Recap: Ressha Sentai ToQger, Station (Episode) 6 – What Are We Looking For?

ToQger 6

Schwartz hears the ToQgers talking about the Support Ressha and he makes plans.

The ToQgers have to search on foot for it. And since they can’t detect it, its systems must be down so they’ll have to board the Ressha and activate it themselves.

They come to a fork in the road and Right can’t really remember where to go. The others can sense that, but they follow Right who chooses the left path. Hikari takes a spare kendama string form his pocket and ties it onto a tree as a landmark just in case.

ToQger 6

Little do they know, they are being followed.

After walking a while through the forest, they end up walking in circles and right back at the first fork, Kagura seeing Hikari’s string.

Mou! Come on Right!
Mio says it’s a good thing Hikari is their “shadow” leader. Speaking of, Tokatti remembers they never really decided who the leader would be. Going by the numbers, Right should be the leader, right?

ToQger 6

Right says he doesn’t really care, Tokatti could be the leader if he likes. Eh!? But he’s #2! The others say the numbers don’t really matter and Kagura thinks Tokatti would be a great leader.

ToQger 6

Tokatti considers it. He never thought of it before, but sure, if the others want him to. He’ll be the leader!!!

ToQger 6

But they have to deal with something else first, Right says as he points behind Tokatti. A group of Kuros pop out as they flank Schwartz who laughs and tells them he wants their Support Ressha as part of his growing army of trains.

How did he know about that? He shows them his listening device and they listen to Conductor, Ticket and Wagon back on the Ressha as they find the wiretap attached to a rose petal which is attached to the outside of the train. They now remember Schwartz tossing them that rose with the petals flying over them.

ToQger 6

Schwartz commends them for knowing he was following them and leading them in a circle. Huh!? The ToQgers look to Right who goes along with it. That was my plan all along!

Kagura can’t believe how awesome that is! Mio and Hikari just don’t believe it at all. But no matter, Schwartz will force them to take him to the Ressha.

The ToQgers henshin. The Kuros are ready to go, but Schwartz stops them. He’ll take the ToQgers on himself.

ToQger 6

The ToQgers try to slash into Schwartz, but their swords go straight through him and instead it’s them that feel the attack. He walks towards and literally swats away Kagura, Hikari and Mio.

He does the same to Right, but follows him over to where he lands to demand he take him to the Support Ressha. He steps on Right’s shoulder and holds the sword to his neck. I don’t remember, Right says.

ToQger 6

Schwartz steps on him harder. You remember now?

“Now I’ve completely forgotten.”

Heh, Schwartz is amused by his bravado. Tokatti arrives. He thinks to himself, as the leader, he has to protect everyone. He decides to charge right at Schwartz.

Don’t be reckless, Right calls out, but Schwartz easily overpowers Tokatti even though he admires his bravado as well. Schwartz has Tokatti and threatens to slice his head off if Right doesn’t lead him to the Ressha.

ToQger 6

Right has no choice but to lead Schwartz… somewhere. A pair of Kuros have Tokatti tied up in chains as they all follow.

ToQger 6

Hikari, Mio and Kagura reunite. They clue Kagura in that Right has no idea where the Ressha is, but it’s a good thing, Hikari says, as it gives them time to look for the Ressha themselves.

But they have to hurry before Schwartz realizes Right is bluffing.

Tokatti is upset with himself for letting Right down as leader. He stops and falls to the ground.

ToQger 6

I’m pathetic! he yells. A leader should protect his comrades, instead I just drag everyone else down with me!

How noisy, Schwartz says. He orders the Kuros to silence Mr. Leader and they proceed to beat Tokatti up. Right says they better stop or he won’t lead them to the Ressha.

ToQger 6

Are you really in a position to think about making threats? To give up so easily at the sight of a beating, maybe he was wrong about ToQ-1, Schwartz says.

But Right fires back, I don’t have time to think because I’m imagining ways to punch you back.

Schwartz is amused. He motions to the Kuros to stop and tells Right to hurry. His patience is running out.

The Kuros pick Tokatti up. He is upset that Right had to save him… again.

Meanwhile, Mio and Kagura aren’t sure where they should even start looking for the Ressha. But Hikari remembers Right gave them a big clue, the bamboo shoot.

ToQger 6

Right has led Schwarts to a bamboo grove when he suddenly remembers the Ressha is downhill from here… right in the direction they are heading. He says he remembers that it’s back up the other way. But Schwartz has caught on. As has Tokatti.

ToQger 6

Thank you for leading me here, Schwartz says. He takes his sword and prepares to chop Right’s head off. Right has to think fast, should he duck, move to the side?

ToQger 6

Tokatti helps him out. He yells for Right to duck down and he does just as Schwartz swings his sword. Tokatti runs toward Right to block Schwartz’s second attempt, but Right pulls Tokatti back by the chains. Schwartz’s sword just slices through the chains, breaking Tokatti free.

ToQger 6

Right and Tokatti laugh. But Schwartz is done playing games.

