Recap: Power Rangers Megaforce Christmas Special "…is very peculiar"

Megaforce Christmas

The Rangers are the mall. The guys are at Ernie’s while the girls just finish shopping.

Megaforce Christmas

Robo Knight is on his roof and looks down at people cutting down trees and putting up energy wasting colorful lights. Noah finds him out back and Robo Knight asks why humans are destroying the Earth.

Megaforce Christmas

Noah explains that humans are celebrating Christmas, a special time of the year when humans are supposedly at their best, when everyone wishes for peace and happiness.

Robo Knight cannot compute.

Megaforce Christmas Megaforce Christmas

Inside, the girls are handing Troy and Jake their presents and they subtly remind them that they are expecting gifts as well. Noah comes back in and calls the Rangers to see Robo Knight in a Santa hat standing out in the mall, creeping on the strange humans.

The Rangers leave as the guys do their last minute shopping, leaving Robo Knight to observe. A little boy and his father come by with a gift to donate. Robo Knight’s standing in the gift donation section of the mall. As the gifts pile up, the charity comes to pick them all up, including Robo Knight.

The gifts get loaded onto a plane. Robo Knight wonders what to do next since Noah told him to stand still for 24 hours.

“This holiday is very peculiar.”

Megaforce Christmas

Turns out the gifts have been shipped to Africa. 24 hours have passed, so while the African kids open their gifts, Robo Knight barges out of his crate.

“Are you Santa?”
“I am Robo Knight, protector of the environment, guardian of the Earth!! … But where on Earth am I?!”

Megaforce Christmas

That night, the African kids bring Robo Knight to the campfire. They ask what Christmas means. He explains what Noah told him earlier then they ask for a Christmas story. He doesn’t know any Christmas stories. But he shows them his Robo Morpher and tells them the story of his friends who are great people.

Megaforce Christmas

Begin recap!

Robo Knight says they are Earth’s protectors, but they are also regular teenagers. He then explains his own story of being awakened by some guy named Gosei… oh yeah, him.

The kids tell Robo Santa to pour the vegetables into the boiling water and stir.

He continues his extended season recap.

Robo Knight says the Rangers were nice to him (not really) even when he was an ass to them. He recounts his original rap before finally coming to the end of his story when he and the Rangers finally came together as a team.

Robo Knight says the Rangers showed him the logic of “Peace on Earth and goodwill toward men!”

Megaforce Christmas

The African kids are sleeping from being bored of Robo Knight’s horrible story. He leaves them the Christmas tree with enough self-power to light through Christmas.

Megaforce Christmas

He returns home and looks out over the city from his roof. He finds a present with his name on it. He opens it to find a snow globe with him and the Rangers inside of it. He looks up at the sky as it snows for real.

Megaforce Christmas

Episode Thoughts
So it was a fine Christmas episode. But at the same time it was horrible because they played plenty of clips from the first episodes of Megaforce when there was so much promise and hope for a better season than Samurai. Back then, the Rangers actually appeared to have personalities. Welp, that’s all been Banana Squashed since.

Fine because they used the most developed character, Robo Knight, to recount the season. But again horrible because Robo Knight’s learning about humans angle was usually an afterthought in most episodes. And yes, he is the most developed character this season. Yikes.

Still, this might be one of the better episodes of the first “season” because they put in plenty of thought and effort to make it a more enjoyable clip show. Thankfully, the African village was as racist as originally though and not as stereotypically offensive as the trip around the world they did in “Harmony & Dizchord.”

But maybe the best part of the whole thing was the end when the African kids fell asleep from Robo Santa’s horribly boring story. That’s the perfect way to illustrate how this season has been.

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  1. The episode with when Robo knight was rapping was my favourite episode also Robo knight said a name of a song “what is love?”

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