Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.10 – "Get out of my house!!!"

Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.10 – Eyes of the Beholder

“I am glad ’tis night, you do not look on me, for I am much ashamed of my exchange.”

Grimm 310

Nick joins Juliette and Alicia for lunch. While Alicia’s in the restroom, Nick tells Juliette about her being a Wesen, so they have to be careful because if Alicia realizes Nick’s a Grimm, she could go running back to Joe. Meanwhile, Joe watches them from across the street.

That night, a black Wesen couple is attacked by a gang outside a diner. A black teen, having just visited his white girlfriend who works as a waitress at the diner, witnesses the attack but hurries into his car when the gang spots him. A diner patron sees the teen fleeing from the scene.

The man ends up dead, but the woman is taken to the hospital. Hank talks to the waitress, Joy who excuses him when her boyfriend calls to tell her what happened.

Grimm 310

He thinks about going to the cops, but Joy tells him no since the dead man, Alonzo, was a bad man which means the guys who killed him are worse. The cops aren’t going to protect him. “That’s not how it works, not in this neighborhood.”

Next morning, Juliette is very awkward around Alicia and just comes out and says she knows she’s Wesen. But Alicia denies it and thinks Juliette must be upset about her staying with them.

Grimm 310

Having found a red light camera photo of the boy, Jared, and the car, Nick and Hank head to the owner’s apartment. Hank is surprised to see the owner of the car, a “Tyler” is not a man, but a woman… his pretty physical therapist Zuri, to be exact.

They explain the situation and Zuri says her brother Jared was there all night. He comes into the apartment with groceries, realizes they’re detectives and runs. They chase after him and Nick tackles him to the ground. Zuri tells Jared to hold his temper. Hank holds her back, but she of course is upset by what’s happening.

Grimm 310

Nick finds Zuri and Jared’s father is in prison for murder. They talk to Jared in the interrogation room. He admits taking his sister’s car and going to see his girlfriend at the diner. He lets slip that he might have seen something, but is too afraid to say anything more. Hank tries to convince Zuri to talk to Jared, but she is not about to have her brother testify in some gang case.

Nick and Hank head to the hospital to talk to the girlfriend. She doesn’t want to talk to them, but Nick describes what the gang did to her boyfriend and she becomes upset enough to woge. She is terrified when she sees Nick is a Grimm and quickly says the gang that killed Alonzo is the 7th Street Savages.

Grimm 310

Nick and Hank go to the spice shop. Monroe knows nothing of gangs, but Rosalee knows plenty. She knows of the Northend Cru (of which Alonzo was the head of) because she used to buy drugs from them. They are a group of Yaguarete. She also knows the 7th Street Savages as a gang from Seattle and they definitely do not mix with Northend Cru.

Nick and Hank think the Seattle gang must have killed Alonzo to announce their arrival in Portland.

Later, Joy calls Jared on her way home from the diner. But he has to hang up when Zuri calls him to dinner, which he does not want. When Joy gets to the bus stop, she gets kidnapped by one of the 7th Street guys.

Grimm 310

Hank calls Zuri and asks how everything’s going. Suddenly, two men walk into the hallway. Zuri senses the danger and she runs back into the apartment. Hank alerts the cop shop and hurry over.

Zuri and Jared are on the fire escape as the gang members storm into the apartment. They hide in the alleyway as the gang members run when they hear the cops coming.

They’re at the station and Renard offers protective custody as long as Jared helps catch the bad guys. He and Zuri point out the guys from the diner and from the apartment.

Grimm 310

Juliette goes to Monroe’s to talk to Rosalee about Alicia. She asks what she can do to make Alicia more comfortable about the situation, but Rosalee says to just give it time because it is hard for Wesen to “come out” even to other Wesen. She had tried to deny being Wesen and got mixed up with the wrong people because of it. Which is why she is relieved to have people like her, Nick and Hank who don’t judge them or want to cut their heads off.

Grimm 310

Hank takes Zuri and Jared to the motel safehouse and promises to stay until the bad guys are caught.

Next morning, Zuri tells Hank about wanting to take care of her brother. Hank says he knows about their father and Zuri admits that their father had a temper which eventually got him into trouble. Zuri says she and her brother have the same temper, which is why she tries to teach him to control it.

Juliette tells Nick about what happened with Alicia. She comes down and says she found an apartment and thanks them for letting her stay.

