Recap: Ressha Sentai ToQger, Station (Episode) 16 – The Dangerous Extraordinary Ressha

ToQger 16

Schwarz has Hammer Shadow on his Kuliner. Hammer Shadow is very grateful to Schwarz, but all the General wanted was his ability to crush dreams. Schwarz ties Hammer Shadow up and says he will use him to make the Kuliner a world of dreams.

Meanwhile, the ToQgers are back on the Ressha which is still at the station. Wagon is taking their food orders when they are alerted to the approaching Shadow Line. The ToQgers quickly henshin.

On the other side of town, big sister Aoi is with her little brother Kakeru at the park. She watches the kids playing, thinking how nice it would be to be a kid again.

ToQger 16

Suddenly, Schwarz’s Kuliner pulls into the park announcing itself as a dream train. The kids all run to it and Aoi suddenly cannot find her brother.

The ToQgers arrive and try to stop the kids from boarding, but they force their way on. Kuros come out of the train to try and stop the ToQgers, but as soon as the train is about to leave, they jump on.

ToQger 16

Right, Mio and Hikari hop on first. But as Tokacchi and Kagura are about to jump in as well, Aoi jumps on Kagura’s back and they all fall into one of the Kuliner cars together.

It’s empty when they come to. Aoi thinks Tokacchi and Kagura were the ones who kidnapped her brother, but they introduce themselves and explain that they are on the Shadow Line.

ToQger 16

Aoi doesn’t believe them and she runs into the other car to find her brother. But instead of another train car, they end up in a water park.

ToQger 16

The children are enjoying themselves in the water, others are being served drinks while a group of Kuros hula dance.

Tokacchi puts his ear to the floor and they realize they are still on the train as they hear the train tracks below. The PA announces this is a special Shadow Line train that grants wishes today.

ToQger 16

Aoi frantically continues searching for her brother and they head into the next car, which is a restaurant. Tokacchi and Kagura find Right, Mio and Hikari enjoying the food they had asked Wagon for earlier.

Tokacchi figures out that whatever you imagine will come true as soon as you board. Aoi runs into the next car and finds her little brother in an aviation museum playing with a toy airplane.

ToQger 16

Schwarz walks in and decides to take care of these uninvited guests. He pushes Aoi towards Tokacchi and Kagura and opens the roof to eject the three non-kids out of the dream Kuliner.

The PA announces a special service today, so all the kids run to the lead car where Schwarz introduces them to Hammer Shadow who will now crush and destroy all their dreams.

ToQger 16

Tokacchi, Kagura and Aoi are back at the park. Tokacchi and Kagura decide to summon Police Ressha to catch back up with the train. Aoi wants to come to help save her only brother. But Tokacchi says unfortunately, without Imagination, Aoi won’t be able to see Police Ressha and therefore can’t board.

Aoi thinks about not being able to see all the things her brother thinks up as he plays with his imagination. She has to take care of Kakeru, so she never has time to play with her own friends. Sometimes she even thinks dumb things like wishing he would just disappear. Maybe Kakeru being kidnapped is just the realization of her own imagination coming true.

ToQger 16

That’s not true, Kagura says. Imagination is the power to dream, a fun power. Surely Aoi can remember what it was like to imagine as a kid.

“Nothing’s impossible with Imagination.”

ToQger 16

Tokacchi summons Police Ressha as Aoi runs up to the top of the slide. She imagines herself boarding a plane just like her little brother did earlier. And she sees it, her and brother riding atop an airplane.

Police Ressha arrives and Aoi can see that too. She’s got her Imagination back. They hop on and catch up to the Kuliner.

ToQger 16

Tokacchi pulls up next to it and Kagura and Aoi jump across the tracks to board. They hurry through the water park, the restaurant and the aviation museum again.

ToQger 16

They hear kids crying and head to the lead car. Kagura pushes the button to open the doors and out of the car comes a huge, thick cloud of fresh darkness. Hammer Shadow is terrorizing the kids into creating more. Aoi hurries in to find her brother as Schwarz knocks Kagura out of the way after she realizes Hammer Shadow brought the kid’s fun dreams to life only to crush them to create this darkness.

