Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.05 – "I think you might be a dog."

Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.05 – Dog Dean Afternoon

Supernatural 905

The Bros are investigating a murdered taxidermist. They suspect the heads of a local animal rights group, but turns out they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Considering every single bone in the taxidermist’s body was broken and the hippie animal rights couple’s eyes seemingly getting sprayed with snake venom, they suspect a snake-like monster.

But after a teen is found killed at the animal shelter with claw marks, they’re back to square one.

Supernatural 905

They notice the taxidermist’s dog, The Colonel, is a witness to both murders (at the shop and now at the shelter). They call Kevin to look for a way to talk to the dog and he finds an Inuit spell that is supposed to do the trick.

Sam whips up the concoction and Dean says he will do it since he’s still on the mend. Dean downs the drink and recites the spell, but nothing happens.

Immediately at least. After lunch, The Colonel tells Dean to change the radio station. And Dead understands him.

Supernatural 905

“You call this classic rock? Next thing you know they’ll be playing Styx. And Dennis DeYoung? A punk.”
“Dennis DeYoung’s not a punk, he’s Mr. Roboto, bitch.”

The Colonel tells Dean about the murderer being a guy in a cowboy hat. Sam tosses his napkin in the trash and Dean fetches… twice. The Colonel laughs until he smells the mailman outside and both the dog and Dean bark at him at the window.

Supernatural 905

Sam calls Kevin who says there are side effects. When you mind meld with an animal, it is possible to start exhibiting some of their behavior. The Colonel jokes about Dean wanting to sniff butts soon.

Dean takes a chocolate bar out of his bag to calm his nerves, but The Colonel says maybe he shouldn’t.

They leave the motel to head back to the shelter. Before getting in, a pigeon decides to poop on the Impala. Dean tells the pigeon that was a dick move and the pigeon replies.

“Screw you asshat!”

Supernatural 905

The Colonel says all animals have a universal language. The pigeon continues to taunt Dean and Dean talks back, much to the confusion of the bystanders.

“That’s right Sally, go cry to mama.”
“Oh, that’s it you sonofabitch!”

Dean pulls his gun out, but Sam gets him to calm down and hop in.

They arrive at the shelter and Sam says they should just leave The Colonel in the car, but Dean stands up for all dogs who get left in cars, even with the windows open.

Before heading in, Dean and The Colonel see a hot white poodle. Yeah baby.

More kinky hijinks inside as Dean finds none of the other dogs saw anything the night of the murder. Except one. The dog calls Dean over and says he’ll tell him what he saw in exchange for a belly rub… from the big one.

Supernatural 905

While Sam pleasures the dog that’s obviously gay for him, he tells Dean about the murderer eating cats and stuffing them into a sack with the name of a cafe downtown.

Before they leave, Dean decides to set all the dogs free after feeling for them being imprisoned in horrible conditions.

That night, they break into the cafe, which is closed. They see a picture of the cowboy hatted killer. He’s a chef. While searching through, Dean hears little kid voices and finds a cage of mice. They ask to be set free too and point to the fridge full of animal body parts.

Sam finds a book and sees the chef practices shamanism. With the right spells and rituals, ingesting the right animal body parts gives the person temporary power from that animal.

They hear rustling from the kitchen and see the cook and waiter are there for the chef’s private dinner. They pretend to be from the health department and shoo them off with penal code violations.

Supernatural 905

The Bros split up to wait for the chef. Sam heads to the back when he hears something and doesn’t see the chef which has chameleoned himself into the wall. The chef slashes at Sam’s throat.

Sam stumbles away. But Zeke takes over to quickly heal Sam’s neck before returning to the depths of Sam’s body.

The chef is intrigued. How the hell did you do that? he asks. Sam has no idea what he’s talking about. The chef knocks Sam out and says he’ll be his main course tonight.

The chef brings Sam to the kitchen and suddenly he smells dog. Dean walks in and the chef manages to punch him in the face and tie him up to the post.

Dean can sniff out the fact that the chef has cancer. And the chef explains that’s why he’s doing this, to find a cure for his cancer. It would work then always come back, but he then found out about the powers.

Supernatural 905

The chef decides to eat wolf heart to take care of dog Dean. But Dean breaks free and runs. The chef follows him outside and Dean calls his new dog friends who attack.

Dean hurries back inside and tries to wake Sam up.

“Don’t make me lick your damn face.”

Sam finally comes to.

Supernatural 905

Dean decides to go to the hippie PETA couple who happily adopt The Colonel. The couple goes to get The Colonel some freshly baked vegan doggie cupcakes and Dean and The Colonel say their goodbyes.

Dean says he wishes he could take The Colonel on the road with them, but he deserves a good home instead.

The Colonel says since Dean is an honorary dog, he can tell him this: That thing about dogs being man’s best friend? It might be a conspiracy theory, but dogs were put on the Earth to…

And the Inuit Google Translate spell is done. Oh well.

Supernatural 905 Supernatural 905

Sam wonders what the chef meant when he asked what he was. Dean tries to downplay it as the chef just being crazy.

Episode Thoughts
Another hilarious episode to add to the awesome collection we were reminded of in the beginning of the episode.

“I lost my shoe.” One of the all-time classics.

And this episode was great too. Though I do agree with @jarpad in not really feeling the animal voices. They were odd and seemed not so much Oklahoma-ish and more like some kind of parody or something. But whatever. It was fun. And I’ve never been shy about my mancrush on Jared, so I understand what that gay dog was feeling. lol

Anyhoo… while I enjoyed the episode, I was expecting something bigger at the end. The hilarious, out-there episodes usually are the ones that play more into the greater arc than most filler episodes. So with all the Zeke in the recap, I was wondering if we’d be getting something big on that front. But I guess not, if only about furthering the tension and possible explosion that will happen when shit hits the fan about Zeke living inside Sam’s body.

Again, nonetheless, a hilarious, fun episode. Great to see episodes where the Bros are having fun on-screen.

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  1. Yay! Another awesome recap. They really are building up to a real epic moment between Sam and Dean. So far it seems like the ending to every episode is … sad? But yes. It was a lot of fun either way! Tomorrow should be good.

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