Recap: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Episode 9.07 – "I just thought we were playing quarantine."

Recap: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Episode 9.07 – The Gang Gets Quarantined

Sunny 907

Dennis is leading Dee, Charlie and Mac in rehearsing “Motownphilly” which they will sing to audition to be the opening act for the upcoming Boyz II Men concert.

Frank quickly comes into the bar to say sweet old man Rodriguez from their building died because of the worst flu Philly’s ever seen! The should quarantine themselves.

Sunny 907 Sunny 907

The Gang bites since they want their voices to be in top shape for the audition. They decide to camp out at the bar where Charlie thinks they’ll “play” quarantine. Dee tries to order pizza, but Frank says they can have a germy pizza guy coming in and out of the bar. Plus, they can’t drink any alcohol since it’ll lower their immune system.

Day 2 of the quarantine, the Gang is in the bathroom practicing their harmonies. But Dennis thinks they’re horrible. The others think they should concentrate more on their showmanship like a dance or wearing the same outfit. Dee thinks they should work on their sob story.

“Religious stuttering army carnies!”

Sunny 907

But Dennis isn’t having any of it. Suddenly, they hear Frank pounding on something and go out to see him is slamming a pizza box on the bar. He demands to know who contaminated them.

Dennis decides to call the pizza place to ask who placed the order, but Frank wonders how Dennis could be talking to the pizza place when he had just cut the phone wire.

Sunny 907

Dennis says it’s okay because he has complete control over his body, so much, he can go from flaccid to erect at the drop of a hat. He demonstrates (and Mac has seen it happen already), but Frank shoves him into the bathroom to quarantine him.

Sunny 907

Day 3. Mac is showing Charlie the look he wants them to consider for their performance, bowties and caps. Charlie shows Mac the drawing of his idea of them all in one Megazord-type of suit.

Sunny 907

Meanwhile, Dee is practicing her stuttering Jesus-loving ex-Marine character.

Frank is throwing away all of the contaminated food in the bar and says they should only be eating oranges, coconuts and snow crabs. Mac volunteers to go out to get the food, but Frank says someone has to go with him to make sure and report back if someone gets sneezed at. Charlie has a surefire way they’ll be protected though.

Sunny 907

They head to the convenience store in bubble boy suits.

“You gotta ease up on talking about dicks, man.”

When Mac shows Charlie a new dance move he’s been working on, he falls on a box of napkins and rips the armpit of his suit. A breach!

“Close your pit!”

They decide to keep it from Frank.

Sunny 907 Sunny 907

Back at the bar, Frank and Dee are cleaning. Frank says it is hair that carries diseases and one day, they will be completely hairless and totally pure.

He checks on Dee in the office and notices she has pizza on her mouth and thinks she’s been eating and drinking beer in the ceiling. Turns out she was and he sticks her in the bathroom with Dennis.

Dee notices Dennis is not looking good at all.

Sunny 907

Day 4. Charlie, Mac and Frank are playing charades. Frank is now hairless. But suddenly, Mac sneezes. Charlie admits the breach and Mac is thrown in the bathroom where he finds Dennis and Dee are looking very sick.

Sunny 907

Dennis says he’s fine and shows them he is fine by holding a very long high note. He then barfs causing Dee to barf causing Mac to barf.

Sunny 907

Day 5. Frank is now closer to being pure with all his hair gone. He talks about cleaning Philadelphia, “a giant cleanse” of the population. Charlie doesn’t really respond to his ranting as Frank tries to sneak up on him to shave his hair off.

Charlie walks into the bathroom and explains he didn’t want Frank shaving him so he decided to hang out with them instead. They tell him he’ll get sick too, but it’s okay because he’s been vaccinated for every sickness in the book.

Sunny 907

Day 6. They’re all vomiting and on the verge of death. So Charlie decides to go out drinking at least. He takes out bleach containers which he’s filled with booze and they all drink.

Three hours later, they all seem like their normal selves. Charlie talks about looking for minerals under the bed when they see they look much better. They realize that they never had the flu, but only had alcohol withdrawal.

They decide to bust down the door to get out, but Charlie says he has a key. He had it this whole time.

Sunny 907

“I didn’t know we were trapped in here, I just thought we were playing quarantine.”

They escape the bathroom and see a trail of hand sanitizer on the floor. They follow it to find Frank in his underwear, covered in sanitizer crawling on the floor.

Sunny 907

“I just want to be pure.”

Sunny 907

They bring him to the hospital, but not before they stop to get their outfits for the audition.

In Frank’s hospital room, they are all dressed up and performing for the doctor whom they ask for his opinion.

But the nurse comes in to say the Boyz II Men concert was concert because they all caught the flu. They decide to just go back to the bar to sing and drink.

Frank meanwhile is about to freak out about the hairy nurse about to give him a sponge bath.

Sunny 907

Episode Thoughts
Hilarious! Another simple, low-concept episode of Sunny and many times those are always the best.

Plus, any episode that has The Gang singing harmonies is automatically awesome. And Frank acting like a snail… foreshadowing!?!?!

I also love it when you can see when they look like they’re about to break.
Like when they start singing “My friend exploded” in the bathroom, they were holding big laughs in. Can’t wait to see bloopers from this episode.

Overall, a fun, hilarious episode of classic Sunny.

A detailed recap is nice and all, but you know what’s even better? Actually watching the full episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!
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