Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.17 – "Get buckled in and hold on to the baby. It's gonna be rough."

Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.17 – Synchronicity

“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.”

Grimm 317

Rafz, Switzerland.
Meisner and Adalind arrive at the spot where they’re supposed to meet the contact. Meisner leaves the car to head into the forest to see if it’s safe. There are people watching him and ready to pounce, but Meisner easily gets the upper hand.

Back at the car, two others point guns at Adalind and when Meisner gets back, she’s gone.

The two Verrat take Adalind to a van, but before she can even think about getting in, they (and the drivers inside) get their throats slashed and their backs stabbed. Meisner comes running in. He thinks baby has again saved their butts. But nope. It’s a hooded person, who reveals themselves to be…

Grimm 317

Mama Burkhardt.

She leads Adalind, Baby and Meisner to the waiting (awesome) plane. While Mama Burkhardt tells the pilots they need to leave, now, Adalind is thanking Meisner for everything he’s done for her.

Grimm 317

She kisses his cheek and they board the plane.

Grimm 317

“Get buckled in, hold on to the baby, it’s gonna be rough.”

Mama Burkhardt tells Adalind to buckle in. She asks if the baby is a girl. Adalind says yes. They settle in and the plane takes off as the snow falls.

Meisner calls Renard to update him. Neither of them know who this contact is, but Meisner says he’s glad she’s on their side.

Grimm 317

Up in the plane, Mama Burkhardt finds the supplies for them, which includes diapers and some Brazilian moneys. Adalind tries to make small talk. She realizes Mama B is American and asks if she’s working with the Resistance. But Mama B says the less they know about each other the better. Just keep your mind on the baby, and we’ll do just fine.

Grimm 317

Adalind is annoyed. She says she and Baby have been running around for their lives, she’s tired, hungry, sore and she’s seen a lot of people killed. So excuse her for wanting to have some conversation.

Mama B merely suggests she change Baby’s diaper.

She gets up to talk to the pilots who are not too willing to give her info on where they’re going. Obviously, wherever it is is no longer safe. So scrap Sao Paolo. The pilot wants to radio in, but Mama B says no. They talk to no one, but her.

“I don’t trust anybody I’m not close enough to kill.”

Okay, so where to? They’ve got four extra tanks of fuel, so they have a long range. Does Mama B have any suggestions?

Over in Portland, Monroe and Rosalee are doing some wedding planning when Nick comes over to talk about the possible “situation” at the wedding.

They immediately think it’s about a case, but Nick cuts to the chase. He can’t be the best man. He doesn’t want anyone to be hurt. Monroe and Rosalee say the day would be ruined if he wasn’t there.

They suggest he wear sunglasses.

Grimm 317

Sunglasses!? Yeah. That’s how Wesen can see he’s a Grimm. When they woge, his eyes turn black… or, really, they turn into “infinite darkness” that reflects the Wesen’s true selves. Which is why many Wesen react the way they do.

They give it a try.

And they don’t see themselves in Nick’s eyes. Problem solved!

Back up in the plane, the pilots ask Mama B if she’s sure about what she wants to do. “Do it,” she says, and they make their way over the Atlantic.

Baby is fussy. Mama B says the altitude is causing pressure in her ears, so she suggests Adalind rub just below the ears. It works.

“It’s not easy figuring out how to be a mother,” Mama Burkhardt says.

Do you have children? Adalind asks. Mama Burkhardt replies, “My sister did.”

Grimm 317

Nick and Juliette are putting away laundry and Nick finds the engagement ring from way back when. Juliette says when the time is right, they’ll both know where it is. But for now, one wedding is enough to worry about.

Back up in the sky. It’s tough raising a baby when you’re on the run, Mama B says. Adalind thanks her for saving their lives. Your life, Mama B says, since the Royal Family would never hurt the baby.

Mama B asks if Adalind will keep the baby.
What!? Of course, I won’t let anyone take my child. They’ll have to kill me first, she replies.

“Now you sound like a mother.”

Grimm 317

Mama Burkhardt offers to take care of Baby so Adalind can get some sleep. Adalind is unsure at first, but they’re on a plane, so Mama B would have nowhere to go with Baby.

Mama B tries to sing Baby to sleep and she takes out a necklace which Baby immediately reacts to. Her eyes turn purple and the locket gravitates toward her like it’s magnetized. Suddenly, the plane’s instruments start to act up.

Baby makes the locket open revealing a picture of a young boy.

Over in the castle, Viktor is not happy at all. He orders his people to kill Danilov for failing and welcomes Ruspoli to take his place as head of the Verrat. He orders Ruspoli to find Adalind and the baby.

Grimm 317

Mama B flashes back to when she first sent Nick off with Aunt Marie. They had no other choice.

Back in the present, the pilot says they’ve found a place to land. They’re not sure what condition the airstrip is, but they’ll get them as close as possible to their destination.

A farmer sees a low-flying plane and follows it to a field where the plane takes off again. He sees Adalind in the middle of it. She sees the plate on the man’s truck is an Oregon license plate. What!?

She asks for help, but he says he will be calling the sheriff. Mama B says no he’s not and kicks him in the face and takes the truck.

Grimm 317

Juliette is with Rosalee who is trying on her grandmother’s wedding dress at the shop to see what alterations should be made. But it’s looks great.

Adalind sees that they are driving towards Portland. She thinks they’re going to Renard, but Mama B says she doesn’t even know who that is. She set this up all on her own and she is taking Adalind and baby to some place she knows they’ll be safe.

Ruspoli brings Viktor info on the plane. They are searching all of Western North America, but Viktor thinks immediately Portland.

