Good Ol' Review: Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land is Like Visiting with Old Friends

No spoilers.

It’s always great to visit with old friends. And that’s just how I felt after finally watching Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land.

While I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the mindfrak that is Kamen Rider Gaim, it almost makes me appreciate the simplicity of Wizard. I enjoyed the season and getting to visit with them again with the movie reminded me why.

Kamen Rider Wizard‘s biggest strength was the friendship and bond Haruto, Koyomi, Rinko, Shunpei, Wajima and Kosuke had. The final episodes, the 2 specials and now this movie would mean absolutely nothing without having established that bond over 45 episodes.

in Magic Land tells the story of Haruto and Koyomi going all Dorothy when they get caught up in a rainbow tornado and dropped in an alternate world that runs on magic. Everyone, including their friends (who do not recognize them) Rinko, Shunpei, Wajima and even Donut Owner and Worker, all have Wizardrivers.

But not everything is as it seems of course and Haruto and Koyomi must both save this world while finding a way to get home.

The movie is fun before it gets serious and emotional. Just like the series itself, I guess. The final act brings everything together very nicely and again, reminded me of just why I enjoyed Haruto-tachi in the first place.

Gaim has been all about the dark angst and juicy betrayals. Wizard (and Fourze before it) was about a tight group of friends who had to go through crap together while saving the world. Such contrasting themes make me appreciate both.

Up next for me will be the FourzeWizard vs. movie. So that’ll be two groups of friends I’ll be visiting with again. And I’m all for catching up with old friends.

One thought on “Good Ol' Review: Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land is Like Visiting with Old Friends

  1. My favourite bit is where Haruto found out that mayo can swim and that him and Koyomi got shocked when Rinko Shunpei-San and the two donut people henshin. I also like it when the donut people were all like donuts. Heh.😄

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