Recap: Kamen Rider Gaim, Episode 21 – Yggdrasill's Secret

Gaim 21

Mitchi meets Kota downtown. They haven’t heard from Kaito yet, but Kota fills Mitchi in on what he does know. Mitchi is shocked to learn Kota spoke with the white Armored Rider, but is relieved Kota does not know the guy’s name nor did he ask about Yuya. But Kota has bigger news and he tells Mitchi about the end of the world.

You don’t seem so surprised, Kota asks. But Mitchi replies that he’s probably just shocked. Though now everything that Yggdrasill makes sense; the Inves game, using them as guinea pigs. If it’s to save humanity, then that’s a good thing?

Kota is not so sure. Yggdrasill is still deceiving the public. But Mitchi tries to get him to understand. Them keeping this secret, they’re allowing Mai and others to continue to smile. Peace may not be present worldwide, people at least need peace in their hearts. And to protect that, only people with power should bear the truth.

Gaim 21

At The Garage, Mai and Chucky are telling Zack and Peco about the Cracks. If only they could tell Oren, then maybe he’d finally lay off them. But ever since they quit the Inves games, the Inves attacks have only increased. Zack says it’ll be alright since he, Mitchi and Kota will be able to work together to fight the Inves. Still, Peco adds, it’d be great if Kaito joined them too.

Gaim 21

Mitchi storms into his Niisan’s office, Sid sits and enjoys the show.

Why the frak did you tell Kazuraba Kota the truth!?
Takatora says it’s been a while since he’s seen someone with so much anger want to fight evil like Kota does. WTF? says Mitchi’s face.

I kid, I kid. Takatora says he only told Kota about Helheim Forest and not about the Scalar System or Project Ark. He would never tell an outsider that.

Mitchi is irked by his Niisan. Don’t go telling him anything he doesn’t need to know. Kota’s a wild card like that.

He grabs his coat and leaves.

Sid asks his boss, what are you hoping for out of Kota. Takatora says he wants to see Kota fail and give up. That way, he can continue with his plans without reserve. Sid is surprised, Takatora with doubts? No, Takatora says, after all, he is more than ready to handle this responsibility.

Gaim 21

Meanwhile, Kaito is in Helheim, exploring the ruins. He is searching for something and references a photo before running into Inves and a mysterious red figure who hides from him.

Gaim 21

Minato serves Ryoma some coffee. She reports that Kaito is exploring Helheim and that he seems very interested in their little recommendation. Good, Ryoma says, since they themselves can’t do what they want while Takatora is watching. They should put their hopes in Kaito. If he really finds Helheim’s secret, then the playing field will grow.

Sid walks in. Isn’t it about time they took care of that Kota kid? The more they learn about Kota, the more disgusted Sid becomes. Ryoma says all he’s interested in is data, so if Sid can use the Genesis Driver to its max, then go ahead.

Gaim 21

Kota and Rika are having dinner. She notices Kota seems down.

What would you do if you knew the world was ending, Kota asks.
Well, I wouldn’t be able to do anything except pray to God, Rika replies. But even if some people would prefer not to be told, she would want to know and properly face the hard and painful times head on to the end.

Gaim 21

Kaito is on a rooftop looking at the reference photo of the red figure. Minato joins him. I won’t eat up everything you tell me, Kaito says, but searching through Helheim seems to be worth something.

Minato moves closer. If Kaito does well, he can get whatever he wants, even power that surpasses his limits as a human.

Kaito escapes her caressing hand. And you’ll use me as much as you can until then? he asks. Minato tells him not to be so paranoid, she’s just attracted to people who like to reach for power. She likes to watch them as they do it.

Gaim 21

Next day, Kota’s at Drupers struggling about whether Mitchi’s “Don’t tell” or Rika’s “Don’t ask” “I’d want to know” philosophy is the right one. Bando brings Kota a yummy fruit parfait.

Kota asks Bando if he thinks secrets are bad. It depends, he answers. You want to consider telling a dying patient how long they’ve got. But at the same time, you should be wary of someone who wants you to keep a secret.

Secrets can be a great source of power. Those in the know can manipulate those who aren’t. And terrible things can happen if secrets are used for evil gain.

Kota’s phone rings. It’s Zack. Inves are now attacking an armored truck and stealing money. Someone must be controlling them with Locks. Kota hurries over and calls Mitchi to come with.

Gaim 21

Kota, Mitchi and Zack confront the two goons controlling the Inves. They fight, but the goons then order the Inves to take over. They try to run, but Zack tells Kota to go after them. He and Mitchi will take care of the Inves.

Gaim 21

Kota is in pursuit, but Sid pops up and stops him. He admits they need more people using Lock Seeds and summoning Inves, otherwise the people of Zawame will find out about Helheim.

