest, but Iceage and Sting Rage easily find them. Tyler tells Albert to leave him and run. But Albert says no. He tells Tyler to trust him.

Albert pretends his back hurts, but morphs and charges toward the two monsters. Iceage and Sting Rage just laugh at him, but that gives Albert the opportunity to show them they should respect their elders.

Dino Charge 17

Albert knocks them right into a trap and they get hoisted up a tree by their ankles.

Albert gets rid of the ice on Tyler’s leg.

“You tricked them, you sly dog!”

Dino Charge 17

They thank each other. Albert says Tyler helped him find his courage. But he also made him realize that he can’t remain a Power Ranger.

Dino Charge 17

Later, Keeper arrives as Albert explains he can’t leave his home in New Zealand. There are plenty of people who can be a Ranger, but no one can replace him here. Keeper says Albert’s duty was to keep the Purple Energem safe from the enemy. And his work is now done.

Keeper tells Albert to hold the Energem to the head of his staff which will unbond him from it. Keeper thanks Albert and says he has made them all very proud.

Keeper disappears back to Amber Beach.

Tyler hugs Albert who tells him to bring his dad here someday for a Bigfoot hunt.

Dino Charge 17

Episode Thoughts

Damn, that was a great episode. Albert is awesome. I really like the twist on the idea of having a power and responsibility thrust upon you. It’s definitely not new to Power Rangers. But I thought it was very well done here. They were plenty of great lessons for the kiddies (age is nothing but a number –hehe-, you don’t need a morpher to do good deeds, etc.), but they didn’t hit you over the head with it. It wasn’t done in a condescending way like, honestly, Samurai and Megaforce did.

Tyler’s sincere excitement and interest in Albert’s “travels” was great. He’s like the innocent adventurer. He and Mack would be “awesome” friends I think. (Yes, I love Operation Overdrive. hehe)

Though I do think Tyler’s “you sly dog” comment was kinda awkward. He and Albert are kindred spirits, but I don’t know if they already established that relationship yet to welcome that kind of rapport. lol

Anyway, it was fun actually setting the episode in New Zealand. It would’ve been even more awesome if they did an extended tour of Auckland rather than that quick 30 second tour. I think the episode could’ve spared a few minutes.

Speaking of New Zealand, all the original fight scenes were very well done.

But overall, the episode developed well and had a great payoff at the end. One of the very best episodes of the season I think.

How different was Dino Charge from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger?
Corresponding episode(s): Brave 18 – “Caught! Kung-Fu Finishing Strike” and Brave 21 – “Zoom! Plezuon’s Back”

So I thought I had made it up to around Episode 25 of Kyoryuger during my catching up a few months ago, but it turns out I’m still at Episode 17 or 18. I definitely do not remember watching this introduction of KyoryuViolet. But I do remember tweeting about falling asleep while in the middle of my Kyoryu-Catch Up. (Sorry Kyoryuger! lol)

So I ended up watching these two episodes for the first time (or at least, it felt like the first time). And while they were both okay, I do prefer Dino Charge‘s introduction to Purple.

These episodes also reminded how goofy Kyoryuger really was. Which then makes Dino Charge even that more amazing that they are able to take a perceived “goofy” season and turn it into something less goofy and more serious, but still fun. Not to the extreme of Go-Onger-to-RPM of course. But in it’s own way, Dino Charge really makes the Sentai footage work for them while still borrowing plot points and making it work in the context of the Dino Charge world they’ve created.

It is definitely a big accomplishment.

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13 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Dino Charge, Episode 17 – "You sly dog!"

  1. This was a pretty good episode, I really hope to see Albert again, maybe in Dino Supercharge.
    And thus, begins the final arc in Dino Charge. I’m so excited!!!

  2. This was the episode I was looking forward to. And I really enjoyed. Albert may be a one-off Power Ranger, but he was a good one-off Power Ranger.

    By the way, where was Fury this episode? Given that he was the one who broke the news about the Purple Energem last episode, wouldn’t it have made sense if he appeared this episode to get it? Either A) Sledge is tired of his failures or B) Sentai footage wouldn’t allow it. Could be both, but that’s just something I noticed.

    There they go again with that monster resurrection stuff. They can just keep bringing back the monsters if left unchecked. I hope they deal with it at some point. Did you notice the change in Iceage’s voice from the first episode and then the second one and this one? In the first one, he sounded like Flurious from Operation Overdrive (same voice actor, mind you). In his other appearances, he sounds completely different. Maybe they just didn’t want him to sound too similar to Flurious? I don’t know, I just kinda preferred his voice in the first episode.

