Recap: Supernatural: Episode 9.10 – "You ruined the universe you sonuvabitch!"

Recap: Supernatural: Episode 9.10 – Road Trip

Supernatural 910

Dean gives Kevin a hunter’s burial. And when he returns to the batcave , unleashes his anger and frustration.

Meanwhile, Gadreel meets the angel Thaddeus who tortured him and his “boyfriend” Abner when he was imprisoned and is now in the body of Corey Bieber. “Why be an angel when you could be a god?”

Thaddeus is ready to fight, but Gadreel has already has angel blade in hand and takes care of him.

Castiel pops up at the batcave and Dean tells him everything. Dean is ready to kill the angel possessing Sam even if it means killing Sam. But Castiel says Sam is strong and would be able to fight. They just have to find a way to bypass the angel and talk directly to Sam.

Supernatural 910

They think they might have a way and they go to Crowley to ask how. He wants a massage and he wants Kevin to give it to him, but Castiel gives him the news. Too bad, Crowley says since he had warned Kevin to run. People in the Bros’ general vicinity don’t necessarily have great odds at living.

They want to know how to hack into a vessel. Crowley says he can’t teach them, but he can do it himself. In exchange, he wants a field trip for some fresh air.

Supernatural 910

With no Impala, the Three Amigos must take Castiel’s ride, a Lincoln Continental complete with hydraulics. Yes, it’s a pimp car. Crowley and Castiel ride in the back seat. A woman watches them from her porch and it turns out she’s an Abbadon soldier. She promptly notifies her boss.

Supernatural 910

Elsewhere, Metatron waits for Gadreel at a bar where Helo Ezekiel/Gadreel’s original vessel works as a bartender. He says having Gadreel kill Thaddeus, knowing their history, was just for fun. But killing Kevin was necessary as he was a threat. And after flipping a switch in heaven, there will be no more prophets.

How about Dean Winchester? Gadreel says Metatron never gave him Dean’s name.

“It’s not like you haven’t done worse before.”

Metatron gives him the next name, an Alexander. Gadreel asks how many more lives he has to take, but Metatron says he is in no position to ask questions.

Supernatural 910

The Three Amigos get to a corporation hiding an NSA listening post where Crowley has stationed one of his own, Cecily, to use the US government’s voyeurism to his benefit.

The guard only lets Crowley in and Castiel says he’ll be listening, but the room turns out to be warded. Cecily thinks featheredCastiel is sexy as hell and gossips about everything that’s happened with him since Crowley’s been detained. Cecily also talks about how the hell population hasn’t completely signed up for #TeamAbbadon and is just waiting to see which of her or Crowley comes out on top.

He asks her to look for the Impala and senses she’s not 100% loyal to him. Playing both sides? “Wouldn’t you?” she counters.

Crowley returns to his two amigos with info on the Impala running a red light in Pennsylvania.

Supernatural 910

That’s where Gadreel is. He sneaks up on the Alexander and it turns out it’s his friend Abner. And he has a wife and kid. Gadreel can’t believe it.

Later, Abner’s wife and kid go to a movie and he and Gadreel catch up.

Gadreel tells Abner about killing Thaddeus and getting their revenge. But Abner says he wishes he didn’t do that because the Fall is their 2nd chance. The key to happiness is getting the one thing you want most and never letting it go, Abner says, even if there’s a price that’s worth paying.

Supernatural 910

Dean and Castiel arrive in the neighborhood and walk into Abner’s home where they find him dead. Gadreel is in the kitchen washing the blood off his hands, but he knows Dean is there.

He knocks Dean into the wall, but Castiel punches him in the face.

Supernatural 910

Abbadon meets with Cecily who tells her all about Crowley and his friends. But Abbadon unfortunately does not subscribe to the “play both sides” philosophy. Cecily. Dead.

Supernatural 910

They have Gadreel bound in a chair. Castiel doesn’t recognize him.

Gadreel says for what it’s worth, he has Sam trapped in a nice dream with ghouls and cheerleaders.

I trusted in you, Dean says. But Gadreel replies that he was only doing what he needs to do. So am I, Crowley says as he starts sticking huge needles into Sadreel’s skull.

Dean can’t take the screams coming out of Sam’s body and has to leave the room. He asks Castiel how he’s doing so they can talk about anything other than a screaming Sammy.

Supernatural 910

Dean apologizes for kicking Castiel out of the batcave and getting played. Castiel says he was played too when he thought he was saving heaven. Dean says they’re both dumbasses then, but Castiel prefers too “trusting.”

Crowley calls for Laverne and Shirley. Gadreel is out cold and Crowley is able to use one of the needles to turn on the “My Name is” switch. Castiel realizes it is the Gadreel that’s been imprisoned since “the dawn of time” when he let Lucy into the Garden.

Supernatural 910

“It’s all his fault. The corruption of man, demons, hell… God left because of him, the archangels… the apocalypse. If he hadn’t been so weak, none of it would’ve happened.”

Castiel shakes Sadreel. “You ruined the universe you sonuvabitch!”

Dean tries to get Castiel to calm down.

Crowley turns another needle switch to try and find Sam. But it is Gadreel that wakes back up and says they can play around for years if they want, they won’t find Sam.