ToQger 6 ToQger 6

Suddenly, a train arrives. It’s Hikari-tachi who have found and now boarded Tank Ressha. He knew the Ressha had to be somewhere near the bamboo grove.

ToQger 6

Schwartz tells the Kuros to ready his Kuliner and he leaves the other Kuros to deal with Right and Tokatti. They henshin and work together to take the Kuros on. They transfer and finish the rest of them off.

ToQger 6

They de-henshin and thank each other. Tokatti says he’s more suited for a support role, that he’s not cut out to be leader. But Right says to forget that stuff. If they have a shadow leader, then they can have a support leader as well. They can all be the leader when needed.

ToQger 6

Mio calls them. Schwartz has almost caught up and they need Right and Tokatti’s help. They’ll be right there, Right says. See, he tells Tokatti, we have a nagging leader too. She’ll be pissed when she finds out you said that, Tokatti says. Then it’s our secret, Right answers and they henshin.

ToQger 6

Right and Tokatti take Red Ressha and get in between Schwartz’s Kuliner and Tank Ressha. But Schwartz’s train is too powerful and is just about ready to knock Red Ressha off the tracks.

ToQger 6

But Tokatti has an idea. Tank Ressha would be full of energy, right?
Right! Ticket pops up and says they can get fueled by the power-up energy from Tank Ressha.

ToQger 6

Right calls Hikari to request energy fill-up. Kagura picks a button to push and it releases the energy hose. Hikari tries to steadily insert the hose into Red Ressha and when he does they quickly fill it up with power-up energy.

Once complete, Right uses it to derail Schwartz’s Kuliner.

Schwartz initiates his Kuliner’s robo transformation and the ToQgers hop into ToQ-Oh and attach the Tank Ressha to both arms to form ToQ-Oh Tank.

ToQger 6

They use ToQ-Oh Tank’s boxing moves to take on an unwitting Schwartz and finish off his Kuliner robo with a Tank Upper uppercut.

ToQger 6

Schwartz returns to the castle where Gritta is waiting, worried about her Schwartz-sama. She embraces him, but Schwartz says a defeated general deserves no pity. It’s not your fault, Gritta says, the Kuliner failed to draw out his true power.

ToQger 6

Schwartz takes her hand off him and walks outside.

Right takes the wiretap and gives Schwartz a final message. Wiretapping is illegal! Next time, it’ll be him that gets punched and not his train.

ToQger 6

Right crushes the wiretap in his hand. Schwartz may be defeated, but is still impressed. The ToQgers are worthy adversaries.

Hikari, Mio and Kagura watch the Car Carrier and Tank Resshas rolling alongside their Reeshas. Meanwhile Right and Tokatti are giggling about their leader titles. Hikari is the shadow leader, Tokatti is the support leader and Mio’s the pushy, nagging leader. Right says Kagura is the make-believe leader and he is the bento leader.

ToQger 6

They laugh. Their nicknames are perfect, especially pushy leader’s.

Mio walks by and asks what’s a pushy leader? Sounds like a busybody old lady. Oh, she’s not that old, Tokatti says. Not at all, Right adds.

ToQger 6

Mio immediately realizes they were talking about her. You guys!! She slams the table and both Right and Tokatti go running.

Episode Thoughts
Resshas in Kamen Rider Taisen!?

So this seemed like the typical Who’s the leader/teamwork episode. But it definitely highlighted that Hikari seems to be the most capable “leader.” Or maybe, practical. I guess they really are all leaders of different things. We know Right has that uncanny ability to just know things. Hikari is resourceful and practical. Tokatti is the support. Mio is the serious, responsible one. And Kagura is the leader that’ll kick your ass into oblivion when she thinks hard enough.

The ToQgers have excellent chemistry. Again, their friendship and childhood connection definitely helps foster that chemistry. It helps allow both the serious and the goofy moments between them feel natural, and therefore enjoyable to watch.

Schwartz-sama is an awesome general so far. He’s clever and determined. Plus he can pull out the honor card while still be ready to chop your head off when you’re of no use to him anymore. That all probably means he’ll be the first general killed. But I hope they develop Nero and Madame Noa a little more before that happens. What if Gritta sacrifices herself for the love of her life though!? Juicy.

ToQger is a great pairing with Gaim. As Gaim gets darker and darker each week, ToQger is able to bring that levity while still being just as interesting and engaging.

The train battles have been awesome and would love to see more. They’ve been lots of fun and are a refreshing change from the typical mecha battles. It’s also great how Conductor, Ticket and Wagon have to endure the battles as well since they’re still on board the Ressha even when they’re combined as ToQ-Oh.

I love every time the white line appears. It’s fun. And the new song they played during Right and Tokatti’s fight with the Kuros was awesome. Can’t wait to hear the full song.

Overall a good episode and a great first six episodes for ToQger.

ToQger 6

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  1. My favourite bits were when Mio finds out about her being the nagging leader and sorry when she ran after them leaving Hikari and Kagura alone sorry big Hikari and Kagura shipper

      1. I also liked that Kagura was the only one that stayed when Hikari was using his spare string as a landmark

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