Recap: Kamen Rider Gaim, Episode 16 – A New Arms! Jinba Lemon is Born!

Gaim 16

Mitch henshins and takes on the flying Kurokages himself. He knocks one of them off and commandeers his flying bike to fight the rest of them off and escape. Meanwhile, Kota and Kaito are taking care of their own Kurokages as they escape through Helheim Forest. Continue reading

Michael Christian Martinez Exemplifies What the Olympics Are All About

He was the first Filipino Winter Olympian since 1992. He was the first Southeast Asian Olympic figure skater, let alone the first Filipino Olympic figure skater. He barely had enough money to get himself to Sochi, never mind the funds needed to train at home and abroad, lodging and food while abroad and the elaborate costumes that are just as important as the choice of music in competition.

But the Philippines’ Michael Christian Martinez soldiered on, eventually finishing 19th out of 30 skaters in Men’s Figure Skating at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

It is a big accomplishment for any Filipino to make it to the Olympic Games. Even bigger when it’s a Winter Olympics considering the coldest temperature you could ever feel in the Philippines would be considered a hot day in most of the competing Winter Olympic countries.

Being the first Filipino and first Southeast Asian Olympic figure skater makes Michael’s achievement that much bigger. And actually moving on to the next round of the competition solidifies Michael’s first Olympics as a resounding success. Continue reading