Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.06 – "Fear is not an easy thing to change."

Grimm 306

Renard packs up and tells Nick and Hank he’s going to Europe. He won’t be contacting them directly, so ignore any messages from him. If he needs to, he’ll contact them through Rosalee.

It’s late at night and a couple brings their son Daniel to the Monsignor for help. While the parents wait in the main church, the Monsignor is in the chapel with Daniel and a young seminarian as he begins a prayer or incantation. He’s trying to perform an exorcism, but Daniel transforms into some thing and knocks the young seminarian out and hurls the Monsignor against the door.

Nick and Hank are on the case. The Monsignor is dead. The seminarian was found unconscious and Daniel is missing. While a cop talks to the parents, Nick, Hank and Wu are in the chapel recounting what they’ve found. But Nick’s souped-up abilities allow him to hear Daniel inside the table.

At the hospital, Daniel’s father tells Nick and Hank about his son changing almost overnight. He goes into violent fits. No doctor or specialist knows what to make of it. Nick asks if Daniel experiences any physical changes and the father says his face changes into something as if something is inside him and controlling him.

Grimm 306

Renard arrives in Vienna and is picked up at the airport by Meisner who fills him in on the different resistance factions before taking him to his hideout for the time being. Renard remembers staying in similar accommodations when he and his mother were on the run from his family.

Back in Portland, Nick and Hank go to Monroe and Rosalee who give them some unhelpful info about bi-species Wesen and humans before going to talk to the seminarian. He tells them what happened that night and how the church takes all steps to find medical or psychological explanations before moving forward with exorcisms.

The Monsignor wanted to help Daniel very much, he says, but the demon inside Daniel took over before they could. Nick and Hank think Daniel might not be Wesen and consider that he might actually be possessed by a demon.

Grimm 306

A nurse goes in to draw some blood from Daniel, but even before she can stick the needle in, the thing emerges. The nurse runs out just as Nick and Hank walk up. They hurry into the room to see Daniel’s un-human face. Maybe the thing reacts to confrontation. They tell the doctor they need to not provoke Daniel for now.

Grimm 306

Over in Vienna, Adalind gets a call saying her presence is wanted “at the house” and they’ll send a car.

Nick and Hank go back to the shop to fill Monroe and Rosalee in on what’s happened. Monroe and Rosalee hate to think it, but they realize they could be dealing with a Grausen. It used to be thought that Grausen were Wesen spirits that posses human children. But as medicine advanced, it is believed to be some kind of mutation. Regardless of the explanation, an afflicted child would be dealt with the same way… they disappear.

Grimm 306

Wesen are ordered to report to the Council if they know of a possible Grausen child per the rules created through a special alliance between Wesen, the Royals and Grimms. If Grausens live to maturity, they turn into the biggest psychopaths who wreak havoc all over the world.

Rosalee is intensely worried. They must notify the Council, otherwise she and Monroe are in danger themselves for not abiding by Wesen law. Nick and Hank are more concerned with helping the kid and they leave. Monroe wants to let Nick take care of it, but Rosalee insists she is going to report the kid.

De Groot of the Wesen Council gives the order to eliminate the child.

Grimm 306

Nick and Juliette are looking at old books about the Grausen Grimms have encountered in the past. They see a note from one Grimm who believes the Grausen is out of the realm of Grimms and is actually some kind of disease. Nick remembers the doctor telling them about Daniel’s high white platelet count and stressed immune system. Juliette says that is a recipe for infectious disease.

Grimm 306

Over in Vienna, Renard and Meisner are awoken by a pair of Verrat goons who storm in shooting the not-so-safe house.

Nick and Juliette go to the hospital to talk to Daniel’s parents who are upset they cannot go in to see their son. While the father is very upset, the mother calmly answers Juliette’s questions and says a month before Daniel started changing, they were on a trip to the Middle East where he caught the flu. After some antibiotics, he was fine.

Back home, Juliette thinks about a case study by a vet school colleague of thoroughbred horses possibly having caught some kind of parasite on a stopover in Jordan on the way to Dubai. The horses exhibited violent behavior when they returned to the US and the case study posits that they could have returned to normal if the parasites were somehow killed.

Grimm 306

The Council representative comes knocking on Monroe’s door and demands Rosalee tell him where the Grausen child is. She has no choice but to give him the info.

Monroe quickly calls Nick as the Council rep arrives at the hospital. But Daniel is no longer there. Nick and Juliette talk to the doctor who tells them they released the boy because they can’t keep him in a bed with nothing to treat him for.’

The Council listens from the bathroom as Hank arrives and they hurry over to Daniel’s home.

Daniel’s parents are freaking out about what they need to do when Nick, Juliette and Hank arrive. They tell the parents about the possibility of a parasite and Juliette says they can test for antibodies in the morning.

But upstairs, the Council rep has entered Daniel’s room and is about to attack, but Daniel wakes up and defends himself. Nick chases after them as they run through the forest.

Nick stops the Council rep who has already woged. Hank hurries over and has the Council rep cornered with a gun while Nick runs after Daniel.

Juliette and the father meet Nick and the father leads them to a fort he built with Daniel where he thinks he could be.

They find him on the ground and Juliette thinks he’s hypothermic. She says they need to hurry him back to the house, but Nick has an idea. If the parasite needs the warmth of a human body to live, why not let Daniel freeze a little. While they debate whether or not to stay out in the cold, yellow goop crawls out of every hole in Daniel’s face.

Grimm 306

Juliette thinks the parasite has died. Nick grabs a sample of the dried up parasite and they hurry back to the house.

Over at the Renard castle, Adalind is brought to see the Prince, the new one. Meanwhile in Vienna proper, Renard and Meisner escape through the sewer.

Back in Portland, Nick hands the Council rep the medical report that shows Daniel is cured and that it was not demonic possession or a human mutation. The rep says he needs to see the boy, but Nick says he does not.

“I’d like to think we live in an enlightened age, where fear does not drive belief.”
“Fear is not an easy thing to change.”

The rep reports back to De Groot and says this Grimm is not like anyone they’ve ever encountered before. De Groot tells the rep to keep an eye on the boy… and the Grimm.

Juliette helps Nick log the latest developments into the Grausen entry in the old books.

Grimm 306

Episode Thoughts
Very interesting episode. It’s great to see non-Wesen monsters of the week and it really expands the world to show that there’s also things out there that even Wesens and Grimms don’t know about.

It was a traditional Grimm slow burn episode. Things developed over the hour until its satisfying conclusion. The Vienna stuff was alright and I guess the new Prince tease should lead into next week’s TWO hour midseason finale.

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