Grimm 310

But Juliette can’t stand it. Why can’t Alicia be more comfortable and open about what she is? Not this again, Alicia says, “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I do know what I’m talking about. Nick is a Grimm!”

Alicia is mortified. She woges and runs to the door, but Nick stops her. He tries to assure her he’s the same Nick, but suddenly Joe pops up and knocks Nick out. He grabs Alicia.

Grimm 310 Grimm 310

Juliette runs over, but Joe tosses her aside. He goes back to grab Alicia, but Juliette gets back up and hops on his back. He tries to shake her off in the kitchen, but she knocks and grabs him onto the floor.

“Get out of my house!”

She hits his face with a frying pan, but he immediately woges.

“I’m not impressed.”

Juliette kicks him in the balls, punches and punches him. She and Alicia then tag team with glass pitches and vases and kick him before Nick comes in with a gun.

Joe realizes he’s a Grimm and turns into a slobbering mess.

“I just wanted her back, I didn’t mean to hurt her.”
“Yes you did, you son of a bitch!”

Nick handcuffs him and Alicia firmly tells Joe that they are through.

Alicia thanks Juliette and wants to show her what she is. Alicia woges and Juliette immediately hugs her.

Grimm 310

Hank, Zuri and Jared finish having breakfast. Jared sneaks Hank’s phone into the bathroom to call Joy who is being held at gunpoint in her home.

Hank and Zuri have a nice talk about their lives and their families. Hank hears his phone ringing, but it’s not on the table. He finds it in the bathroom and the window open.

Jared arrives at his girlfriend’s home and the gang members quickly take him. His eyes glow.

Nick meets Hank and Zuri at the home. Zuri stays in the car.

The white goon tells the others to take care of the cops. He turns to Jared who refuses to talk. The guy raises his bat to bash Jared’s head in, but Jared woges and pounces, knocking the guy into the wall.

Nick’s spidey senses kick in, allowing them to shoot the two goons dead. The white guy chases after Jared and Joy. Joy gets over the fence in the backyard, but before the white guy can shoot at Jared, Zuri pounces and chomps on the goon’s neck.

Grimm 310

Nick and Hank watch it happen. “You’re a Grimm!!”
Nick agrees they’ll keep this all hush-hush and Nick assures Zuri they’ll take care of it.

Hank and Zuri are at the apartment and Hank wants them to really give their relationship a shot. Hank says he doesn’t have a problem that they’re different. But Zuri says she does.

“Take care of yourself,” Hank says as he leaves.

Grimm 310

Episode Thoughts
Very interesting episode and I actually liked it.

Maybe it was Juliette’s bad assery that made it all worthwhile, but I enjoyed it.

Before that, let’s talk a little about the discussion about race in this episode. Now, we haven’t seen very many African-Americans in Portland so far, but you can see how some people might be a little uncomfortable seeing an influx of black characters during the “gang” episode.

But it’s alright. Despite the gang names sounding more like dance crew names (Me thinking about Kamen Rider Gaim I guess!), I guess it played into the other “race” discussion: Wesen vs. Kehrseite.

I thought they did that very well with Juliette and Alicia with the whole “coming out” situation. We haven’t really seen that aspect before. Then there’s Zuri not wanting to date out of her own “race” apparently. We’ve seen how two Wesen can fall in love and be happy (Monroe and Rosalee), but we haven’t really seen the human-Wesen aspect yet. So that was very interesting.

Speaking of Rosalee… drugs!?!?!

I definitely noticed Jared’s struggle with his temper, but I didn’t put the pieces together until later. I just thought it was bad acting, to be honest. lol But it was a nice little reveal and of course set up the final scene with Hank and Zuri.

But now, the best part of the episode was definitely Juliette kicking ass.

What’s been great about Juliette is that she originally appeared to be just a typical damsel in distress (especially on a show about fairy tales) who would be kept in the dark about everything and be obvlivious or naive.

But they’ve really managed to be creative in how they’ve developed her character. They managed to extend her being in the dark about Wesen and Nick being a Grimm for an extra season, but they still kept her very much in the thick of the Wesen world. And now that she’s fully entrenched with Nick as a Grimm and their Wesen friends, she’s accepting and even excited.

Juliette has really become a great, fun character. She can be hilarious, funny, dramatic and tough all at the same time. Bitsie Tulloch has really come a long way since Grimm started and deserves much kudos for really helping Juliette grow into the character she is now.

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