Recap: Power Rangers Megaforce, Episode 19 – "You were so sure you had defeated him!"

Recap: Power Rangers Megaforce, Episode 19 – The Messenger


The Rangers are celebrating… again. They recap their amazingness and toast to Robo Knight. Jake bullies Tensou. While Troy lingers at the wall of keys, the others remember Metal Alice is still around. But Emma says she’s useless. She’s a soldier with no orders, she has no purpose.

Erm… across town, Metal Alice walks through the wreckage of Malkor’s ship and cries about the horrible end. But she hears something under the debris and finds Vrak is still alive.

Troy continues thinking about his Legend War dream and Gia asks why he isn’t celebrating and partying their awesomeness. Troy says he feels things are still unresolved.

“We won. They lost. It’s over!” Gia says, “You don’t know when to let go.”

Down in the underwater lab, Metal Alice is quickly rebuilding Vrak. Oops.

The Rangers finally get Troy to party with them when Tensou rolls in to say something has appeared downtown.


The Rangers head to the city center and run into Loogies. They say they’re just leftover Loogies and they engage in some wire-fu before morphing to finish them off.

Robo Knight arrives to save them when the leftover Loogies get the upper hand. But so does Metal Alice.

They bark that she has no more purpose here. But she introduces her greatest creation, a souped-up Vrak. Retaining his mind, she removed his greatest weakness that he shared with humans… flesh.

Vrak walks out and the Rangers proclaim he is an alien and machine merged into one. A cyborg. HOW!?

“The war is over! What have you done?”
“What did you do!?”

Metal Alice says Vrak’s mind is still adjusting to the new body. But he still knows who his enemies are. Robo Knight says, NO! His mind is clouded. But it isn’t. Vrak attacks them and the Rangers mock his robotic voice.

Troy goes Ultra and tells the others to just lie there while he takes care of everything. Vrak manhandles Troy and the others go Ultra to help. But Vrak blasts them and they demorph.

Metal Alice brings up a large missile and aims it at a building. They better stand back or that building and everyone in it is history.

“You were so sure you had defeated him!”

The Rangers panic. They are actually facing a challenge. Vrak pushes the button anyway and the missile is activated. But suddenly, Vrak’s system seems to start malfunctioning so Metal Alice takes him back to the lab.

The Rangers hop onto Robo Knight and they intercept the missile.

Metal Alice takes a weak Vrak back to the lab and Robogog a strange man being appears. Who are you, she asks.

The thing says he is a special envoy from the Armada who is here to ensure everything is ready for the Prince’s invasion. The Armada thought Vrak was dead. Metal Alice explains how she has rebuilt Vrak who is now 60% bionic.

The Envoy says that’s impressive and the Prince will appreciate her loyalty. Metal Alice assures him that she and Vrak will be ready to hand over the Earth when the Armada arrives.

Metal Alice reactivates Vrak and The Envoy offers to help them eliminate the Rangers.

Tensou panics down in the lair. Gosei tells him to dispatch the Rangers to the warehouse district.

There, the Rangers meet Metal Alice and Vrak again, but now they are joined by The Envoy.

He introduces himself and says the Rangers have no idea what they’re up against. He is the first of many that are coming.

Troy takes on The Envoy himself while the others fight Vrak and Robo Knight takes on Metal Alice.

“I fight for the Earth, I fight for what is right!”

Robo Knight wants to kill Metal Alice, but Vrak shields her from the hit.

Troy taunts the special envoy and they get hurled outside. Metal Alice-tachi retreat to the lab.

Vrak says he must finish his mission before the Prince arrives. Metal Alice thanks him for protecting her.

“They will pay, dearly.”

The Envoy commends Vrak’s strength and asks Metal Alice if she is confident the Rangers will be destroyed so the invasion can proceed. She says yes and that Vrak will slowly regain his memory to remember the glory of his past.

She shows him video of his greatest hits that will remind him of his rightful place in the invasion. His mind will be whole.

“That, that is me!”
Vrak remembers. The Power Rangers are nothing more than insidious pests. It’s time to exterminate them!”

Down in the lair. Tensou senses another disturbance at the quarry and dispatches the Rangers.

Vrak tells the Rangers that this will be their final duel and the end of Earth’s resistence. Vrak then responds to the Rangers having the gall to do a roll call.

“So much for your hollow boasts!”
“We don’t boast!”

The Rangers attempt to fight back, but get thrown around instead. Vrak delivers a huge blow to Troy.

“How did you survive that!?” the others ask. Vrak replied, “Because I allowed him to!”

Vrak is not ready to kill them yet, otherwise their pain would quickly be over. Instead, he wants them alive to witness the destruction of Earth.

Down in the lab, The Envoy… The Messenger informs the Armada that it is time. The Resistance has been defeated. “You are cleared for attack. The time is at hand, for the total destruction of Earth.”


Episode Thoughts
How can an episode so full of action still feel so hollow and flat? Everything is there to make it an epic penultimate episode. But not of it has any meaning. Like, we don’t care about any of it and we don’t feel any urge to root for the Rangers.

Well, especially when they celebrate AGAIN after doing absolutely nothing to deserve a lame party in a cave.

We got all the horrible filler episodes, those Google Translated Goseiger episodes when instead, they could have used those few episodes to really build up to the final scene in this episode, the Armada flying towards Earth.

A lot of fans have said they feel like this last year has been a total waste and indeed it can feel that way. The Rangers haven’t done a single meaningful thing and yet they “boast” (yes Jake, you guys do boast) like they’ve gone through incredible pain and struggle.

Cramming in maybe 6-8 episodes worth of story into these final 3 episodes has and will apparently be a mess. But that apathy has been there the entire season. They’ve never given us a reason to care about anything.

How different is Megaforce from Goseiger?
Corresponding Goseiger Episodes: Epic 39 – Epic Zero, Epic 40 – Strong Alata and Epic 42 – Passionate Hyde

This Megaforce episode was cobbled together from a few Goseiger episodes, but it was a mostly original story. Didn’t make it any better of course since it still felt like a mish mash of footage.

They included the scene of Vrak saving Metal Alice from death which was the entire reason for that Rico the Robot episode. And we meet Robogog who is now turned into the Envoy/Messenger.

But it’s all a mess. And that’s again because of trying to cram 50 episodes of story into 20 with the team at Saban Brands having no interest in common sense storytelling.

Super Sentai and Kamen Rider are the biggest toy commercials in the world and yet, they can still present a year’s worth of amazing story every season. It’s just insane!

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2 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Megaforce, Episode 19 – "You were so sure you had defeated him!"

  1. I’ve been searching around, which is how I found your reviews. Anyways I know now that Neo Saban had to film original scenes of Vrak and Metal Alice in the underwater lab. I have a couple questions since I’ve never seen Goseiger.

    1. What was the underwater lab originally in Goseiger, including the exterior shot of the facility? Just a base for Robogog and such?
    2. Was Metal Alice finding Vrak in the wreckage original, or was it in Goseiger as well with Metal Alice of the Agent finding Vrak’s original sentai counterpart?

    1. Hi there!

      1. Yeah, the underwater lab was for the 3rd villain group in Goseiger, the Matrintis, which Metal Alice and Robogog were part of.
      2. And Metal Alice finding Vrak/Buredoran’s body was in Goseiger.

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