Recap: Ressha Sentai ToQger, Station (Episode) 9 – Love is a One Way Ticket

ToQger 9

Ticket tells everyone the Resshas are going in for maintenance.

“Although, I wish we could perform maintenance on your brain!”

ToQger 9 ToQger 9

Conductor says they suffered a lot of damage with the bomb incident. That’s why, Ticket says, they need to please go away somewhere so as not to get in the way.

But how!? That’s why they have Support Resshas!
Diesel Ressha arrives on the other side of the platform with Car Carrier and Tank Ressha linked up. Wagon leads the ToQgers as they transfer over.

ToQger 9

Right is excited to be riding in Jiichan Ressha and Kagura says it feels like they’re on a trip. Well, a trip away from their trip. Tokatti looks in a guidebook and sees a nice town for sightseeing up ahead. They decide to disembark and take in the sights.

ToQger 9

At the museum, Right runs off ahead, but Mio tells him to stay close. The others laugh, even all grown-up, Mio is still the class representative. They go to catch up with Right and Mio, not knowing Kuros lurk nearby.

At the castle, Baron Nero checks in with Marionette Shadow who says his preparations are set for some nice, fresh darkness.

ToQger 9

Tokatti comes back with their drinks, but Hikari and Kagura point to Right and Mio who have joined a romantic obstacle course for couples as part of the town’s spring festival. Right really wants the All You Can Eat first prize.

Tokatti is surprised Mio would go along with pretending to be a couple to compete, she hates all this lovey-dovey stuff. But it’s a competition, and she certainly likes winning.

ToQger 9 ToQger 9

At the starting line, the guy in the next couple smiles at Mio. The MC reminds the pairs that they are disqualified if the tape connecting their hands breaks. They get ready and the MC shoots the starting gun.

Tokatti, Hikari and Kagura cheer their friends on, but smiley guy literally carries his team ahead. Ah! Right thinks if he carries Mio…

ToQger 9

But Mio wants none of that nonsense. She pushes Right down as he is about to take her in his arms, but then that breaks their tape and they’re out.

Suddenly, people start screaming and they see Kuros have arrived.

Right, Tokatti, Hikari and Kagura henshin.

ToQger 9

Mio is about to henshin as well, but she sees the smiley guy about to get attacked by Kuros, so she saves him first. Then smiley guy saves her back and he takes her hand and whisks her away while fighting off the Kuros himself.

The Kuros run away and smiley guy makes sure Mio is okay.

“You’re a girl, so try not to be too reckless. The role of being protected suits you better.” (ORLY!?)

ToQger 9

Smiley guy runs off, but Mio sees he’s dropped his wallet. He’s gone before she can return it and the others arrive.

They head back to the Resshas. Hikari wonders why there were only Kuros but no Shadow kaijins. Wagon serves them some refreshments.

Mio is off by herself looking through smiley guy’s wallet. She stares at his ID photo. Wagon comes over and is very excited. Who is Mio staring at with so much passion?

ToQger 9

Mio denies it. The others come over. Right takes the wallet and sees it’s smiley guy, but why does Mio have his wallet?

ToQger 9

Mio tries to explain without a taking a breath. She takes a drink from Wagon.

The others don’t really understand, but Wagon does. You slowpokes, iya!

ToQger 9

It’s love at first sight! Wagon sends a pretty heart Mio’s way.

No it’s not! Mio says as she knocks Wagon’s heart away and in turn showers them with her drink.

Meanwhile, Kuros are attacking women all over town, but brave men come to their rescue. Marionette Shadow watches from a rooftop, happy things are going according to plan.

ToQger 9

Back on the Ressha, they are cleaning up Mio’s mess. Wagon looks through smiley guy’s wallet and finds his business card. His name is Chiba Tooru and Wagon decides to call him. She hands Mio the phone. She hesitates, but toughens up and forcefully tells Tooru that if he wants his wallet back, he’ll meet her in an hour.

What a strange way to ask someone out on a date, Wagon comments.
Sounded more like a threat to me, Tokatti says.

This is a date, right? Wagon asks.
The others are surprised! Date!?!?! Mio!?!?

ToQger 9

No, Mio says, this is… a duel.

She leaves and puts on a kendo uniform to prepare herself for the duel with Tooru. He beat her at the game and then saved her, as a ToQger, she cannot forgive herself.

ToQger 9

But, as soon as she sees his face in her dreams, she melts. She ends up making him a bento with some onigiri. She heads back into the main car to tell the others she’s leaving before heading out. They wish her luck.

Mio walks confidently, really ready to battle. But then she softens and smiles as she looks at the bento in a nice bag with Tooru’s wallet.

ToQger 9

Tooru walks up. She looks very gallant, he says, kendo practice?

Well, no, but… Mio shyly hands him the bag. He seems happy with her present.

But up on the roof, Marionette Shadow initiates the final part of his plan. He sends out marionette strings which connect to Tooru, activating something in him that makes him drop the bag, laugh in Mio’s face and stomp all over the lunch. He kicks it to the side.

ToQger 9

The scene is repeated all over town. The brave men from earlier are now breaking their women’s hearts. The ToQgers see one such scene. Right confronts the jerk high school student who suddenly snaps out of his marionette control and wonders where he is.

The ToQgers watch as darkness emanates from the high school girl and then all over town. They see the city’s train station is now called Daisitsuren or Heartbreak Station.

ToQger 9

They wonder if the same thing is happening to Mio. They hurry over.

Marionette Shadow wonders why Mio isn’t producing any darkness. She picks up Tooru’s wallet as Marionette Shadow decides to hop down and see what’s going on for himself.

Cry and release darkness like the other women! Marionette Shadow says as he taunts Mio. But Mio grabs her kendo stick. “I’m fine,” she says as she sends the kaijin flying.