    Speaking of Operation Overdrive, I’m still curious to see your defense of that season. Because as I’m sure you know, that season is considered one of the worst seasons of Power Rangers, right down there with Turbo and Samurai and Megaforce (especially Super Megaforce). As the old saying goes: you’ve got some splainin to do! Complaints include the rangers being whiny, bratty, unlikable, etc., awful acting (even by Power Rangers standards), bad story, the list goes on and on. I’d like to see you list off some of the complaints, address why you don’t share the same sentiments, and compare Overdrive to some of the other bad seasons like the ones I’ve mentioned. I understand if it may be a while, but that’s still something that would be interesting.

    Look forward to the next episode!

      1. I’m definitely at your side with this one. I also never really got, what’s so incredibly bad about Operation: Overdrive. It was actually kind of a shock for me when I noticed how much hate Overdrive got (especially from the American fans I guess) and most of the complaints I heard about so far didn’t really make sense in my opinion. I think the cast is very likable (including Dax & Will), the Villains are (at least) decent and the overall plot of collecting the jewels is probably one of the best in the whole franchise. Not even mention the cohesive story.
        What’s the matter? I don’t see it!
        So if you need help to find arguments I’ll try to help out. ; )

        1. Thanks! Hehe, that would great. But I think part of it is that Power Rangers fans tend to be sort of like sheep when it comes to opinions. They often like to just go along with what others believe instead of forming their own opinions. And when someone has a different opinion, they get criticized and laughed at. Very bad.

          I remember seeing a thread on the message boards that asked “Why does everyone hate OO so much?” or something and I was actually surprised when there were a lot of people who said “I actually like it” and stuff like that. It seems they were just scared to “come out” and admit it. Very interesting.

          1. Well, if you need to find someone who’s an outspoken critic of Overdrive, look no further than Linkara’s History of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive videos. He pretty much sums up why he (and a lot of other people) believes Operation Overdrive is the worst Power Rangers season ever. I’ve watched his other History of Power Rangers videos. He does make good points and I agree with him a lot of the time. I personally didn’t agree with him on his Overdrive analysis, but I did keep an open mind and did see why he wasn’t a fan. He didn’t change my mind, but I didn’t plug my ears and go “Nah nah nah, not listening” either.

            So if you do watch those videos (and I hope that you do), try to keep an open mind like I did. It would give you a lot of notes to work with and so you could then present your counter-arguments to them. Also, if you’ve never seen his videos, he does say he judges them strictly as Power Rangers seasons and doesn’t make any comparisons to Sentai or anything like that, given that he doesn’t watch Sentai (neither do I). Good luck!

          2. Well, I actually did watch Boukenger and while I pretty much enjoyed it, I still think Operation: Overdrive is the better one. Boukenger is much more episodic and mostly about the case of the week. They’re also hunting relics, but unlike in Overdrive, these are not connected to each other. As I said before, one of the best things of this season is it’s cohesive story, the fact that everything works together and is part of the big main plot and even some of Boukenger’s best story arcs didn’t reach that level.
            I have to admit I never watched one of Linkara’s Reviews and the main reason for this is, I already heard about some things he said from other fans and always kind of thought to myself “What is this guy talking about?”. One of those things is, that he and other people always seem to hate Will only because Samuell Benta stole a banner or something. I mean seriously, they shouldn’t judge a Character by it’s actor or the other way round (see Andrew Gray). Also what has his to do with Overdrive as a season? But still, I think I’m going to give it a try and hear his opinion sooner or later.
            By the way I also think, the people who share the mainstream opinion are much more often the ones who go “Nah nah nah, not listening” to the opinion of the Minority. Some of them actually treat Overdrive like it killed their dog or something and seem to not respect people who don’t share this opinion. That’s just unnecessary.

            1. I agree. In my eventual OO defense (hehe), the story will definitely be a big part of my reasons for liking and enjoying the season. I love the serialized nature of the season, something very different for PR. Like you mentioned, the relics OO looked for were all connected. The cliffhangers were great and gave a clear sense of story and purpose to the season, something that can’t be said for a couple of other seasons. I’ll definitely be including the Samuell Benta “controversy” too since it’s always brought up.

              About Linkara, I’ve seen a few before (I don’t remember for which seasons), and sometimes the reviews come across as sarcastic or snarky. Originally, I thought they were spoof recaps done as jokes for fans. Oops! lol But that some fans take Linkara’s opinions are the one and only opinion you can have really turned me off to the videos.

            2. Yeah, I admit, his critiques can be nitpicky and his attitude can be snarky and sarcastic, but there are some things I noticed that he actually goes a little more in depth about. Not enough to change my mind, like I said, but Nitpicks aside like the Samuell Benta controversy and the costume designs, he explains why he doesn’t like the rangers’ personalities or some story decisions that were made that he believes make no sense. He does like the Mack twist, though. So do I.