Grimm 317

It’s nighttime. Mama B stops the truck and they have to continue on foot. She covers Adalind and baby with a large coat and guides them through the pouring rain.

Juliette is setting the table for a nice dinner. Nick comes downstairs with the ring and is about to pop the question when there’s a knock on the door. Mom!

Grimm 317

Hooded Adalind carefully walks into the living room. Juliette meets Mama B for the first time, but Adalind turns around and… ZOMGWTFISSHEDOINGHERE!?

Juliette is ready to rip her eyes out, Adalind is not too happy to be here either. Mama B says it’s okay, this is her son Nick, she’s safe here.

He’ll kill me, Adalind says. Nick tells Mama B that this is the hexenbeist that put Juliette in a coma. Mama B explains she was recruited by The Resistance to get her to safety. Nick and Juliette think Adalind is pretty worthless, but Mama B says not the baby.

He’ll kill me, Adalind repeats. For good reason! Nick replies. He poisoned Juliette and tried to kill Aunt Marie.

“You tried to kill my sister?!”

“That was one of helluva coma you put me in bitch. I could’ve died. And by the way, I know what’s going on now.”

Nick says if she needs protecting, it won’t be here.

Grimm 317

Oh, so what are you gonna do Nick? Are you going to kill me and my baby, is that it!?
Adalind knows exactly what’s she doing. Baby gets upset and the whole house shakes. Baby bends spoons, breaks picture frames.

Adalind says Baby is hungry and Juliette sees the blanket is wet. She approaches them, but Adalind is wary. This is about the baby, Juliette says, she brings her upstairs to get the baby warm and in dry clothes.

Mama B explains one of the leaders of The Resistance asked her to protect the baby and if she had known who Adalind was, she never would have brought her here. Well, Adalind doesn’t know who Mama B is either, that she was the one that killed her mother.

Oh yeah.

Mama B flashes back.

“For the record, I didn’t kill her. She impaled herself.”

Grimm 317

Mama B sees the yummy food on the table. She’s starving.
The baby is special. She’s only a couple of days old and her powers are already so strong.

Upstairs, Juliette has Baby warmed up and gives her a fresh blanket. Adalind is thrown by Juliette’s kindness right now. Juliette asks what the baby’s name is. Adalind says they’ve been running from assassins since Baby was born, she hasn’t had time to think about it yet.

You’re exhausted, Juliette says as she hands Adalind the baby. Nick wants me dead, Adalind repeats. If he did, he would’ve done it the last time you were here, Juliette replies.

Why are you helping me?!

Juliette tells Adalind to feed Baby before she gets upset and she leaves them in the room.

Juliette rejoins Nick and Mama B downstairs. Since the father of the Baby is a Royal, all her power must come from Adalind. Impossible, Nick says, since he took her power away.

Mama B is impressed, but she realizes Adalind must have gone through a Contaminatio Ritualis, a long and painful process to get her powers back.

Mama Burkhardt says this baby has an incredible destiny. In the wrong hands it could do great evil, but in the right hands, could do great good. The baby could change history.

Grimm 317

This is no coincidence, Juliette says. Carl Jung and Synchronicity. But Nick says Adalind won’t do the baby any good, so they should get the baby to the Resistance. That won’t do either, Mama B says. The baby can’t belong to either the Resistance or the Royals. She has to have a normal childhood as much as possible. How she is raised will make all the difference in who she becomes.

Adalind and Baby must stay here until Mama B can figure out what to do next.

Suddenly, the wind blows all the windows and doors open. Mama B knows it’s Adalind. They rush upstairs. Baby is by herself on the bed. Adalind left the baby? Juliette picks the baby up but then it turns into a pillow.

Grimm 317

The Baby’s good.

They hurry to the truck. Adalind gets in and they drive off.

Mama B and Nick are too late. Mama B remembers Adalind mentioning someone named Renerd. Sean Renard! Nick explains he’s his captain. And he’s a Royal.
That’s where Adalind’s going. They hurry over.

Nick fills Mama B in on Renard. He tried to kill Aunt Marie, he’s a Zauberbiest, he had the key, but gave it back. Mama B thinks Renard is trying to get Nick on his side.

But he’s working with the Resistance like Mama B. Isn’t that the same thing?
There’s a huge difference, Mama B says. She’s not in this for herself. Renard has too many strings, he cannot be trusted.

Grimm 317

They see the truck and Nick says Renard lives nearby. Mama B’s been here before.

Adalind gets to Renard’s door. She fills him in.

Back outside, Mama Burkhardt is ready to storm in, but Nick wants to try and talk things out first. This Royal might not be interested in talking, he might just want to kill Nick.

Grimm 317

But Nick insists. Okay, Mama B says. But she won’t wait out here all night.

“Hey Mom, I’m glad you’re okay.”
“You too.

Nick heads inside.

Renard holds his daughter for the first time.

Grimm 317

Episode Thoughts
This was an awesome episode. I love getting a pure mythology episode with no Wesen of the Week. It was very refreshing.

Mama Burkhardt is absolutely awesome. So badass and kickass. And still very mysterious. Those first scenes of her taking care of the Verrat, her leading them to the plane and then taking off were amazing. All kinds of awesome. Some of the best, most exciting scenes Grimm‘s ever done.

The confrontation between Adalind and Nick/Juliette was lots of fun.

I do think the episode kinda lost steam at the end, but I am looking forward to another mythology-heavy episode next week. Pretty please?

It was great to have an explanation on how Wesen can see Nick is a Grimm. It’s about time.

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