Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (7) 27 – "I'm getting seriously annoyed!"

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (7) 27 – Silver Lining, Part 1

Megaforce 27

It is nighttime when an Armada-looking spaceship suddenly crash lands in the outskirts of the city. Gosei senses the disturbance. A human-looking thing steps out and walks toward downtown.

Up on the Armada ship, Vekar is upset about his useless commanders so he suggests they overwhelm the humans with X Borgs. But Levira and Damaras say the X Borgs will be no good without a general to lead them. Nonsense, Vekar says.

Back on Earth, the Rangers are in class as Mr. Burley talks about how humanity has overcome monumental adversity and has managed to return to a relatively normal routine. The other students say it’s thanks to the Power Rangers, but Troy speaks up.

Megaforce 27

He gives a speech. The Power Rangers played their part, but when it came to rebuilding the school, the students did it. When it came to rebuilding the city, it was ordinary people, “like you guys.”

“Even if there were no Power Rangers, we would have made a stand. Right down to the last man!”

The class applauds Troy. He is pretty satisfied with himself.

Meanwhile, X Borgs are attacking a warehouse construction site and Tensou alerts the Rangers. They hurry over, but they find the X Borgs have already been taken care of. They wonder who did it.

Tensou tells them there’s another attack downtown so they head over. But once again, they’re too late. The X Borgs are already sprawled out all over.

The Rangers decide to go to Ernie’s to try and figure out what’s going on.

Megaforce 27

A long-haired, silver gray-clothed dude bumps into Gia as he walks out. He apologizes. She smiles.

Troy decides to treat them to froyo, but Tensou calls again.
They head over, but they are too late… again.

Vekar says this strategy isn’t working. Levira and Damaras suggest they send in a commander with a new plan.

A light bulb pops up above Vekar. He thinks they should send in a commander with a new plan.

Tensou tells Gosei he can’t identify who’s defeating the X Borgs. But Emma overhears a couple talking about an amazing Silver Ranger! What!?

Megaforce 27

Tensou calls in another attack and the Rangers hurry over. This time they’re first to the scene, so they morph. Gorgax is the general sent down by the Armada and he’s got a bomb.

The Rangers are happy they have a chance to be the heroes this time. But the X Borgs play hot potato with the bomb and the Rangers can’t grab it.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you want to save your city? Or is it that you just can’t?”

The Rangers need more power, so they go SUPER MEGA! And Jake decides to feel himself up during their roll call… in space. The Rangers fight off the X Borgs and manage to have the bomb explode right next to them with no consequence.

Gorgax appears to have been unsuccessful, but Vrak suggests sending in an even bigger force of X Borgs.

“We will put so much pressure on the Power Rangers that they can’t help but be crushed underneath it.”

Megaforce 27

Meanwhile, at the spaceship crash site. The long-haired, silver gray-clothed dude is training when an alarm sounds in the ship. He runs off.

The Rangers fight the newly arrived goons when suddenly, the Silver Ranger zooms in and completely owns the X Borgs. The Rangers are dumbfounded and clueless, but this Silver dude can sure kick plenty of X Borg butt.

“I won’t let you commit your atrocities on this planet too! I’ll make sure this world has a chance mine never got. Fortunately for you, I survived!”

The Silver Ranger swats away some X Borgs before he leaves the rest to the Rangers.

Megaforce 27

Levira says she has outfitted Gorgax with a secret weapon.
The Rangers GO GALACTIC! and morph into Lost Galaxy to take on Gorgax, but he unveils his new force field power that blocks any attack by them.

Silver Ranger watches and is impressed by the Rangers’ determination. Jake wants to finish this himself so he charges toward the monster and tries to use his Quasar Saber, but the force field knocks Jake out of the way. The Saber, though, manages to hit Gorgax’s force field collar.

Gorgax still blasts the Rangers away and he retreats.

Vekar is not happy.

“When the going gets tough, the tough run away? Is that your motto!?”

Vekar tells Gorgax to get the job done or else. He leaves. Damaras suggests he go and kill Gorgax now since they know he’ll be a failure. But Vekar has another plan. He whispers to Levira.

