The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Leg 1 Wrap-up – "This is a long Leg!"

And the first Leg of the 2nd season of The Amazing Race Philippines is over. It was a mixed bag of a week, bringing the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. But overall, it was great to see the Philippine Race back up and running after almost two years.

First of all, a lot was made of the daily format of season 1. For many TAR fans, nakakapanibago. Six episodes a week seemed very daunting. But for the most part, Legs still played out like normal TAR episodes, only broken up into 3-4 episodes a Leg. My only problem with season 1’s airing schedule was Legs would start and end on different days of the week with some Legs spanning more episodes than others.

Looking to avoid that, TARPh, with the help of Bertram Van Munster during his April visit to the Philippines, figured out a way to tweak the format for the better. That apparently resulted in now having one Leg per week for 10 weeks with at least one task or Route Marker per episode Monday through Saturday.

This looks absolutely great on paper. It makes total sense and I was really excited about seeing the format being better for the show.

But after this first week, it turns out the format is very much like a Detour. It’s got its pros and cons.

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