Recap: Kamen Rider Gaim, Episode 32 – The Strongest Power! Kiwami Arms

Gaim 32

Kaito and Zack face off against Demushu and they manage to wear him down. Minota asks Ryoma what they should do. He sends in Kurokages who end up distracting everyone and allow Demushu to escape.

Gaim 32

Redyue and Roshuo chat. Roshuo’s eyes glow and Redyue turns to leave. But first, he takes Sid’s hat from Takatora and walks away. Roshuo tells Takatora that Redyue is planning to invade Earth.

Redyue tosses Sid’s hat to Mitchi. Change of plans, Redyue says, since Roshuo cannot be beaten head on.

Gaim 32

Mai watches over a resting Kota at the Garage as Peco and Chucky walk in. They tell her it’s bad out there and Kaito and Zack are looking for the monster. All forms of communication and even electricity are still down across Zawame.

Gaim 32

The citizens of Zawame shelter in place as black Yggdrasill trucks and Kurokages are patrolling the empty streets, taking care of any Inves they come across. Kaito and Zack watch.

Gaim 32

Yggdrasill is not hiding anything anymore. Zack is happy the Beat Riders can finally clear their name, but Kaito reminds him they have more important things to worry about. He wonders if the Overlord’s body works like the other Inves.

Indeed, Demushu is in the sewers when he comes across some Helheim fruit. He gobbles them up and reenergizes.

Kota finally awakens and forces himself to get up. He remembers Demushu’s words earlier. Why must they fight though, Kota asks, frustrated.

Gaim 32

Sagara pops in and says it’s because Demushu is jealous, he has sadness and regret over the loss of his own species.

Gaim 32

Mitchi walks with Redyue and asks why he wants the Fruit of Knowledge.

“To obtain the Monarch’s power of course! But it would be pointless to rule over this desolate world. I seek a toy that’s more lively and bright!”

Redyue explains Roshuo modified the Femshinmu’s bodies so they could survive the forest’s invasion. But the humans developed those strange tools. Their civilizations have developed in completely different ways and that intrigues Redyue.

He had always wanted to see the humans’ world for himself and just needed an excuse to tell Roshuo. Now that he does, Redyue has a chance to obtain what he most wants.

What are you planning? Mitchi asks. Redyue says he can feel his subjects waiting on Earth.

They arrive at the Yggdrasill base camp and Redyue easily reopens the Crack leading into the Crack room.

Gaim 32

“You said the Overlords could save humanity,” Kota says, “You lied to me!”

That’s not what I said, Sagara replies. “I merely told you that the Overlords have the power to control the forest, remember? You jumped to your own conclusions about how useful they would be.”

Gaim 32

Then what should I do!? Kota asks.
“You’ve got all the hunts, man.”
“Are you having fun mocking me like this!?”

Sagara gets trippy and heals all of Kota pain and wounds. He says Kota wants to save the world, but only an Overlord has that power. So, Kota should become an Overlord.

No! Mai moves toward Sagara, but he freezes her in her spot. Same to Kota when he takes a step toward him as well.

Gaim 32 Gaim 32

“Overcome the forest’s invasion and win the Golden Fruit. Become the lone monarch and rule. When that happens, you will control the world. Save it or destroy it? It’s all up to you.”

Kota must defeat everyone who is after the Fruit of Knowledge and win. Does Kota have the conviction to do that?

“If that’s the only way…”

No! Mai speaks up. She does not have a good feeling about that and she feels what Sagara is saying is too good to be true.

Gaim 32

I admit I’m not telling the whole truth, Sagara says. But even if I have my own plan, you will still play your part.

Gaim 32

Sagara flashes a Lockseed.

Gaim 32

Helheim vines burst out of the Crack and engulf Yggdrasill Tower. The workers panic. Ryoma can’t believe it.

Gaim 32

Mitchi looks at Redyue who is cackling.

All kinds of Inves jump out and storm onto the streets of Zawame.

Gaim 32

Kaito and Zack watch as Yggdrasill is covered in Helheim vines. Fires are breaking out across the city. It is utter chaos!

Gaim 32

Minato calls Ryoma, but he is getting his ass out of Yggdrasill Tower inside a rocket.

Gaim 32

What do we do now? she asks. Ryoma laughs. “My apologizes, Minato-kun. Please take care of the rest.”

A swarm of Inves gang up on Minato until Kaito and Zack arrive to help.

