Good Ol' Review: Youth is Another Excellent and Affecting KBS Drama Special

Good Ol' Review: Youth is Another Excellent and Affecting KBS Drama Special

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If revenge is the most popular go-to theme in Korean drama, then the youth experience is a close 2nd. While there have been plenty of youth/high school dramas, many cute and idol-driven stories, KBS Drama Specials have been able to present darker and maybe more realistic depictions.

And the KBS Drama Special Youth (청춘) blends both themes into one dark, gritty hour.

Youth focuses on Seokju, a high school student who resents his brother, Seokhyeon, for having seemingly abandoned a promising boxing future only for him to end up working as a fishmonger, them losing their mother and living in a run-down home in a warehouse district ready to be demolished to make way for a shiny new development.

When the past comes back to haunt Seokhyeon in the form of former friend Jeongbum, it sets off a small chain of events that also involves Seokju’s non-friendship with the regularly bullied Chanho.

Youth takes unexpected story turns, never backing down from the pain brought on by the actions of every single main character. Depicting the universal struggle of teens and everyday school life while also touching on the suffering one endures when resigned to revenge makes Youth an engaging and ultimately affecting story.

Watch the full episode here:

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