Megaforce 27

The Rangers are back at Ernie’s and talking about the disappearing Silver Ranger… who has just served them their orders. Gia stares at his bracelet and asks the others who this new waiter is as he leaves for the day.

Who cares, they need to focus on the monster. They figure out it has something to do with Gorgax’s collar. Tensou calls them to say Gorgax has appeared at the city stadium.

The believe Gorgax has reinforced the back of his collar. But the Rangers will stick to their strategy. They attack directly at the collar.

Damaras asks if they should tell Gorgax about the plan, but Vekar says the plan requires the collar to fail. He ordered Levira to make it look like Gorgax’s collar was reinforced when in fact it was just outfitted with a bomb.

“To get the Rangers, you would sacrifice one of your top commanders?”
“To get the Rangers, I would do anything!!”

Jake climbs up a tree, but Silver dude thinks something’s fishy here. It’s too easy. Jake has a clear shot at the collar, but Silver guy blocks him. Something’s up here, Silver guy says, you gotta trust me on this.

Trust you, we don’t even know you! the Rangers reply.

“I won’t let this planet lose its protectors too! I won’t quit, ever!!!”

Silver guy takes on Gorgax himself. The other Rangers watch the cool show as Silver uses his spear to snap the collar off. It flies up into the air and explodes.

Gorgax is shocked that the Prince used him.

“Yeah, you see how evil the Armada really is, but you’ll still get no mercy from me!”

Silver continues to take Gorgax on himself. He’s too good to be true, Noah says. Troy says Exactly! That’s why they have to be careful until they know what this guy’s deal is.

Megaforce 27

Silver pulls out his own Ranger Key to initiate a Super Mega Final Strike to finish off Gorgax.

“And my vengeance begins. Man does that feel good.”

See he is one of us, Emma says. But the others think this could still be a trick. They follow Silver and demand answers.

He takes his helmet off and Gia recognizes him. YOU!

Megaforce 27

Episode Thoughts
It was all going so well until Jake did a Don-san. Like, really?

Another episode that should be so awesome, but ends up so flawed and at times really messy.

They’ve gone out of their way to not use the Gokaiger roll call, yet they throw it in here. At the same time, they’ve done zero to remove any irrelevant Sentai team morph, yet they film a completely 100% original Lost Galaxy Legendary morph. So odd.

You can’t even appreciate the huge amount of original footage in this episode when the writing is so off and the editing is even lazier.

WTF at Troy’s classroom speech. It was bad enough that the school was rebuilt by a bunch of teens in a couple of hours and the rest of the city rebuilt in a day, they have to bring it up again to allow Troy to deliver some self-righteous speech. And then there’s the Rangers patting themselves on the back again for doing absolutely nothing to deserve it. I really don’t understand why they’ve made the Megaforce Rangers seem so full of themselves. This has gone on since Episode 1 really.

Fans are already wanking at the possibility of Silver dude Orion being from KO-35. But even though Lost Galaxy is one of my top seasons, I could care less. His intro is fine so far, but wasn’t everything else about Megaforce fine at the start too?

This was the first episode that actually had scenes with the Armada that made sense. None of the buffoonery, but with actual villainy instead. The Vrak-influence needs to come out more to at least keep things interesting. (Vrak was just about the only interesting thing about Megaforce last year.)

How Much Different Was Power Rangers From Sentai?
Corresponding Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Episode (s): Episode 17 – The Awesome Silver Man

Very different. Gokaiger‘s episode was all about enthusiastic human Gai being a Sentai fanboy before he eventually reveals himself to be the 6th member of the team.

Orion is certainly not a Power Rangers fanboy. (God forbid!)

And of course, there’s the original Lost Galaxy morph which replaced the 6th Ranger morph in Gokaiger. Imagine that, Saban Brands actually filming new footage and working around the existing footage to fit Power Rangers instead of the other way around. What a novel idea.

Overall, this was a standard Megaforce episode. Not bad, not good. It’s just there with plenty of things to nitpick about that add up to 30 minutes of blah.

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