The Amazing Race 23 Wrap-Up

The 23rd Race around the world is done. This was an interesting season, yet oddly bland at the same time.

Even though this season was filmed back in July, it premiered on television right after the series’ only 2nd Emmy loss. So expectations were still a little high that this season needed to wow or at least prove that TAR still deserved to be nominated in the category it has dominated since its creation, let alone actually win it.

Unfortunately, the first half or even 2/3 of the season pretty much justified the loss. The teams were forgettable, the tasks were uninspired and the locations were uninteresting. TAR23 started off pretty much encapsulating all the criticisms fans have had about the show these last few years.

You couple the “Meh” feeling of TAR23 with the news that TAR24 was some kind of returning Racers season, it just made everything even less exciting. Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race 23, Episodes 11 & 12 (Season Finale) – "Thanks for not helping me!"

Recap: The Amazing Race 23, Episodes 11 & 12 – Amazing “Crazy” Race


The penultimate Leg begins as teams are told to fly to Tokyo. At the travel agency, Jason & Amy and Travis & Nicole try to make a pact with Tim & Marie that they will work together this Leg to ensure Leo & Jamal get eliminated and they are the final three. Continue reading