Recap: Power Rangers Megaforce, Episode 15 – "For the Earth!!!!!"

Recap: Power Rangers Megaforce, Episode 15 – “The Human Factor”

Megaforce 15

Above ground, the guys are paying soccer while Emma dreams of a beautiful, perfect utopian world with Gia and no infrastructure.

Megaforce 15

Meanwhile, Vrak enjoys his brand new underwater lab where he meets his brand new creation, the robot Metal Alice. She creates another new robot of her own, Rotox.

Megaforce 15

The Rangers’ fun time is interrupted when Tensou alerts them to an attack in the warehouse district. They hurry over and morph and take on Rotox.

Robo Knight arrives to help and detects Rotox is a robot, just like him. The others say no, not like you because he’s evil! That allows Rotox to blast Robo Knight away to get buried by debris and lose his morpher.

Rotox takes the Rangers outside and chains them up and tosses them around. While Robo Knight tries to get himself out, the Rangers give Rotox a lecture about protecting the Earth before going Ultra.

They take turns taking a shot against Rotox before using their Ultra Swords to deliver an Ultra Strike that defeats Rotox. Metal Alice tells Vrak that the good thing about robots is they learn from their mistakes. They can make a few adjustments and head right back into battle.

Robo Knight tells the Rangers the same thing, making this new enemy harder to defeat.

Megaforce 15

The guys are at Ernie’s and wonder why Robo Knight hesitate before engaging “one of his own.”

Metal Alice finishes Rotox’s improvements and Vrak sends him out. Metal Alice wants to go herself to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Rotox blows a building up and Tensou alerts the Rangers. They are surprised to see the same guy they just defeated, but Metal Alice appears to introduce the upgraded Rotox DX.

Robo Knight confronts Metal Alice who says she doesn’t want to harm the Earth. In fact, they want to conquer it and enslave the humans to make the Earth better. It was the humans, after all, who polluted it. The Earth was beautiful before humans came along. And robots will be here long after humans are extinct.

Robo Knight goes to think about Metal Alice’s speech while the Rangers follow her and Rotox DX into the caves.

Rotox DX manhandles the Rangers forces them to dehenshin from Ultra Mode. Troy wants to turn them into dust. Robo Knight arrives and says humans can be stupid and dumb, but they also belong on Earth and the good they do beats the bad. He will side with humans.

The Rangers and Robo Knight affirm their belief in each other and the Rangers go Ultra again.

Vrak sends his Zombats to embiggen Rotox and the Rangers hop into Gosei Ultimate.

“For the Earth!”

Robo Knight says his mission is to protect this planet and all who live on it… except for robots and monsters.

The Rangers finish off Rotox DX and join Robo Knight on the roof.

They thank him for helping them and choosing their side. But Robo Knight says he’s on the side of the planet.

“You’ve truly become the Sixth Ranger.”

Megaforce 15

Emma admits she had thought about eliminating all humans from the Earth earlier. But she says Robo Knight was right, “Our capacity for good, far outweighs the bad.” And that they are just as big a part of the Earth as trees and plants.

Episode Thoughts
Well, it wasn’t bad. But it was really preachy. Yeah, we know humans suck and are killing the planet. And we know Emma and Gia want to spend the rest of their lives together in a prehistoric world. And we know Jake’s apparently a goofball now because next year, he’s going to be doing wrestling moves and making funny poses during battle. We get it.

Troy’s “You’ve truly become the Sixth Ranger.” at the end was weird. Because they didn’t seem him as one before? I guess they didn’t because they were being borderline racist at Ernie’s talking about Robo Knight and “his kind.” Eeek! Racist against robots I guess.

For all the talk about family and every life on Earth being something worth fighting for, when they exclude robots and monsters, it’s kinda funny. Everyone’s welcome, except you disgusting freaks!


How different is Megaforce from Goseiger?
Corresponding Goseiger Episodes: Epic 33 – The Dreadful Matrintis Empire and Epic 34 – Gosei Knight Justice
So this Megaforce episode was adapted from two Goseiger episodes which effectively introduced the Matrintis Empire as well as give Gosei Knight his pseudo-identity/loyalty crisis.

And on both counts, I think Goseiger did a better job.

On the Metal Alice introduction, Megaforce actually had to put in some effort (zomg!) by filming brand new footage replacing scenes of Matrintis boss Robogog with Vrak suddenly wanting an underwater lab… for robots. Nothing about an ancient civilization sinking into the ocean or anything. Vrak wanted an underwater robot lab for kicks.

Metal Alice US seems alright enough. I do hope they develop her character well because she was a great general on Goseiger (with an emotional end, similar to Dayu).

And on the Gosei Knight/Robo Knight angle, it comes down to Gosei Knight being less of a robot which made the whole “Are humans worth it?” dilemma more meaningful than Robo Knight struggling with “one of his own.” They might as well have used “his own kind.” The friendship between Nozumu and Gosei Knight also played a big role as it had been developing since he arrived.

Epic 34 was also a great episode to show how tough the Goseigers were. The scene in the cave was an especially great example of how badass Alata was despite his stature and bubbly personality. Meanwhile, Troy’s still one of Robo Knight’s “own.”

For some aesthetic differences, angel wings were edited out of course as were Metal Alice’s boob missiles in the cave battle.

Overall, Goseiger did a better job with making Gosei Knight realize humans were worth protecting than Megaforce‘s preachy babble.

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