Dean wants Castiel to jump into Sam, but angels can’t possess without permission of course. But demons can. Crowley offers his assistance and Dean has no choice. Crowley says he saves Sam, he gets set free.

Fine. He tells Castiel to burn off Sam’s warding tattoo. Crowley promises not to do anything funny.

Supernatural 910

Dean tells Crowley to tell Sam the go-word, “Poughkeepsie.”
Gadreel vows to destroy Crowley. “Eat me.” Crowley flies into Sam’s mouth.

Dean and Castiel wait.

Crowley finds Sam in the batcave. Sam is shocked, but Crowley says “Poughkeepsie” and explains what’s going on. Sam doesn’t easily believe any of it until Crowley shoots him, but nothing happens.

Supernatural 910

Crowley pleads with Sam to remember everything that’s happened. He does, including Kevin’s death.

“Did I kill Kevin?”
“No, you didn’t. He did. You need to take control Sam, blow it up. And CAST THAT PUNK-ASS, HOLY ROLLER OUT!”

Gadreel, back in Tahmoh Penikett, pops up behind Crowley. Crowley punches him, but Gadreel just swats him away. He starts kicking him in the gut and Sam tries to tackle, but no use.

Crowley tells Sam to cast Gadreel out. Gadreel says if he does, he might fall apart and die. Sam flips the script and has Gadreel on the floor instead.

Supernatural 910

“I said GET. THE HELL. OUT.”

Gadreel is expelled from Sam’s body and heads back to the bar to a waiting Metatron. Helo says “Yes” to Gadreel and he’s back in his original vessel.

Supernatural 910

Crowley returns to his own meatsuit.

Suddenly, a car pulls up outside. It’s Abbadon.

Crowley tells them to go through the backdoor, he’s got this.

“Oh, because you’re such a good guy?”
“Right now, I’m the goodest guy you got.”

Castiel helps Sam and Crowley hands Dean his bag.

“I see you again…”
“Yes, I know, I’m dead. I love you too.”

Crowley takes a seat and waits for Abaddon and her men to enter. She tells them to cut off his head, but they pause. Turns out demons are only loyal to a point.

Supernatural 910 Supernatural 910

Abaddon suggests they settle this here and now, but Crowley says it’s not a fight. This is more a campaign, they must appeal to the hearts and minds of the people, er… demons.

Winchester Bros Emo Moment of the Week
On a rainy pier, Castiel heals Sam’s face and says it’ll take a while before he can fully heal his insides.

Supernatural 910 Supernatural 910

Dean walks over, “Let me hear it.” Castiel takes that as his cue to give them some time alone. Sam admits he’s pissed because Dean lied to him, again. He was ready, willing to die. But Dean says it’s not in him to let that happen.

“And now, Kevin…”
“No, that is not on you. Kevin’s blood is on my hands. And that ain’t ever getting clean. I’ll burn for that. I will.”

Dean vows to find Gadreel and end him, but alone. I’m poison, Dean says. Everyone that gets close to him dies. He tells himself that he helps and does everything for the right reasons, but he won’t drag anyone else “through the muck” anymore.

“Go. I’m not gonna stop you.”

Castiel looks on as Dean starts to walk away.

“But don’t go thinking that’s the problem because it’s not.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Just go.”

Dean hops in the Impala and drives off as thunder rolls and the rain falls.

Supernatural 910

Episode Thoughts
Wow. Well, Supernatural is definitely back. A great episode to kick start the next act of this season.

The meh stuff first. You know, I know our Bros can get emotional all the time, but I don’t know if I really want to see them separate again. I definitely don’t want to see Sam moving in with some married woman again, that’s for sure. But we’ve all seen this before. Just like we’ve seen them die and resurrect a number of times, we’ve seen them separate and then come back together a number of times.

Sometimes there’s great payoff, the other times fall flat. I hope we get a big payoff with this one.

And speaking of, having Crowley chained in the basement certainly gave us some great scenes in the first 9 episodes. But I think this episode with Crowley doing the good work was excellent payoff for those 9 episodes. Of course we know not to expect one thing or the other with Crowley, but how awesome was it to see him with Sam and actually, really trying to rescue him.

Mark Sheppard has always been great as Crowley, making him anything from fun to evil and menacing. I think this was one of his best episodes. Crowley’s lines in this one were especially great. Seeing him finally face to face with Abaddon also helped to get me excited about that “campaign.” And we still have that demon reform juice in Crowley. Who knows what that’ll lead to.

And what about Gadreel. You know, I didn’t think anything of it when Thaddeus called Abner Gadreel’s “boyfriend.” But then seeing Gadreel’s reaction to Abner having a WIFE and kid made me think, woah, wait. Maybe they really did have a thing together. Like, a gay thing. They were lovers. In prison!!! Woah, wait. Now it really makes sense. Hmm… well, it doesn’t mean anything now since Gadreel killed his gay lover. But I guess it’s something for the fandom to chew on.

Anyway, those scenes in Sam’s head and then afterwards with Gadreel flying off and Crowley returning to his meatsuit were some of the best in a while.

Overall, a great episode and awesome way to come back.

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