Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (5) 25 – "Bet you didn't see that coming!"

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (5) 25 – “Samurai Surprise”

Megaforce 25

Jake and Noah are leaving the grocery store when they notice a sweet ride outside. The owner comes along while Jake admires it. Noah recognizes him. The guy drives off.

Don’t you know who that was!?! Noah shows Jake some video from the Power Rangers TV series. IT’S THE MENTOR JI!!!!!!

Megaforce 25

Meanwhile, Vrak is throwing a tantrum, but his generals assure him they have plenty more tricks up their sleeves.

Suddenly, someone tries to force their way into the bridge of the ship. It’s Matacore, an elite guard of the Armada. He’s here on orders of the Emperor to expedite the mission to conquer Earth. Even with an entire Armada fleet, Earth is still not under their control… Vrak!

Fine, Vrak says, he’ll have to do this himself. He tells Damaras to order all X Borgs in ship. They’re going down to Earth. Levira tells Damaras to stop Vrak, but Vrak insists. This is his opportunity to show his father that he is worthy.

Megaforce 25

Vrak makes it down to Earth with Argus and Matacore and the X Borg troops. He announces that he is giving humans their eviction notice from Earth. They can either surrender or be killed. But the Rangers arrive and mock him.

Megaforce 25

“How dare you!”

The Rangers morph then quickly decide to GO GO SUPER! They do a roll call.

“Super mega hurry up!”

Megaforce 25

The Rangers fight of the X Borgs before turning their attention back to Vekar. Matacore steps up and the Rangers decide to morph into Mighty Morphin.

Megaforce 25

But the Mighty Morphin powrs are useless against Matacore as they easily get tossed around. They decide to try Lost Galaxy. Noah tells the others to take care of Matacore while he goes for the Prince, but Argus protects his boss.

“Choose your words carefully Blue, they could be your last.”

Noah charges, but Argus swats him away and out of Legendary Mode. Matacore does the same to the rest of the Rangers.

“Good always wins over evil.”
“Not this time.”

Matacore delivers a Solar Slash toward a waiting Noah and he is forced to downmorph back to regular Mega. Vrak tells Argus to just put him out of his misery. “Obliterate him!”

Noah manages to shoot a few shots at Argus and Vrak and they immediately back off. Vrak especially can’t take the few shots and Matacore says they must retreat. Back on the ship, Vrak wails in pain, but Levira sees it’s only a little cut.

The Rangers are now at the Ernie’s. They were so cocky confident earlier. Now they are sulking about Legendary Mode sucking so much.

“Get into your opponent’s head. Use your instincts to sense their next move and feel their attack coming.”

This strange man butting into their business orders a plain froyo from Ernie. But Noah and Jake suddenly recognize him.

It’s THE Jayden Shiba with Japanese ancestry!

Megaforce 25

“What? You’ve never seen a Ranger order froyo before?”

You’re legendary! they say, and it’s an honor to meet him. Jayden says he knows who they are as they’ve been watching them. He hands them the Double Power Disc, saying he thought it might help.

The three Megaforce guys marvel at the thing and look back up to thank… but he’s disappeared. Gia and Emma walk in and before they the guys can tell them about Mr. Shiba, Tensou alerts them to an attack.

Megaforce 25

The Rangers hurry and they meet Matacore who says he’s here to defend his Prince’s honor. The Rangers mock Vrak again and Matacore sends X Borgs after them.

The Rangers fight, then morph. Jake taunts Matacore who will not stand for the Rangers’ insults. Troy and Noah come over to help, but it’s still not enough so they go SUPER!!!!

Vrak orders more X Borgs to help.

Megaforce 25

Troy remembers Jayden Shiba’s words and decides to morph into New Powers before accelerating into Operation Overdrive and then Ninja Storm.

Megaforce 25

It’s Gia’s turn to go legendary. First she morphs into Power Rangers Blitz Yellow then In Space and finally Dino Thunder Power Up!

Jake’s turn. He goes Zeo. And only Zeo.

Megaforce 25

Emma joins in the fun and morphs into Power Rangers Supernova Pink.

“Bet you didn’t see that coming!”

But Emma loses that bet as she continues into Time Force Pink.

Matacore has had enough of these strange powers. The Rangers downmorph back to justMega.

They learn that they should “Never underestimate your opponent!” Well duh.

Megaforce 25

The Rangers then decide to go Legendary again and decide to pay tribute to Jayden. They go go Samurai and they use the Double Disc to knock down Matacore before they downmorph again! to deliver a regular SUPER MEGA Final Strike to finish him off.

Megaforce 25

Levira embiggens Matacore and the Rangers hop into their Megazord. They try a Wild Force Final Strike, but it doesn’t work.