But I thought we were keeping all of it a secret, Kota says. Forcing Inves into their city is the opposite.

Sid laughs. Helheim isn’t Yggdrasill’s only secret. The ring around Yggdrasill Tower? They’re Scalar Electromagnetic Wave weapons that could fry all of Zawame if they ever needed to.

Kota thought they were trying to save humanity. Yes, they will save humanity, Sid replies, even if that means erasing Zawame City off the face of the Earth.

Gaim 21

But the town will remain peaceful if they keep their mouths shut, yes? If Kota wants, he could move out of the city and be safe.

No, Kota says, bull. He’ll never run. And he’ll never let Yggdrasill have their way. Even the most noble of ends don’t justify the means. And now he’s sure that he will never let Yggdrasill be responsible for the fate of the world.

Gaim 21

That makes them enemies. They both henshin and battle.

I’m glad I’m able to openly fight you, Sid says.

Mitchi and Zack take care of the Inves together and Mitchi hurries to Kota.

Sid completely owns Kota for the most of the fight. You are a disgusting pest that gives people false hope and makes otherwise strong-willed people have doubts, he says as he sends a blast of Cherry Energy Kota’s way forcing him to de-henshin.

Gaim 21

They take the fight outside. What’s wrong with doubts and hope? Kota asks. Sid says it’s just a nuisance for the adults. Them kids should have just followed the script.

Sid is ready to off Kota like he offed Hase Ryoji. But Kota gains a new burst of strength and henshins into Jinba Lemon Arms.

Gaim 21

Kota is now able to get the upper hand, fueled by his anger toward Sid and Yggdrasill’s evil plans.

Mitchi arrives, but keeps his distance as he watches Kota completely ruin Sid as he lets out an Orange Squash, forcing Sid to de-henshin and lose his Cherry Lock Seed.
Gaim 21

Mitchi can’t believe it. Sid, you ignorant slut pathetic fool.

Looks like our duel is over, Kota says, approaching a (literally) floored Sid. But suddenly, Mitchi summons an Inves which attacks Kota and allows Sid to run away.

Mitchi quickly pops out and saves Kota by shooting the Inves dead.

Thanks Mitchi, Kota says. They de-henshin.

Gaim 21

You saved me, Kota adds. But damn, he was close to really taking care of Sid. Oh? Mitchi asks. Yup. Kota tells Mitchi of what he learned from Sid about Yggdrasill’s plans. They’re really bad guys Mitchi.

Gaim 21


Meanwhile, Kaito is still on the rooftop looking at the picture of the red Helheim figure.

Gaim 21

Episode Thoughts
Alright. More schizophrenic, treacherous, smiley Mitchi this week! Which is awesome. More on that in a bit.

So when I first saw the episode title “Yggdrasill’s Secret,” I was all “What, there’s MORE!?!?” Of course there was. And even after this episode, we still don’t even really know what’s going on.

It was the end of the world last week and now we’ve got nukes spinning around a tower and Minato Yoko being turned on by Kaito’s thirst for power. It is craziness!

Kota is of course supposed to be the star of the show. He is the title character after all. But with such a big ensemble cast, it’s been a little hard to see that be the case. But I think this episode is finally signaling Kota being at the forefront. They are definitely setting up a Kota vs. the world scenario, at least for now. Who knows when the twin Kota from the opening title sequence will pop up. But it helps build up that epic struggle of our hero fighting against the enemies he knows of and the enemies he’d never expect.

And speaking of. Mitchi. Seriously. Is he the Big Bad? He’s going to go psychotic around episode 33 isn’t he? It was so fascinating to see him go to Takatora’s office. Because he totally looked like the boss, the big man in the room during that scene. He looked and acted bigger than his Niisan and definitely bigger than Sid, even if he may be in way over his head. But that’s even scarier. And then that glare at Kota at the end. *shudder*

Seriously, I don’t think there will be an episode of Gaim where your first reactions after watching it are “Well shit.” or “Amazing!” or “ZOMGWTF.”

And I love that.

3 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Gaim, Episode 21 – Yggdrasill's Secret

  1. interesting, so the scalar system is a nuke weapon to torch Zawame in case the Invess incident gets out of hand. now i wonder what Project Ark is. from the the name alone, i’m guessing it’s a plan to move what remains of humanity if Yggdrasil is not able to prevent the Invess plague from happening (now i am definitely loving the cosmic horror elements).

    Yoko Minato is certainly one huge enigma here. what is she exactly? she just appeared out of nowhere. guessing that she might be connected to that alien civilization or helheim itself. she might also be connected to mai’s mysterious twin.

      1. looks like they are going to make good on turning this into “Break Kouta Kazuraba: The Series”. and as Sid said, now let’s see how long does it take before the kid finally snaps. 3:)

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