Recap: Power Rangers Megaforce, Episode 20 – "Rangers, morph now!!! MORPH! MORPH!! MORPH!!!!!!"

Recap: Power Rangers Megaforce, Episode 20 – End Game

Megaforce 20

Vrak is eager to prove his worth as The Armada is ready to arrive in just a few hours.

Troy is training shirtless in the forest when the others run in saying they just got word of an attack… a big one. “This is it then,” Troy says.

Megaforce 20

The Rangers run to the sea and see an army of Loogies and robots are coming up from the water. Metal Alice must’ve reached maximum production level, Noah says. They morph and start to fight as Robo Knight joins the fun.

Vrak tells The Messenger that he is ready and should go fight himself. Metal Alice wants to go with, but Vrak says this is personal and will summon her when he needs her.

The Rangers finish off the first arrivals and Vrak pops up, so they go Ultra. They try to summon their Ultra Powers to finish him off, but Vrak easily gets himself back up. He swats back their Ultra finisher, forcing them to lose their Ultra Mode and their morphers to get fried.

Suddenly, The Messenger turns into Moses and parts the sea to make his entrance. Vrak is the Prince’s brother, 2nd in line to the throne. It has been PROUD TO SERVE YOU.

You don’t know who is coming. “With your powers gone, what you think is irrelevant.” He will take over and finish what Vrak started.

Megaforce 20

“We bow down to noONE!!!!! AHHHH!H!!!1!!”

The Rangers charge at Robogog The Messenger, but he tells them they are too weak and helpless to survive as he swats them away. Robo Knight takes his turn and The Messenger says too bad he didn’t join them when he had the chance.

“Here, you dropped this. Too bad it has no power!” Nya nya!!!

Gia picks up Robo Knight’s morpher and hands it to him. The Messenger attacks and the Rangers demoprh. He admires their willpower, this planet must mean a lot to them. But sorry, a new era is about to begin. Too bad they won’t live long enough to see it.

“This is when we say goodbye to each other.”
Troy gets the others to perk up.


But Robo Knight steps in front of them. “Stop, stand back, this is my duty,” he says.

He calls on Trifusion, Knight Power and has his morpher send a laser shot right towards The Messenger.

The Messenger sends one of his own until both their powers disappear. Robo Knight explains the Trifusion portal drain The Messenger’s power and he is currently incapacitated. So time is of the essence. He tells them to get their morphers as her will pass on The Messenger’s power that he absorbed to pass on to them.

Megaforce 20

The Morphers are restored, but Robo Knight weakens. He says they myst complete this mission without his assistance. He hands them his Robo Blaster.

Megaforce 20

They morph and give The Messenger all they got. They try to use all their Ultra Power for a heavenly pillar-powered Dynamic Strike. They then combine with Robo Knight’s power to use his Vulcan Cannon for an Ultra Power Knight Dynamic which finishes The Messenger for good.

Megaforce 20 Megaforce 20

They are celebrating again. But Vrak comes walking towards them. They haven’t won yet.

Metal Alice arrives and says Vrak is too damaged to continue fighting. She waited for Vrak to summon her, but he never did. She’s been holding back, until now.

“I’ve had enough of all of you! None of us is leaving this place today!”

Metal Alice attacks.

“Even if you had a hundred more Rangers beside you, you couldn’t stop me!”

After a few swipes by Troy, Metal Alice suddenly explodes. Then gets hurled aside.

“This cannot be happening. I did all I could master, forgive me!”

The Rangers comment about Metal Alice being so loyal and devoted to Vrak.

Suddenly, Vrak stands. He walks over to The Messenger’s head. He tells Vrak it is unfortunate that they couldn’t complete their mission and the Rangers are still standing.

Vrak says it doesn’t matter since they will still be destroyed. He calls up to the sky to start the invasion. It starts raining.

Megaforce 20

The Messenger suggests Vrak go into hiding. The new soldiers that will arrive may not recognize him and mistake him for the enemy. I understand, he says then walks over to Metal Alice and takes her in his arms.

Megaforce 20

“I… am… sorry.”
“I thank you Metal Alice for being a loyal robot, but now you have been reduced to nothing but a casualty of battle.”
“Is this the end?”
“You are damaged and obsolete. You failed and logically must be discarded.”
“Now, I must go. Goodbye.”

Megaforce 20

She explodes as Vrak walks away.

Troy says Vrak is ruthless. He responds that even though he couldn’t do it himself, he takes comfort knowing that they will be destroyed soon.

The Rangers demorph and find that Robo Knight is gone. They see that he seems to have dragged himself away.

Troy calls Gosei and reports what happened. A pause, then…

“Rangers morph now!!!!!! MORPH! MORPH!! MORPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Megaforce 20

The invasion has begun. The Armada’s fleet of ships lays waste to the city while footsoldiers storm downtown. The Rangers are forced to run.

Megaforce 20

They find they have lost contact with Gosei and Troy decides to go look for Robo Knight.

To Be Continued!

Megaforce 20

Episode Thoughts
Well, I must admit that this was a solid episode. The last five minutes were particularly exciting. And I sincerely got chills when a frantic Gosei tells them to morph. Plus, their 2nd to last morph was nice. All of that was thanks to get writing and voice acting for the villains. The Rangers, not so much.

But at the same time, it all still feels so hollow since there has been zero build-up to this finale. Some nice fight scenes and big ‘splosions aren’t enough to make you forget the season that’s passed.

I lowered my expectations for Megaforce after being incredibly disappointed with Samurai (for which, I had high expectations). But Megaforce has still managed to come up far short.

I don’t know if my expectations can be lowered any more for Super Megaforce. But I’m sure they’ll find a way to come up short once again, especially for such a hyped up season.

How different is Megaforce from Goseiger?
Corresponding Goseiger Episodes: Epic 43 – The Empire’s All-Out Attack, Epic 44 – The Ultimate Final Battle and a little bit of Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle

So they did have quite a bit of original footage (out of necessity), but this was basically piecing together the climax of the Matrintis arc of Goseiger. And even though Megaforce did well, for them, with those final scenes, they completely diminished the heft of the source material with Robogog and Metal Alice’s easy defeats, removing the suicide bomber stuff and Buredoran delivering the final blow to Metal Alice.

Who knows how Vrak will be used in Super Megaforce, but judging how they squeezed together the different villain groups into this season, I am expecting a big mess.

Anyway, since this brings an end to the Goseiger adaptation, I will say that Goseiger was miles better. I enjoyed the season when I first watched it, but especially now seeing what Megaforce did with the it… oy vey. Power Rangers Megaforce made Tensou Sentai Goseiger seem like an Emmy-winning drama. But what can you do? This is the Saban Brands Era of Power Rangers.

And we are assured of another 20 episodes of insanity next year. SUPER!

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