Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (2) 22 – "We have a missile crisis!"

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (2) 22 – Earth Fights Back

Megaforce 22

The city is still recovering from the terrorist alien attack. Four of the five Rangers are at the mall. Emma is passing out free smoothies to the people working, Gia’s managing, while Jake does some heavy lifting.

Aboard the Armada command ship, Vekar is happy about the destruction the first waves have left on Earth. But Damaras says the humans haven’t surrendered and are already rebuilding. Levira says she has a plan.

Megaforce 22

At school, Noah is looking through the files Tensou has downloaded about the Legendary Rangers. He thinks about Gosei telling them that with each Legendary power comes new zords. Noah wants to find out if they can use them all, but he gets interrupted by Mr. Burley.

Megaforce 22

Noah hurries to the mall to show the others the video of the Legendary Zords. They are excited to have more zords to “kick alien butt with.” They’re sure Troy will be excited too, but they know he hasn’t been the same since Robo Knight disappeared.

Troy’s by the sea again, looking out over the ocean and thinking about their missing friend.

Megaforce 22

He heads back to the city when he stumbles upon the Armada on the move. Cybax and an army of X Borgs have activated missiles in a warehouse set to launch in two hours. Vekar plans to blow up cities around the world at exactly the same time. Levira says those missiles took a long time to develop and failure will “not be forgiven.”

The Rangers try to call Troy. But his morpher ringing signals Cybax to his presence. Cybax blows him out of hiding and the X Borgs attack.

The others guess Troy just wants to be alone.

Megaforce 22

Troy morphs and tries to call the others back, but instead has to call Tensou when his morpher gets knocked out of his hands.

“Tensou, send backup. We have a missile crisis!”

Tensou notifies the others and they hurry out, but get stopped by X Borgs before they can reach Troy in the warehouse. They decide to fight their way through.

20 minutes until launch.

(20 minutes!?!?!)

Megaforce 22

Prince Vekar is starting to get very animated, impatient about waiting so long to launch the missiles. Why in the world do they have to wait until nightfall? Whose bright idea was that?

“Yours, boss.”
“Only listen to me if it’s a good idea, which all my ideas are. Except for this one.”

“Why do I have to explain this? Why is it so hard to destroy one measly little world!?”

Vekar orders more X Borgs to get sent down, so the Rangers finally decide to “go Mega.”

Megaforce 22

They morph and continue fighting. But when the X Borgs start to get too much for them, they decide to go SUPER!

Megaforce 22

10 minutes to launch.

The Rangers SUPER! powers still aren’t enough so it’s time to GO LEGENDARY!

They pull out RPM (!) keys. “RPM, Get in gear!”

Megaforce 22

They’ve taken care of half the X Borgs, but they need more. Gosei says they’ve made it to the next level in the game! unlocked powers never before seen on this planet!

They pull out Dairanger new keys and morph into the Star Force Rangers!

Megaforce 22

The Star Force powers include fresh puns and a Final Strike that finishes off the remaining X Borgs.

2 minutes to launch.
1 minute to launch.

Troy escapes his X Borg captors. He goes SUPER! and fights his way to the missile launcher, knocking Cybax out of the way and blowing it up before the missiles can launch.

The others finally join Troy. But Cybax is not done with them yet.
They decide to morph into S.P.D. to finish off his first life.

Megaforce 22

Levira shoots her lasers to embiggen Cybax who grabs the unlaunched missiles for him to toss into the world himself.

The Rangers summon the Sky Ship and hop into their Zords to form the Legendary Megazord.

“No one should ever have that much power in the palm of their hands!”

They snatch the missile out of Cybax’s hands and send it back toward the Armada command ship.

Gosei chimes in. Now that they’ve mastered their S.P.D. powers, they can now use the S.P.D. Zords. He sends over their keys which activate a Delta Runner that helps form the Legendary S.P.D. Megazord.

Megaforce 22

They send the Delta Runner out to attack Cybax before they engage in a gunfight. Cybax lobs the top-half of a building (full of people, probably) and sends it towards the Rangers who blow a hole through it, killing everyone inside. They unleash a Final Strike to finish Cybax off for good.

For fun, they decide to fly into space to ravage the Armada’s fleet before officially declaring a SUPER MEGA WIN!

Megaforce 22

They fly back to the city and enjoy the sunset and peaceful Earth on the deck of the Sky Ship.

Megaforce 22

Troy tells Gia how he hasn’t found any trace of Robo Knight, but is sure that they will meet again someday.

Megaforce 22

“Well, each new day brings new hope.”

They head back to the mall for the grand reopening and the unveiling of a huge sign that says “EARTH FIGHTS BACK.”

Megaforce 22

The Rangers know they aren’t going to lose, especially with the Legendary Rangers and the whole Earth on their side.

Megaforce 22

Episode Thoughts
And the episode started off AMAZING too. Hmm.

Well, overall (God help me) this was a pretty good episode. Why I enjoyed it so much is why I’m such a homer for the Disney seasons: it had plenty of original footage. They actually filmed new stuff y’all! And it took up half the episode! Of course a lot of it was out of necessity, but the last big unmorphed fight was in the middle of last season. And thank goodness for them actually showing that yes, the city was ravaged by the attacks and not just some little thing high school students could clean up overnight.

I mean really, all the scenes in the high school last week were dumb and out of place.

WOOHOO at getting to see RPM back in action. (Though that also was out of necessity since that’s what the Gokaiger episode had.)

And how about seeing the Power Rangers Star Force in action for the first time. As much as I loathe most of what Megaforce has done, I was one of the people who actually wanted to see them include the footage of non-Power Ranger Sentai teams. I know many fans, especially PR-purists abhorred the idea of non-Power Ranger teams popping up.

And while this screams laziness, since they could have easily left the Dairanger footage out of the episode, especially since they had already filmed so much original footage for it, I actually liked it and was not expecting it. Which is funny, because I totally expect Saban Brands to always choose the lazy route. But I suppose, keeping the footage is indeed easier than cutting it out and filming a 2 second scene of the Rangers running to the warehouse.

When morphing into the Legendary teams, I wish they could play the theme music like Operation Overdrive did in “Once a Ranger.” But I doubt that’ll happen. Maybe on the finale only. But also, I wish they could use the original morphing sequences too (updated to HD standards of course). Though again, that requires work and effort which Saban Brands does not like.

The anti-nuclear message of the episode is probably a little nod to Haim Saban’s own politics. (*snicker*)

Very sad though at seeing them turn Vekar into the buffoon Warz Gill was. Yes, that’s what the footage calls for, but then why make him serious in the premiere then?

I chuckled at Argus’ “Yes, boss.” Hello Barizorg.

How Much Different Was Power Rangers From Sentai?
Corresponding Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Episode (s): Episode 5 – “Judgement Pirates”

They threw out all the Doggie Kruger footage with Marvey-chan of course and didn’t use any of the footage with the Dekarangers. They kept the Dairanger henshin. And they pulled that attacking of the fleet from somewhere, I have no idea.

So same missile crisis, but they only used half the episode.

Which is why I enjoyed the first half much more than the second. The original footage was awesome. But when they had to start cramming in the Sentai footage, things got messy pretty quick.

But again, overall, this may have been the best non-finale Megaforce episode yet. (Shock!)

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