The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition – Leg 1 – Ilocos Norte

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Leg 1: “Ano ‘to?! The Amazing Race: Buhangin Edition?!”

Teams assemble at the Starting Line at Malacanang of the North in Paoay, Ilocos Norte, once the official rest house of Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos.

Before teams can receive their first clue, they must search the lakeshore for two flags, printed on them are the years marking the start and end of the Marcos presidency: 1965 and 1986.

Once teams provide the correct flags, they will receive their first clue. Teams will hop into brand new Toyota Fortuners and drive themselves to Continue reading

The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition – Season 1

What a 2-hour wi-fi enabled plane ride can produce.

I’ve been a fan of The Amazing Race since that very first episode in 2001 and while i’ve had my own route wishlists over the years, I’ve never sat down and put together a whole entire Amazing Race course before. Until now!

A simple wishlist for the upcoming (hopefully) Asia-filled 2nd season of The Amazing Race Philippines while stuck on a plane to Utah at the beginning of the month turned into a (surprisingly) fun little project for me.

Drawing inspiration from my own personal (limited) travel and hometown experience with a mix of classic TAR and some generally tourist-y internets-insight, here is the very special DryedMangoez Edition of The Amazing Race Philippines!

Hope you enjoy it! =D Continue reading