Recap: Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, Episode 36 – Kinji, the Glorious SuperStar!

Youkai-fied Kinji attacks the cousins who try to get him under control. He eventually reverts to his human form and falls unconscious.

Kyuuemon poofs himself away from Masakage who decides to use the mallet to summon a group of Gashadokuro which he then combines into Advanced Youkai Oboroguruma, automatically embiggened.

Takaharu tells Nagi to take care of Kinji while the rest of them jump into ShurikenJin.

Oboroguruma uses his big roller to flatten them, literally!

Ninninger 36

The Ninningers are able to get out of ShurikenJin alright, but Oboroguruma is not done yet. He starts rolling towards them and Masakage himself is in the roller’s path.

Masakage orders Oboroguruma to debiggen and decides to take care of the Ninningers himself. Takaharu goes Chozetsu.

Ninninger 36

Nagi brings Kinji home and Grandpa examines him. He knows Ookami Otoko’s power and the Youkai power inside Kinji is only growing.

Kinji meets Ookami Otoko inside his head who says he’ll be swallowed up and turn into a full Youkai soon. Kyuuemon then pops up, gloating about his successful trap.

Kinji wakes up and hears Grandpa telling Nagi about the Demon Sword Urasame in the living room. The katana devours Youkai power and turns it into a strong power for its owner, but that person will eventually lose himself and turn into a bloodthirsty monster like an Advanced Youkai.

Grandpa explains that Youkai power is the fear, worry and scorn in one’s heart. Kinji is in a better place now, but back then he had a lot of worries and fears. Grandpa is not sure if there is any way to stop it, but what they can do for sure is keep the sword away from Kinji. Grandpa takes it and leaves.

Ninninger 36

Kinji comes out of the bedroom and tells Nagi that they should go rejoin the others and help. It’s should be okay as long as the sword is away from him.

Yakumo, Fuuka and Kasumi are fighting Oboroguruma while Takaharu takes on Masakage. But they aren’t able to even leave a dent in either one.

Masakage just laughs off Takaharu and Shishi-Oh’s slashes and sends a huge green skull their way which forces them to dehenge.

Ninninger 36

Kinji and Nagi arrive and they both henge.

Meanwhile, Grandpa meets with Kyuuemon who proposes a deal: Kyuuemon saves Kinji in exchange for the Finishing Shuriken of the End. Grandpa can’t believe how far his former pupil has fallen.

Nagi gets thrown to the ground and dehenges. That gives Masakage an opening to finish the Ninningers off for good. But Kinji jumps down to block the skull attack.

The Demon Sword Urasame flies out of its sheath, which Grandpa is holding. Kyuuemon is excited to see the sword has chosen its master and floats off to watch the fun times.

“Kinji… I have no choice!” Grandpa poofs himself away as well.

Ninninger 36

Kinji is giving it his all to block Masakage’s skull. The Demon Sword Urasame arrives before him.

Nagi calls out to Kinji, but he says he’ll be fine. He takes the sword and charges toward Masakage. But the Youkai power overwhelms Kinji. The Ninningers get up and all henge to help their friend, but the Youkai power blows them all away as it takes over Kinji’s body.

Kinji goes Youkai and tells the others to kill him.

Kinji is back inside his head. Kyuuemon appears and he takes his mask off to reveal…

Ninninger 36


All the Youkai that have been defeated this season pop up, but all of them have Kinji’s face. Kinjiemon says this shows that Kinji has bonded with the Youkai power. With this, he can forget all the fear and pain in his heart.

Forget? Kinji remembers his five friends and all their support of him.

He realizes forgetting is not the way to go. His heart was weak and that’s why he was able to make it this far with the others.

“My weakness is a part of me,” Kinji says. “Just like my worries and fears are also a part of me!”

Ninninger 36

Kinjiemon sees the power of fear is disappearing in Kinji. Kinji says he is no longer afraid. He begins to glow and Grandpa’s voice tells him to slash all the Youkai around him.

Kinji breaks free of the Youkai form and is back as Starninger. The cousins watch as Kinji continues to glow until…

Ninninger 36

Kinji now has a “hella hot” poncho and the Demon Sword Urasame is now a good guy katana. He activates Gekiatsu on the katana and easily takes care of Oboroguruma with a Gekiatsu Winning Superstar finisher.

Kinji introduces himself as Super Starninger and proceeds to take on Masakage. The others join in.

Kinji initiates a Gekiatsu Lighting SuperStar to finish off Masakage for good. Kyuuemon is livid.

But Masakage is not done yet. He embiggens Oboroguruma and jumps inside of him.

The Ninningers hop into Gekiatsu Dai-Oh. But Oboroguruma threatens to flatten them again. Kinji has an idea; for now, they kick a bunch of shipping containers to block the roller. This gives them time to summon Lion Ha-Oh and Rodeomaru. Kinji suggests they combine Gekiatsu Dai-Oh, Lion Ha-Oh and Bison King.

Ninninger 36

This combination results in Ha-Oh Gekiatsu Dai-Oh.

They easily take care of Oboroguruma and Masakage gets thrown into space.

The Ninningers head home. Kinji apologizes to them for causing trouble again. But the cousins say it’s alright and he shouldn’t let any of that get to him. Plus, he’s got a Super power-up.

Kinji wonders how. Grandpa pops in from the wall and says because Kinji accepted his weakness, the Youkai power in him disappeared. So without the “You-,” Kinji was just left with “Power.”

Ninninger 36

Kinji tells Grandpa about hearing his voice when he was about to lose himself. But Grandpa feigns ignorance. Anyway, he wants Kinji to continue doing his best as his “super” pupil.

The cousins have fun teasing Super Kinji.

Ninninger 36

Episode Thoughts

This was a good conclusion to the last episode. A simple power-up poncho, but another great episode that reinforced the group’s bonds. A strong team is a good team.

I wonder what Grandpa was doing inside Kinji’s head. I wonder if that will play a part in the future as some kind of twist. I am betting on Grandpa still hiding one big secret.

Hideya Tawada was awesome this episode. We’ve seen him do more emotional, dramatic stuff this season in contrast to his fun, goofy side. But it was great seeing him play evil and sinister as Kyuuenjin/Kinjiemon. Great job.

When did ShurikenJin get fixed? I must have forgotten seeing the Ninningers get word from Tetsunosuke that the OtomoNin were alright. But then, they returned only to immediately get flattened. Oops! Hehe.

Ha-Oh Gekiatsu Dai-Oh is fine. I’ve enjoyed the increased mobility of the mecha this season. So seeing Ha-Oh Gekiatsu Dai-Oh look so blocky, but move like a sports car is very fun.

The theme song for Kinji/SuperStarNinger is amazing! Is it available yet?

Pretty clever getting Masakage to fly into space to allow him to return in the future. (Versus movie perhaps?)

And there seems to be a lot of Nagi focus in the last few episodes and next episode is a Nagi episode too. Nag is cool, so I have no problem with that. But I do hope the others get at least one more focus each as we head into the final stretch

Overall, a good, enjoyable episode.

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