Megaforce 25

Jayden and Mentor Ji are watching the battle from their pretty bikes and think the Megaforce Rangers need their help. Gosei announces that their “Samurai friends” have unlocked the Samurai Megazord powers. They use the Samurai powers to allow Red Lion to combine in a more practical way to form the Lgendary Samurai Megazord.

Megaforce 25

Matacore summons an army of embiggened Bruisers, but the Rangers use the Samurai powers to take care of them. They turn their attention to Matacore and use a huge Rekka Daizantou to finally score a SUPER MEGA WIN!

Megaforce 25

What an amazing battle, you can see why they were chosen, Mentor Ji says.
Yeah, Jayden adds, with a group like that you can see Earth is in good hands.

How was the froyo? Mentor Ji asks. I don’t know, Jayden answers. He never had some, but he is SURE it tastes better than Mia’s cooking.

Har har. They drive off while the Rangers tease Jake about being “green with envy” over Gia thinking Jayden Shiba was supposed to be cute.

Episode Thoughts
I was all ready to give this episodes a little thumbs up until Jayden cracked a Mia’s cooking joke.

REALLY? A Mia’s cooking joke in 2014? Come on Jason Smith.

That joke was unfunny in Samurai and it ended up being mean, insulting and pretty degrading to Mia by the end. While she’s off being a sous-chef somewhere probably by now, here’s Jayden riding around on a Harley making jokes about it two years later.

Ugh, whatever.

Anyway, did y’all love the return of Power Rangers New Powers? And we were also introduced to Power Rangers Blitz and Power Rangers Supernova. Now THOSE were good Saban seasons, right?

But seriously, how lazy can they be? Those morphs lasted only a few seconds and they couldn’t have just cut them out? Or better, film new scenes without the extra Sentai teams? I mean,

I’m sure there were fans blowing their load on seeing, finally, the first Mighty Morphin Legendary morph. But I was very amused and took evil satisfaction in seeing the MMPR powers be absolutely useless. lol Oops. And yes, Power Rangers fans, that’s a skirt on MMPR yellow. A skirt that didn’t exist in 1993. (Educate yourself! =] )

I blame Megaforce actually making me look fondly back at Samurai. No, Samurai is still horrible, but like I said last year, it was much better than this no-plot Megaforce masquerading as an anniversary season. Seeing Jayden and Mentor Ji would’ve been great and actually fun had it not been for them being misogynistic aβ€”holes about Mia’s cooking. Frak that shii.

This episode brought back a huge problem from last year. The Megaforce Rangers being overly confident and cocky as if they’ve accomplished something to allow them to feel that way. They’ve accomplished jackshat and here they are belittling Vrak because he seems a little soft and flamboyant at first meeting. Now, this was before they saw him crying about his little paper cut. So their first impression was that he was weak because of his voice. Uhh… okay. Offensive.

But the worst part is them being cocky one minute then getting tossed around like balls the next. They say they learned not to underestimate their opponent? Yeah, you should’ve learned that 20 episodes ago.

You know, all the morphing and downmorphing and upmorphing was an absolute clusterfrack. Aside from having to go SUPER MEGA and back down to JUST MEGA, they had to unLegendary themselves and reLegendary themselves in the span of 30 seconds.

How Much Different Was Power Rangers From Sentai?
Corresponding Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Episode (s): Episode 11 – The Serious Rebellion and Episode 12 – The Guaranteed Showy Samurai

Well it was different that they crammed in two episodes of Gokaiger and had Jayden come in to buy frozen yogurt instead of Kaoru popping up to demand the Gokaigers hand over the Shinkenger powers.

But they also kept a lot of stuff, because, hello Maskman and Flashman.

Gokaiger also had the whole Joe-Barizorg story and a flashback to Joe and Marvey-chan’s romantic past together.

This Megaforce episode did have some original footage, of course, out of necessity; some unmorphed fights and fresh scenes of the Goseiger/unSuper suits.

But overall, it was a typical, okay episode that’s par for the course with Megaforce and dragged down by the horrible Mia joke. #JusticeforMia

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6 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (5) 25 – "Bet you didn't see that coming!"

  1. yeah, Power Rangers Blitz Force was one of the best seasons in PR history, a lot more serious than the fifth season, MMPR. the Blitz Galaxy Megazord and its aura slash finishing move was incredible. too bad they wouldn’t show it this season

    really cool show. here’s the intro for that one

    (and of course, you know that i am simply making this up. but that intro is actually legit πŸ˜‰ )

      1. tsk, too bad it’s hard to find a copy of the whole tagalog dub of maskman nowadays. BTW, the guy who did red mask’s tagalog voice was Kim Atienza himself (during his early days as a dubber in ABS). and for an even more amusing trivia, the actor who played red mask eventually married a filipina.

        1. Yeah as soon as I watched that vid I tried looking for the Tagalog dub but only found Spanish dubs hehe. Interesting facts! Especially about Kuya Kim, you mean he wasn’t always a sometimes-weather reader and animal enthusiast? hehe

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