Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.09 – "You don't have many friends you can trust… if any."

Grimm 309

Before getting to Episode 9, I had to catch up with the two episode “midseason finale” (which really wasn’t a finale in any sense of the word, especially since we have a new episode just a few weeks after, but anyway).

Episode 7, “Cold Blooded” was a solid episode. It was great to see the Grimm Gang having another research party at Monroe’s. Also awesome was seeing more of the kick-ass tools in the trailer.

Now Episode 8, “Twelve Days of Krampus” was much more fun though. First it was great actually and finally putting faces now to The Resistance. More sweetness from Monroe and Rosalee about her painful Christmas past. But what really got me this episode was the idea of Krampus. When I was a kid, we had this absolutely frightening cardboard Christmas ornament of a mean-looking Santa stuffing a kid into his sack. It was horrible and I would always put it in the back of the tree because it was so awful. Thankfully, it’s gone now, but it was so interesting to see it as a story here and I guess the origins of it as well. That would definitely make a nice little Christmas action adventure movie. Santa vs. Krampus: The Movie. Someone get on that!

And now on to Episode 9…
Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.09 – Red Menace

“To kill Koschei the Deathless, first you must find his soul, which is hidden in an egg, in a duck in a lead chest buried beneath an oak tree.”

Grimm 309

Juliette gets a call from her friend Alicia. Her husband Joe has beat her again and she is set on finally leaving him. Juliette tells Alicia to hurry to Portland and she can stay with her and Nick. Later that night, Alicia arrives and unbeknownst to Nick and Juliette, she’s a Fuchsbau.

Grimm 309

Over in Vienna, Renard meets with Adalind. He confronts her about the baby and warns her she will be completely useless after the baby’s out of her belly. She’ll have to choose sides and other than him, she doesn’t have very many “friends.”

Back in Portland, Boris Mishkin, a Wesen seems to have healing powers. But he is being targeted by a vengeful man and an unseen accomplice. After trying to attack him in the storeroom of a restaurant, the attacker suddenly feels extreme pain on his wrists where Mishkin grabs him after he escapes. He calls his accomplice and says he failed. “I love you,” he says.

Grimm 309

At the station, Renard fills Nick in on what happened in Vienna. After Hank tries flirting with his physical therapist, he and Nick are on the case after a waiter is found dead in the freezer of the very restaurant Mishkin was at.

Mishkin’s wife yells at the housekeeper who seems to have some kind of relationship with Mishkin as he has quite a female following. Renard, Nick and Hank head to the manse the Mishkins are staying at in Portland.

The housekeeper opens the door for them and the wife leads them to the room where Mishkin is in the middle of a healing. With every healing, Mishkin seems to grow weaker.

Grimm 309

They question Mishkin who admits he did get in a fight after getting attacked. But he says there could be many reasons why he would be a target. When Nick and the other leave, the housekeeper asks if Mishkin is in trouble. She says he’s a great man after all.

Nick describes what he saw as Mishkin was healing and Renard thinks he could be a Koschei.

Meanwhile, the attacker is now in an overflowing tub in his motel room with horrible, disgusting spots and bumps on his body.

Nick, Hank and Monroe are in the trailer looking for some info on the Koschei and they find Rasputin was one. A Koschei can not only heal, but can also kill by touch.

Renard calls some Resistance friends in Moscow and gets some info on Mishkin. He was an assassin for the Russian FSB and kills people by giving them radiation poisoning.

Nick, Hank and Wu go to the motel to investigate the dead attacker… or so they think. He’s still alive and now they all could have been contaminated with radiation. They need to take cold showers, have their clothes burned and take potassium iodide.

Grimm 309

Someone visits the attacker at the hospital. He tells the person that they have to leave Mishkin or he’ll kill them too.

Nick, Hank and Renard bring Mishkin into the station to interrogate him. He admits that he was only defending himself against the attacker and that he was indeed an assassin. But he wanted to find peace and to only do good so he promised God that he would only heal the sick. Every time he heals someone, he dies a little more, so he won’t fight against someone trying to kill him the next time. He thinks he deserves it anyway.

Renard suggests he and his wife leave the country.

Renard, Nick and Hank go to talk to the attacker. He tells Renard that Mishkin killed his father and now he’ll kill “her” too.

At the manse, the accomplice drugs the vodka. And it turns out to be the housekeeper. He takes her upstairs to his room for some fun, but after downing the entire bottle of vodka he grows incredibly weak.

Larisa, the housekeeper tells Mishkin he killed her father and now her brother. He is weak, but he’s not dying just yet. He tries to tell her that he no longer kills anymore and begs for forgiveness.

Grimm 309

Nick, Hank and Renard arrive at the manse just as Mishkin and Larisa come down the stairs. She has stabbed him with scissors.

Mishkin’s wife woges and slashes Larisa’s throat. But Mishkin hurries down the stairs and heals her… his last healing.

Nick heads home and Alicia’s husband, Joe calls demanding they tell him if his wife is there. They refuse and he hangs up. But Joe is already outside their home and shows he too is Wesen.

Grimm 309

Episode Thoughts
A solid episode. But I must admit, I had no idea who Rasputin was or is. Thanks Catholic high school Freshman world history. Anyway, nice to see more using of actual people and history in the Grimm world.

This Alicia-Joe story is very interesting, if only to see Juliette suddenly kick ass next week.

Overall, it was a nice little three hour block of Grimm for me tonight. The show is chugging along just fine.

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