Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 3 (Leg 1, Day 3) – "When it rains, it pours. Ang malas naman natin."

The leading teams open the next clue pointing them to the Philippine Stock Exchange where they will be given a set of numbers that they will need to decode using the trading board. The message: FIND GREEN COAT AT FOUNTAIN.

Jet & Yna, AJ & Jody, Vince & Ed and Luz & Chen decide to work together to figure it out. Vince takes the lead and feels the others are looking up to him intellectually. Continue reading

Recap: Supernatural, Episode 10.01 – Black

We see Sam demanding a demon tell him where Crowley is before we flashback to four weeks previous, doing everything he can to find his brother. He walks into Dean’s room picking up a note: “Sammy Let Me Go.”

Sam calls Castiel, who has a hacking cough, and they talk about how much they miss Dean and hope he’s still got some semblance of Dean in the body. Continue reading