ToQger 9

But why? “It’s because I came here expecting a duel,” she answers. She puts on her ToQ Changer.

“You drew in a ToQger, you idiot!” Tooru is emotionless as Marionette Shadow hurls one of his marionette crossbars toward him. Mio swats it away as Tooru snaps out of his stuper.

“I’m more comfortable being the protector,” she says as she hands him his wallet. She tells him to run for it when Marionette Shadow summons some Kuros.

ToQger 9

Mio henshins and uses her Signal Hammer to take care of the Kuros. But Marionette Shadow tosses two marionettes at her to hold her still while he hurls a crossbar at her to force her to dehenshin.

“Looks like you’re not too good at protecting yourself,” Marionette Shadow says. But before he can finish her off, the others arrive.

“She doesn’t need to be since we’ll protect her,” Right says.

ToQger 9

Mio gets back up and joins the others as they all henshin.

Kagura stops Mio from charging along with the others. “I know I’m unreliable,” Kagura says, “but let’s share the class representative role sometimes.” She takes Mio’s Ressha and they switch lines.

ToQger 9

Kagura runs to join the guys fighting Marionette Shadow. Mio watches her friends and is touched by what they just showed her.

Mio calls over and tells the others to get out of the way. She attacks Marionette Shadow directly and uses Kagura’s Bridge Claw to slash at the back of his knees. She tosses the kaijin aside and switches back to Pink.

ToQger 9

Mio uses the Signal Hammer to swat Marionette Shadow away and the ToQgers summon the Linkup Bazooka for a Rainbow Rush. Mio decides on an onigiri finisher.

Marionette Shadow embiggens. Right gets ready to summon the Resshas for ToQ-Oh, but Conductor reminds them the Resshas are under maintenance. “Why do you think we gave you Support Resshas!” Ticket says.

ToQger 9

Oh yeah. Right, Tokatti and Mio summon Diesel, Tank and Car Carrier Ressha (respectively). Right hops into Gramps Ressha, Tokatti and Hikari are in Tank Ressha and Kagura and Mio are in Car Carrier Ressha.

ToQger 9

Ticket tells them Support Ressha can combine as well so they initiate combining.

ToQger 9

The Resshas link up and Wagon announces Diesel-Oh’s coupling is complete and coming to a stop.

ToQger 9

This robo has no weapon, Mio says. But Right says Jiichan doesn’t need that. “We’ll just use power.”

The ToQgers use Diesel-Oh’s brute strength to fight off Marionette Shadow, even after getting tied up by marionette strings. They go full power and they unleash a Diesel-Oh Impact and Spin Kick to finish off the Shadow Creep.

ToQger 9

Baron Nero watches the map and sees the red light go out.

You’ve failed again, Madame Noa says. They’ll never be able to welcome the Emperor at this rate. You’re right, Nero replies. Oh! Madame Noa is amused by Nero’s candidness today.

Nero stares back at the map.

ToQger 9

The ToQgers and Wagon disembark and they thank and wave bye to Diesel Ressha-tachi before boarding back onto Red Ressha.

Episode Thoughts
A cute little episode. I just love how adorable the ToQgers are. Even back when the first teasers and promos aired for ToQger, I was immediately drawn to how cute and adorable they seemed to be. And it proved true these last nine episodes. Such a charming cast. And a very charming story.

Diesel-Oh is awesome. Already loved Grandpa Ressha last week, but it was great to see them riding in Diesel Ressha and then of course seeing the awesome Diesel-Oh in action. I am loving the train mecha. People still might not have warmed up to the design, but I think ToQger has been able to use the trains very well in both story and in action scenes, especially the mecha battles of course.

If I had watched Gekiranger, then seeing Sotaro Yasuda would’ve been more fun and meant a whole lot more to me. But add that in to another fun element of ToQger.

Wagon is awesome. Again. Lots of hilarity this episode too. Seeing Wagon trying to hold on as Diesel-Oh gets upright. Ticket’s “I wish we could have you brain maintenanced!” Teasing Mio.

And this episode has started to make me wonder, how do the trains get maintenanced? Is also by imagination? It’s not like they have crew and stuff. But anyway, it was a great feeling seeing them ride on a different Ressha. I hope they explore the other Resshas too.

I’m waiting for them to head back to small countryside towns, but their little sightseeing in the beginning of the episode was very nice.

Overall, a great, fun episode with plenty of adorableness to go around.

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  1. I think that Right might of have a crush on Mio because he could of picked Kagura but he didn’t btw Hikari and Kagura held hand for the second time the first was when he grabbed out his hand so Kagura can jump on to the shadow train and who would fall in love with someone they just met

  2. I think that Right might of have a crush on Mio because he could of picked Kagura but he didn’t btw Hikari and Kagura held hands for the second time the first was when he grabbed out his hand so Kagura can jump on to the shadow train and who would fall in love with someone they just met

      1. Yeah even though on his wiki it said he teases her but half way in the series it looks like he cares about her

      2. Yeah it is cute I loved the heartwarming scene when they were saying sorry in episode 7 my favourite scene was when he protected her

  3. Hikari and Kagura were standing together when Tottaki went to get drinks and when Right entered him and Mio in the couples spring festival

  4. I’m sorry but I really got a feeling that Right has a crush on Mio because he kinda looked sad when Wagon said that Mio was in love with Tooru and he looked pissed at the shadow also in episode 1 when she told everyone to stop switching colours and when Right told her it will be alright he kinda sounded soft but don’t worry I’m a big Hikari and Kagura shipper

  5. I was wrong about Right having a crush on Mio the truth I now know that is Tokatti that has the crush on Mio thank you episode 11 sorry about the things I said about Right and Mio the couples I ship in ToQGer are HikariXKagura and TokattiXMio

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