Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.01 – "It's kinda like popcorn, when it stops making noise… it's done."

Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.01 – The Ungrateful Dead

“But if I stand at the sick person’s feet, he is mine.”

Grimm 301

Picking up right where they left off. The zombies are chasing Juliette, Monroe and Rosalee as Nick follows the Baron into a shipping container.

Passing a voodoo altar, Nick opens a steel coffin where he finds the passport and documents with his picture on it and the name Thomas Schirach. The Baron spits his zombie goop into Nick’s face as Eric arrives to pick him up for the flight.

Grimm 301

Renard quietly watches from around the corner as the Baron and Eric load the coffin into a big black van.

Shaking some of the zombies off, Monroe ends up getting Nick’s truck stuck so the three of them need to get to higher ground, to the top of the containers. The zombies catch up to Renard while the others go after the three Muskateers.

Grimm 301

Juliette quickly calls Hank who tells Wu to round up everyone he can to head to the shipyard as Juliette, Monroe and Rosalee struggle to fight off the zombies.

Monroe and Renard woge just as the troops arrive. Hank tells Wu and the others to open up a container to usher all zombies into.

Hank calls Nick’s phone, but it’s Renard who picks up and he hurries over to where they are. He tells Hank, Juliette, Monroe and Rosalee to get in the car to go to the airstrip where Eric’s taken Nick.

Grimm 301

Renard explains how this madness was likely to distract from the real objective, capturing Nick. But Rosalee says Nick might not react the same way to the Baron’s goop since he’s a Grimm.

Hank calls over to airport police who go to the jet, but the Baron simply spits out more green goop.

Grimm 301

Over in Austria, Stefania has successfully pulled out Frau Pech’s beating heart (Lovely.) and places it in a special box and seals it. She turns to a dead and mangled Frau Pech and apologizes, but better Frau Pech’s heart than hers.

Grimm 301 Grimm 301

She has her men bring Adalind over and hands her a knife to cut off Frau Pech’s hands, feet and to pluck out her eyes as part of the ritual.

Renard and others arrive at the airstrip, but the plane has taken off. Juliette slaps Renard and tells him he better do everything he can to get Nick back.

Grimm 301

Up in the air, the Baron is puzzled by a banging coming from the steel coffin. He moves closer to it as Nick seems to be punching his way out. Which he does. The Baron spits out more green goop, but it has no effect on Nick. He attacks the Baron and hurls him around the cabin. The pilot comes in and Nick attacks him too.

Nick pushes the Baron into the cockpit and the plane takes a nosedive into the Oregon forest.

Grimm 301

Back in Austria, they take a walk into the woods and out into a meadow full of red flowers. Stefania hurls the top of the box into the air and it lands where Adalind must dig.

Grimm 301

At the spice shop, they are quickly trying to make enough antidote for the zombies. But Monroe and Juliette are too worried about Nick and say they should all go to Austria to find him. Monroe wants to call some of those who Nick has helped and he trusts to maybe join them. But just then, Rosalee and Juliette figure out a way to administer the antidote without giving the shots one by one.

Renard heads to his office and calls his confidant (that’s his official name?) to say it’s time they took care of Eric. Renard says to call Meisner.

Grimm 301

Nick emerges from the plane crash almost unharmed.

Grimm 301

Juliette, Monroe and Rosalee arrive at the shipyard with the bottles of antidote. They open the container and toss the bottles in to break, releasing the antidote gas. A little later on, it seems they are all cured and they open the door.

Grimm 301

Hank calls Monroe and he tells them about the plane going down. Hank and Renard go to the site first. The two pilots are alive, but they see the Baron is apparently dead.

Nick arrives at the Tippy Canoe bar, walks in and goes crazy. He fights off anyone who tries to get control of him.

Grimm 301

Monroe, Juliette and Rosalee join Hank and Renard when they get a call a 911 call at the nearby bar. They hurry over and both Monroe and Rosalee smell something different about Nick’s scent.

Grimm 301

Back in Austria, Adalind’s done digging and Stefania tells her to dump the body parts and the heart box in. Adalind must bury all of it herself and now they must wait to see if she has been accepted.

Suddenly, all the greenery around them starts dying off and a green mist emerges from the ground and engulfs Adalind. She’s been accepted and must now gather the dead flowers.

Hank and Monroe are tracking Nick through the forest. But they need to hurry because Nick’s found a nice little family at their lakeside home.

Grimm 301

Episode Thoughts
Damn! This was a busy episode. But Grimm‘s finales and premieres seem to always be packed with lots of stuff. I like that.

First, I finally caught up with the last four episodes of season 2 this week and I have to say, they definitely finished last season on a high note. Lots of great stuff to chew on from those final episodes. We know Grimm has been very clever and creative with integrating history and actual historical figures into the show (as Wesen, etc.). And they took it a step further with talking about Muhammad’s sword or the nails that stuck Jesus to the cross and even pieces of the cross itself as possibilities of what the Royal Families could think holds so much power. That’s some intriguing stuff.

I loved the big reveal to Juliette. With Monroe, Rosalee and Bud, it was fun and cute and very amusing. But of course, it signaled a big step forward in the story which made it all the more awesome.

And now here we are at the start of season 3. They have really gone full throttle and everything has been quite on point. From the insanity of zombies in Portland to the insanity of gypsies making Adalind play with body parts, it’s been all crazy fun.

I am definitely pumped for this season and hope they continue the momentum. And of course, I’m very happy that Grimm has continued to do very well for NBC. Here’s to another great season!

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