Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.02 – "I wish I could do that."

Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.02 – PTZD

“It is no more surprising to be born twice than once; everything is nature is resurrection.”

Grimm 302

Nick has forced his way into the family’s home as they quickly barricade themselves in the master bedroom. The father grabs his gun as the mother and daughters lock themselves in the closet.

Monroe and Hank hear the screams and hurry over to the home. They pull Nick off of the father and they fight…err, Nick hurls everyone across the room. Hank and Monroe lure Nick out of the house and into the barn where they can trap him.

Renard, Juliette and Rosalee arrive. They try to get the gun-wielding father to calm down and go back in the house.

Juliette and Rosalee stay outside with the antidote ready while Hank, Monroe and Renard head into the barn to try and subdue Nick. Monroe suggests he and Renard need to woge.

“I wish I could do that.”

Grimm 302

Nick’s escaped and he proceeds to hurl the guys around the barn. Juliette and Rosalee come inside and Juliette manages to the antidote into him before he slaps her upside the head. He seems to be calming down, but they need to hurry out of the barn and back to the shop as the cops are approaching the farm.

They give Nick another dose of the antidote and Renard says he’ll head back to the station.

Nick starts getting restless so they handcuff him to the bed.

Grimm 302

Back in Austria, Stefania tells Adalind to place the dead flowers into Frau Pech’s body and sew her up. After Adalind cuts the thread with her teeth, white smoke begins coming out of Frau Pech’s body. Stefania says it’s working so fast.

“I think she likes you.”

Renard arrives at the station when he gets a text: “Done. News online.” He goes to his office and watches the news report. Eric Renard is dead, killed when his car exploded on his way from Vienna International Airport.

Grimm 302

Nick starts to wake up and seems to be back to normal. Or at least, not zombiefied anymore. He’s still sore and he notices they’re all banged up. He recounts what he last remembers, including finding the Thomas Schirach passport. But that’s all.

They all look at each other funnily and Juliette tries to start explaining what happened.

Grimm 302

Renard calls a German-speaking person on a train. Seems friendly.

Grimm 302

Wu knocks on the door saying one of the bar victims has died and they’ve put out an APB on one Thomas Schirach who’s been identified by witnesses. No surveillance because it seems someone trashed the office at the bar. It was Renard.

Back at the shop, they are trying to comfort Nick saying at least no one got hurt. He apologizes.

Juliette says Nick should come home with her to get some much-needed rest.

Hank asks Renard how they’ll deal with Nick killing someone and Renard says whatever they do, they have to be very careful and work together.

Grimm 302

Renard and Hank head to the spice shop to meet with Juliette, Rosalee and Monroe to discuss the situation. They all agree that it wasn’t Nick’s fault and he should go to prison for it. So they need to lie when brought in for questioning. They work on getting their stories straight and to push the Thomas Schirach angle.

Hank talks to the two detectives on the case. They mention the family seeing the cops before the uniformed police arrived. The detectives then ask Renard the names of the two ladies he was with at the bar.

Grimm 302

Later that night in bed, Juliette finds Nick is cold and unresponsive and pale. Juliette calls 911, but Nick regains color in his face and wakes up. He says he’s fine.

“You looked dead.”

Juliette is worried, but Nick insists he’s okay.

Grimm 302

Over in Austria, Stefania wakes Adalind up and says it’s time. She hands Adalind a jar and cuts Frau Pech open again. Adalind must fill it with the boiling goop inside the corpse. She heads back to her hotel room and spreads the jelly over her belly. A skull appears then disappears and Adalind is grossed out then happily smiles.

Grimm 302

The detectives come to the shop to question Rosalee. She calmly tells them her story. They then head over to Nick and Juliette’s.

Nick is shocked to hear about the death and he listens from the kitchen as the detectives talk to Juliette. He starts going white again, worried, until he breaks his mug.

The detectives leave and Nick is upset. He wants to turn himself in, but Juliette tells him what they are doing for him. He walks out the door.

Grimm 302

Juliette calls Hank who stops Nick in the station garage. He tells him not to do this, telling him about what they did that night and what Nick did to them. If he turns himself in, he’s doing it by himself.

Nick heads upstairs.

Renard gets a call… from his mother. She says she heard the news about Eric and that it was well deserved. “Thank you,” she adds and they should talk soon.

Nick walks into his office. Renard shows him the surveillance video of the bar and of the man that died. He had a knife and would’ve stabbed Nick to death had Nick not smashed him against the bar.

Grimm 302

Renard tries to explain to Nick how Eric was responsible for this as a plan to destroy a Grimm. And how turning himself in would give Eric and the Royals exactly what they want.

Nick leaves Renard’s office and when the detectives on the case walk by, he merely greets them.

Episode Thoughts
Wow. Very interesting episode. We continue all the action from the premiere, but then we get all moral and philosophical in the 2nd half of the episode too.

Like Juliette’s amnesia last season, looks like it’s Nick’s turn to have what could be a season-long ailment (or could it be a power?)

Seems like we’ll be meeting Renard’s (Sean Renard, that is) mother soon. More interesting developments there. Plus,who’s that German guy? That was German right?

And Adalind and Stefania. All of that was insane and disgusting hilarity. And random. But hilarious. I wonder what pregnancy fun will be had with Adalind this season.

Overall, a nice conclusion to the season premiere.

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