ToQger 16

Schwarz thinks it’s a wonderful darkness, but Kagura will not stand for it. She charges toward Schwarz who easily knocks her around and then forces her to de-henshin.

“Give up,” Schwarz tells her, “What can one little girl do?”

ToQger 16

I’m not alone, Kagura says. “I can see it! The victorious image of everyone defeating you!”

She calls for Right, Mio and Hikari.

ToQger 16
ToQger 16 ToQger 16 ToQger 16

Kagura’s imagination is realized and an image of her hitting them on the head with a paper fan gets them to snap out of their hungry stupor. They manage to arrive just before Schwarz can slice Kagura’s head off.

Kagura henshins and while Right, Tokacchi and Mio take on Schwarz, she goes to save the kids from Hammer Shadow.

ToQger 16

Tokacchi uses Police Ressha to handcuff the Kuliner and the others get the kids to safely disembark.

Now out of the Kuliner, the ToQgers get ready to use the Renketsu Bazooka on Hammer Shadow. Kagura asks Right if she can deliver the Final Strike this time, One Million Paper Fan Smacks.

Hammer Shadow embiggens.

ToQger 16

Right summons the main Resshas and Kagura summons Diesel Ressha. Aoi and Kakeru run back to Kagura. Aoi asks if they will be okay against such a large opponent. Of course, just imagine us winning, Kagura says. Kakeru suggests to combine all the trains.

Good idea, Right says. The ToQgers decide to use Chou ToQ-Oh.

ToQger 16

Hammer Shadow manages to block all of Chou ToQ-Oh’s cannon blasts, then knocks them around before getting ready to deliver his finisher.

Right asks the others for suggestions and Kagura says why not let themselves get hit by Hammer Shadow. Right understands.

Hammer Shadow delivers his Hammer Crush finisher and the Resshas all separate only to quickly linkup again while in the sky. They attack Hammer Shadow from above and once they’ve got him on his toes, they deliver a Chou ToQ-Oh Full Burst Finish.

Schwarz drives his Kuliner back to the castle. It’s okay, he says. He now has a huge stockpile of darkness.

ToQger 16

Back on the Resshas, Wagon gives Hikari and Mio their food orders from earlier, but they aren’t in the mood to eat anymore. Tokacchi and Kagura will happily eat for them, but Right will never say no to food.

ToQger 16

Meanwhile, Wagon hands Conductor-san a just arrived package. Could it be!? Conductor and Ticket hurry to their compartment to open it up.

ToQger 16

Inside is a Build Ressha train and an Applichanger.

“The higher-ups must expect a lot out of us,” Ticket says.

ToQger 16

“Shall we do it?” Conductor says. “Shall we?” Ticket replies.

They take the Ressha and Applichanger in their hand and mouth while the ToQgers listen on the other side of the door.

Episode Thoughts
Another great episode. The fact that the Shadow Line likes to victimize kids to create darkness is both creepy and really great (What!?). Luring kids into rape trains Kuliners and terrorizing them is so messed up. But it also adds another dimension to the ToQgers’ own story as well as the idea of Imagination being so important to the central theme of the season.

Using Aoi to highlight that point was done really well in this episode.

Schwarz’s secret plans are continuing to develop. I wonder what that bodes for his character.

I’ve been enjoying seeing the ToQgers getting paired up with different team members each week, showing that they are all comfortable with each other. This week it was Kagura and Tokacchi with Kagura getting a little more of the focus.

Her not being afraid to go toe-to-toe with Schwarz even if in a futile attempt was awesome. And it was very clever her using the dream train concept to imagine Right-tachi snapping out of their stupor to come help.

How can you not enjoy hula dancing Kuros. And Chou ToQ-Oh is just all kinds of kick-ass awesome.

And finally, the teaser for ToQ-6 was good, especially before a two-week break. But Conductor and Ticket mentioning the “higher-ups.” OMG, WTF does that mean!?!?! What higher-ups!? Who!?

That’s so crazy. AND AWESOME. Very exciting.

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  1. Right is so selfish when it comes to food and I think that Kagura hit Hikari because she doesn’t like seeing him under a trance that’s why she also did it for Mio and Right.

      1. Cute huh even though Toei is trying to moments between different characters but Hikari x Kagura and Tokatti x Mio deafertly win 🙂

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