              I remember one of things he goes in depth into is his reasoning why he doesn’t believe Once a Ranger is a good team-up/anniversary episode. Like I said before, I do not agree with him on it or his thoughts on the whole season. Like you, I think OO is an underrated season. It may have its faults, but I’ll watch it any day over Samurai and Megaforce. But he does put out some things where I might go “I may not agree, but I can see why he (or others) may legitimately feel that way”. It’s been a while since I’ve seen those videos, but that’s one thing that popped into my mind.

              Of course, as you pointed out, there are plenty of other criticisms out there of OO that you can find and use. I just pointed out another one.

  3. This episode marked beginning of the final story arc of the season: Purple Energem and Ranger.
    I also like how this story arc starts at down under (New Zealand), instead of usual location; ironically, PR production takes place at New Zealand since Disney Era.

    When Kyoryuger (2013) was airing, I was looking forward to see another Violet Ranger, where there hasn’t been one since Gekiranger (2007), a 6 years of absence (I’m not counting Gokai-Change of Gokaiger (2011)). Despite not being a fan of the show, I was quite optimistic of how he would turn out. Unfortunately, it was a big disappointment to found out that actor who played Doctor Ulshade, was non-other than Shigeru Chiba, who provides narration and voices for EVERY toys (changers and mechs), what a surprise. Not only I couldn’t stand his annoying obnoxious voice, I really couldn’t stand his character. It’s very frustrating that he’s the one who created Gaburivolver, Zyuden Arms, and other arsenals for ranger; then again, it does make sense for why Kyoryuger’s weapons and arsenal has those voices. To sum up, his character sucked… A LOT. Fortunately, he was quickly retired and replaced with Yayoi as 2nd/female Violet, which was huge improvement, which I will get to that when Kendall gets to be ranger.

    As for Albert, I really like his character, right from the beginning.
    First of all, he has very interesting occupation as adventurer and Bigfoot hunter, which is already more interesting than annoying-obnoxious scientist.
    I also like the fact he has eye patch, even though both of his eyes are fine.
    It was interesting to see someone morph with an eye patch, which I don’t think ever happened in PR or Sentai, unless you count costume/disguise/Halloween episode.
    Best of all, he doesn’t have annoying-obnoxious voice, which makes it better.

    It was nice to see that most of ranger footage was all original, instead of relying sentai footage.
    I especially like the introduction of Purple Ranger, where he stopped street crime, which is pretty rare to see in PR. Very interesting introduction indeed.
    I like how he was referred as “Purple” instead of “Violet” (sentai name).
    Some people doesn’t like that change, but I personally don’t mind, since it sounds more unique IMO. At least ranger’s color was mentioned, unlike Jungle Fury where Wolf Ranger was never referred as purple or violet.

    It was interesting to see an old guy morph along with young people.
    Arthur Ranford (actor) was 67 years old, making him the oldest actor to portray ranger in sentai and PR, which I find it fascinating.

    I like the twist how Albert adventure story was all made up and admit he’s a coward.
    It was nice to see Tyler dealt with Albert’s fear and overcome at the end.
    I really like that.
    It’s another moment where Tyler is better Red than Daigo/King. lol
    Take that Sanjo!!

    Albert solo fight was very good.
    I also like that he had back pain, similar to Doctor Ulshade, except this time it was more convincing, since didn’t hurt it during roll call. lol
    His struggle to use sword was also convincing and realistic.
    It’s not every day you get to see old guy in 60’s to be ranger.
    It was nice that he tried his best to fend off 2 monsters only to get them trapped, which was nice strategy.

    I really enjoyed this episode.
    Albert was such an interesting and awesome character.
    Far better than annoying-obnoxious Doctor Ulshade. lol
    He’s probably the best additional rangers I’ve seen this season.
    It was really nice to see so much original footage of Purple, instead of resorting to sentai.
    Such a shame this was only time Albert get to be ranger.
    It was really sad for him to let go of his power at end; probably one of the saddest moment I’ve seen in ranger history.
    I wanted to see him piloting the zord and Dino Drive mode.
    Even Ulshade managed to stay longer (3~4 episodes).
    I also wished he had his solo morphing sequence as well; Ulshade had his own, so why not Albert?
    I hope he comes back in Dino Supercharge, as civilian or ranger.
    I want to see both male AND female (Kendall) Purple Ranger.

    I also wished Phillip was here as well, even though he’s “guest” ranger, who would only appear whenever he can.
    I would have loved to see 8 rangers together.
    I guess I have to wait that til season finale.

    8 down and 2 more Energems to go!

    1. It would be fun to see 2 Purples together.
      I definitely think the Dino Charge Rangers are much more likeable and friendly than the Kyoryugers. I think them trying to make it all fun and goofy after Go-Busters was more serious (though still funny) hurt how they wrote the Kyoryugers as characters. Too over the top. That’s why I enjoy the DC Rangers much more too.

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