Recap: Ressha Sentai ToQger, Station (Episode) 12 – The Rainbow Commuter Pass

Lamp Shadow has just broadcast his magnetic wave of darkness across the city. Conductor, Ticket and Wagon watch from the train, watching as Tokacchi, Mio, Hikari and Kagura can no longer see them. Not only that, but neither can the kids on the platform who say they should stop going to the amusement park, it’s so childish. Continue reading

Recap: Kamen Rider Gaim, Episode 29 – The Overlord King

Gaim 29

Takatora is alive! He wakes up by the river, all banged up when suddenly the white Overlord approaches.

Kota is at Drupers with Mitchi and Mai, wondering just what happened for Takatora to have attacked him like that. He thinks Ryoma may have influenced him. Mitchi just listens. Continue reading

Bertram Van Munster Teases Everything Philippines-Related Amazing Race + Asia's Still On!

Amazing Race co-creator and executive producer Bertram Van Munster visited the Philippines a few weeks ago and were welcomed by TV5 executives. They talked about his success with creating and producing TAR and likely talked about TV5’s own Amazing Race Philippines. But many fans also speculate that Bertram was in the Philippines to possibly scout locations for Fall’s Season 25.

It definitely appears The Amazing Race US will be heading back to the Philippines (finally) very soon. TV5 has released the latest teaser for season 2 of The Amazing Race Philippines featuring Bertram Van Munster talking about how “it’s high time” they went back to the Philippines and explaining that the cast is the “secret” of what likely makes a good show. (Hmm… considering the casts we’ve gotten for the most recent TARUS seasons? He must not be following his own advice. Hee.)

Watch his invitation to all Kapatids:

And more good news? While the lack of “Biyaheng Asya” in the latest TARPh promos has worried some, fear not! TV5’s Amazing Race Philippines page just went live online this week and it says: Muling magbabalik ang pinakamalaking karera sa buong bansa at Asya! or The biggest Race around the country and ASIA is returning!. So there is still hope for a couple of Asian Legs on TARPh2.

Lots of great news about TARPh2 this week. So stay tuned for the start of auditions which TV5 promises is very, very soon. (I hope!)