Recap: Kamen Rider Gaim, Episode 12 – The New Generation Riders Appear!

Gaim 12

Kota and Mitch are going over what they’ve learned after their trip into Helheim Forest. Mitch suggests they stop henshining for now since Yggdrasill watches them any time they use the Drivers to collect data. Kota agrees.

As they’re walking, two fangirls come up to them and ask for their autographs, but they run away. But after the guys are just a few steps away, the girls scream when an Inves pops up and attacks.

Gaim 12

Kota quickly runs back and henshins while Mitch screams at him. Kota takes care of the Inves and Mitch is upset that he heshined after they just agreed not to. Suddenly, the nearby Crack zips up and a big black delivery truck arrives up on the overpass. An army of Kurokages pop out and jump down to burn the evidence of the Crack.

Mitch thinks Yggdrasill must have found a way to mass-produce the Kurokage Driver. Kota is upset Yggdrasill’s priority isn’t to protect the people from Inves, but Mitch says their top concern is to keep the secret of Helheim Forest.

Gaim 12

Across town, Mai spots Kaito standing on the outskirts of a lower middle-class looking residential area. She approaches him and he says he’s there just reminiscing about the old Zawame.

Gaim 12

He remembers there used to be a shrine grove here with a sacred tree and a shine protecting it. It was soon razed and now forgotten. But he still remembers, even if they’re hollow scraps of memories now. He says he stands here to remind himself of his hatred for Yggdrasill and to strengthen his resolve.

Mai understands then tells Kaito her full name, “My name is Takatsukasa Mai. My father was the shrine priest.”

Kaito realizes…. Mai remembers watching the priestess dance during the shrine’s festival and dreamed one day, she’d be dancing for people at the shrine too.

Gaim 12

Kaito remembers watching her dancing when they were kids. He says it was all for nothing then, but Mai says she still has her dreams. Especially now that she still has a stage to dance on in the city. So her memories aren’t still strong and meaningful to her.

Gaim 12 Gaim 12

Kaito thinks, says that’s nonsense and walks away. She says that she will continue to dance with Kota-tachi and continue to express her feelings to the city.

Gaim 12

Suddenly, white-dressed red-eyed woman appears and says Mai can still choose a different path. She should leave the city so she can have her choice of futures. Her present feelings lead to one inevitable conclusion and by the time she finds out what that is, it will be too late for her to have a choice.

Mai does not understand, but white-dressed red-eyed woman disappears.

Gaim 12

At Drupers, lazy worker turns into creepy worker as Kota and Mitch argue over what to do next. Kota wants to reveal everything about Yggdrasill, but Mitch says that will get them in trouble. Namely, it will reveal him to his brother, but he tells Kota that the other teams will be upset that they were used by Gaim as bait.

Kota doesn’t want to keep this from the others, but Mitch insists they need to keep this secret from everyone. That is their basic rule. Even Mai?

Gaim 12

Mitch asks Kota if he wants Yggdrasill to not only destroy evidence, but silence people too. Kota reluctantly comes around and Mitch forcefully explains it has to be only them two digging around. Mitch also reminds Kota not to go around using the Driver because the more they henshin, the more they’re just playing into Yggdrasill’s hands.

Gaim 12

Across town, Kaito is challenging Ryoji and Team Raid Wild. Ryoji is surprised since isn’t Baron’s main rival Team Gaim? Kaito says they will be defeated eventually, but why not take care of the weaklings first.

Kaito attaches his Driver and henshins, but Ryoji’s Driver does not activate. Hideyasu watches as Ryoji is forced to just summon an Inves through his Lockseed which Kaito quickly finishes off. Kaito takes Ryoji’s Lockseed and claims Raid Wild’s stage as Baron’s.

Gaim 12

Ryoji runs down to Hideyasu and asks where Guridon is. Don’t be ridiculous, Hideyasu says, their alliance was merely his plan for Invitto to grab Raid Wild’s stage. Baron just beat him to it.

Ryoji is floored. With no Sengoku Driver, Raid Wild is finished, Hideyasu says as he walks away. Ryoji turns to his teammates who abandon him. He drops to the ground as Team Baron hops onto the stage and starts dancing.