Gaim 32

Jonouchi comes running and joins in. “Don’t underestimate a patissier. I’ve been training for this moment!”

Oren arrives. “You’re an adult. How can you let these kids fight alone?” he tells Minato.

But why? Minato asks.

Gaim 32

“You’re right. Only a complete amateur would fight without compensation. Fighting simply because of not wanting to lose is a children’s policy. But despite all that, I can’t help but want to watch over them.”

He henshins.

More Inves come running toward them. Kaito tells the others to form a circle, stay calm and protect each other’s backs. There may be facing a lot of them, but they have the advantage if they don’t get exhausted and persevere.

Quite the strategist, Jonouchi compliments.
“A well-reasoned plan,” Oren says, “Glad to be fighting with you.”

Gaim 32

Minato is impressed by Kaito’s ability to rally the troops.

I thought you would follow Ryoma, Kaito says. But Minato replies, “I now see who’s most qualified for guiding us to the future.”

The Inves attack and the Riders fight them off together.

Suddenly, the ground opens and Demushu pops up. He vows to send them to their graves.

Gaim 32

Back at the Garage, Mai asks Sagara why he is using Kota. “I just want to put all the power in the most unpredictable player,” he says. “A joker like yourself makes this game more thrilling.”

Kota pushes himself to fight Sagara’s freeze to try and grab the Lockseed, even against Mai’s protests. “Right now, I need more power! Even as we speak, Kaito-tachi are fighting. I can’t just leave everything to them.”

“Kota, you’ve done enough! You’ve done your best!”

Kota reaches the Lockseed and grabs it. Sagara immediately disappears and both Kota and Mai are released from their hold.

“I pray that you don’t regret your conviction. If you seek to become an Overlord, then think carefully about what that means as you fight.”

Gaim 32

Demushu completely overpowers the five Riders even as they give everything they’ve got.

They are resolved not to give up, but in runs Kota.

“I don’t have time or regrets. I will press forward! That’s my promise to Yuya!”

Gaim 32

Kota henshins directly to Kachidoki Arms before using the new Lockseed. He unlocks it and down from the sky comes all of the Rider Lockseeds.

Gaim 32

The Lockseed flips open into a key and Kota inserts it into his Driver to henshin into Kiwami Arms.

Gaim 32

Kota’s power has increased dramatically and he goes toe-to-toe with Demushu without even breaking a sweat. In Kiwami Arms, Kota can summon any of the other weapons. The others watch in amazement.

Gaim 32

Kota uses a Kiwami Squash to trap Demushu. Combining the Hinawadaidai-DJ-ju and Musou Saber to transform into Taiken Mode, Kota delivers the finisher, a Hinawadaidaimusouzan

Gaim 32

“This is my new power?”

Gaim 32

Episode Thoughts
Whew. That was pretty amazing and definitely a great payoff for the events of the last few episodes.

That fruit basket doe! Kiwami Arms is pretty cool. It’s like a delicious fruit salad that kicks ass.

The five Riders fighting against Demushu was also kickass. It was the first time in 32 episodes and it was amazing. So Sentai. But also, there was a lot of interesting stuff during that whole battle; Jonouchi finally stepping up, Oren’s eyes now open to the power of the “kids” and Minato’s crush on Kaito’ s sexy powerful aura.

We got very little of Mitchi this episode which felt weird considering it was such a big episode. He basically served as a sounding board for Redyue’s exposition. Though I definitely got a sense that he is starting to feel like he’s in over his head. Which is great. I want to see him get in too deep and then regret his whole life. That should be good material.

Great to see Chucky pop up, but where in the world are Rat and Rica. They better not have died during the chaos. Come on now! Akira too. Zawame is going to hell and no word from her. I hope Kota at least checks in next episode.

Anyway, more great developments, another amazing episode.

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  1. “Only an Overlord can save humanity. There is one solution really: You become that Overlord.”

    “I pray that you don’t regret that decision.”

    Yep, that is very typical Urobuchi. The guy is fond of throwing these kinds of questions. He also made this question in both Fate/Zero and Madoka Magica. So, it looks like the series might indeed go with Kouta becoming an “Overlord” but not in the same sense as Roshou and the others.

  2. The bit about the overlord is reminding me of kamen rider ooo Eiji got turned into a Greeed and Kotou is becoming a overlord! What’s next their gonna redue? Like Kamen rider decade huh? will someone else work for a shocker ship?

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