Could Nine – Nine Time Travels, One of the Best Korean Dramas of 2013, Get an American Adaptation?

According to Deadline, ABC has put into development an American adaptation of the Korean drama Nine: Nine Time Travels. Lost‘s Yunjin Kim will co-executive produce the project with Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage’s ABC Studios based Fake Empire.

Kim had brought the project to Fake Empire and will be written by Derek Simonds.

I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for a project being put into development before. Nine Time Travels is still one of the very best Korean dramas this year and it is certainly an interesting concept to adapt for American audiences. The concept would translate pretty well, but I don’t know how an American series would last more than the 20 episodes since the original wrapped up just before things started to get spread out too thin.

But I definitely think Yunjin Kim would make a great Min Young too.

Gotta point out that ABC has only put the project into development and will have to get ordered to series next Spring. But this is definitely very exciting news. There are plenty of great stories from Korea that could translate very well to American audiences. In 2010, KBS sold the rights to the first two series of the revenge trilogy Resurrection and The Devil to Kapital Entertainment, but it seems neither moved forward.

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2 thoughts on “Could Nine – Nine Time Travels, One of the Best Korean Dramas of 2013, Get an American Adaptation?

  1. Nine drama series is great BUT The director/producer made FEW big mistakes. Suddenly 2013 SunWoo can see messages crafted on guitar from 1993. Suddenly can even see changes made again frm 1993.Suddenly can receive josstick & then went missing when police took away. Wow! One stupid director. Hope sequel wont be so dumb. Whatever happen in 1993 such as guitar scribbling, josstick in box, bad doctor got josstick cannot instantly reflect in 2013.

    1. The scribbling on the guitar and the banister going down the stairs instantly showed in 2013 I think because as 1993 Sunwoo was doing it, it becomes permanent on the items in the present day.

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