Good Ol' Review: tvN's Who Are You is Perfectly Fine, But Could Have Been Something More

Moderate spoilers.

There have been some excellent Korean dramas this year. Some of them have been very ambitious (Nine) while others tense and dramatic (Shark, That Winter the Wind Blows).

Which is why I enjoyed tvN’s Who Are You. It was a light romantic drama with a mini-procedural aspect, a little bit of suspense and a touch of the supernatural.

But while it was a perfectly fine 16 episodes, I still wish it was something more. Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race 23, Episode 6 – "Try to imagine you are Justin Timberlake."

Recap: The Amazing Race 23, Episode 6 – Choir Boy At Heart


It’s time for teams to set off on the 6th Leg of the Race by taking a train from Gdansk to Vienna, Austria. All teams but the married “Iceghanimals” get on the first train out of Gdansk, but the two teams catch up at the connecting train out of Warsaw anyway.

In Warsaw, Leo & Jamal lie about U-Turning Brandon & Adam, but the other teams absolutely don’t buy it. Continue reading