Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.18 – "As long as everybody plays their part."

Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.18 – Meta Fiction


Metatron has a story for us today.

We begin with Dean in the shower. Because… Dean in the shower.

Castiel in a warehouse full of dead angels. He meets Hannah, the only one who survived Gadreel who lured them there wanting them to join Metatron’s army with the promise of reentry into heaven.

Some joined, others didn’t and are dead. Except her. Castiel heals her and she recognizes him. She wants him to lead them again, but he refuses. Continue reading

First Teaser for The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2! Auditions Starting Soon!

TV5 has finally announced that auditions for The Amazing Race Philippines season 2 are starting soon!

Here is TV5’s first teaser for the upcoming season which highlights some of the best moments from season 1 and interestingly enough, does not include any mention of “Biyaheng Asya” anywhere. Hmm…

Anyway, this is very exciting! Excuse me while I go nudge my family in the Philippines to audition. 😉