The Amazing Race Philippines All-Stars (DryedMangoez Edition 6) – Leg 5A – Cuba

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Leg 5 – “Is it okay for them to see my butt?”

Teams begin the 5th Leg of the Race by learning that their next destination is Havana, Cuba! Continue reading

Recap: Kamen Rider Drive, Episode 43 – When Will the Second Global Freeze Happen?

Chief Jun and Rinna are meeting with National Bureau of Defense aide Togama Akio. The Special Defense Center is finally in full operation and will soon be home of the SID.

Togama has two requests for them. First, he hopes they could put the Pikopiko Gravity Shift Particle Detector into mass production. Rinna says they’ve already begun prep for that.

The second request is to investigate a specific case. Otta, Kiriko and Kyu look over evidence showing the Roidmude possibly planning a large-scale terrorist attack at a certain area of the city. Maybe another Global Freeze?

With only 22 Roidmude left, it’s time to get serious. Continue reading

Recap: Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, Episode 26 – It's Summer! Last Ninja Midterm Report!

Ninninger 26

Masakage welcomes Youkai Nekomata Mataneko. Much to Masakage and Ariake no Kata’s bewilderment, Mataneko cannot turn back time and the stopwatch on his chest is just a regular ol’ stopwatch. That was his “brother” who raised him and taught him all he knows.

While Kyuuemon is searching for something, Mataneko follows his brother’s scent to the dojomanse. Continue reading