Gaim 12

Hideyasu says it’s time he find another underdog to take advantage of. And he thinks that is Oren. He kneels and begs Oren to take him in and make him a man. (Oh!!????) But Oren thinks Hideyasu pales greatly in comparison to the beautiful man he saw in the forest.

Gaim 12 Gaim 12

Still, Oren thinks with proper training Hideyasu might be okay. So he puts him to work baking.

Gaim 12

Kota asks Mitch if he regrets becoming an Armored Rider. But Mitch says obtaining the belt was the first time he got to make his own choice which is why he regrets nothing. And now he swears to expose everything about Yggdrasill and Helheim Forest.

How about you? he asks. Kota says he is ashamed how he fooled around with the power at first, but now… Kota admits he isn’t as smart as Mitch so he doesn’t even know how to start getting back at Yggdrasill.

Mitch says neither does he, but they can start by throwing a small wrench into their plan first… like throwing away or destroying their belts. It’s good for Kota since he would be able to escape Yggdrasill’s evil plans and won’t have to keep any secrets from Mai.

Gaim 12

Suddenly nearby, a group of people are being attacked by Inves. Kota tries to run over to help, but Mitch tries to hold him back.

Kota breaks free and henshins.

Mitch watches Kota fighting off the different types of Inves and hesitates to help, ultimately deciding not to henshin.

Kota finishes all the Inves off and de-hensins. Mitch walks toward him. Silence.

Gaim 12 Gaim 12

Meanwhile, the Kurokages are moving in on Takatora in the forest. He has a brand new Driver. Melon Energy. He bubbles up the melon soda in the driver and activates Melon Energy Arms. The powerful new form quickly takes care of the Kurokages.

Gaim 12

Turns out this was a simulation and test. Ryoma deactivates the virtual room and tells Takatora that the Genesis Driver was made using all the info they’ve gathered so far from the Sengoku Drivers.

Takatora says they have no use for the guinea pigs then, it’s time those naughty kids faced reality.

Episode Thoughts
Man, another great episode and definitely lots to talk about in this one.

First, I love the scene of Mai and Kaito in the boondocks. Seeing a part of Zawame that didn’t get redeveloped by Yggdrasill was like seeing where time stood still. It really enhanced Kaito and Mai’s reminiscing of the old times and showing just how “evil” Yggdrasill is. We know Yggdrasill took everything from Kaito’s family and now we know they did the same to Mai’s family as well. Very deep stuff.

Plus I ship Mai and Kaito. I just knew they were going to do something like them being childhood friends or acquaintances or even kids who liked each other or something. And they pretty much did. I hope they pursue this angle though. It would be a great story to see them eventually teaming up because of their pasts. And fall in love of course. It seems like Kaito is disinterested, but I would love to see Mai soften him or something. That’d be fun.

Then there’s the complete embarrassment of Hase Ryoji. That was surprisingly dramatic and definitely sad. A very unexpected scene. I enjoyed the way it unfolded. I hope whatever happens next week isn’t the end for him on the show. I know it’s possible. As for Hideyasu, we finally get to see him slapstick-it around un-henshined with Oren. There was a moment during that scene where you could almost see Oren having his way with Jonouchi-kun, if you know what I mean. lol

Melon Energy Arms is amazing! One of the few times I am legitimately wowed by a new toy. That bow and arrow is badass. And woohoo soda! lol

But maybe my favorite part of this episode was everything Mitch.

Micchi is scary as frack. And I love it. We’ve seen how he can turn it on and off at the drop of a hat. Cute and smiley one moment, devious and an asshole the next. He is one of the most interesting characters I’ve seen in a toku or Power Rangers in a long time. I am anxious to see where his character goes from here because I just know there’s going to be some big stuff with him in the future. Him pretty much shutting down Kota this entire episode, then his hesitation when Kota fights off the Inves and finishing it off with that awkward stare down, it was all awesome.

I am really loving Gaim. Everything about it so far has been absolutely amazing.

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  1. Im still new to the show but is that how Kaito and Mai became friends? Other then that it was a wonderful scene and Im starting to think that Kaito finally has a crush on her unless there was another episode I am so new to this kamen rider oh well. 😀

      1. It looked so cute the heartwarming scene between them but that stupid princess came to Mai telling her to stay away. I think she’s a princess sure looks like one.

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