Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.01 – "Well played, my boy."

Recap: Supernatral, Episode 9.01 – “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here”

Supernatural 9.01

“You’re dying, Sam.”

Dean sits by Sam’s hospital bed watching the news of the falling angels being reported as a global meteor shower.

The doctor tells Dean that if Sam continues down this trajectory, he’ll basically be dead. It’s in God’s hands now, the doctor adds. And Dean flips.

Supernatural 9.01

He heads to the chapel and asks Castiel for help, but there’s no response. Screw it, he says. He starts to call any angel that can hear him. And a couple do. Dean asks for their help saying he’ll help them in return and they know he’s good with his word.

In Sam’s coma-induced world, Dean says they shouldn’t give up hope since they’ve gotten out of worse messes before. HeadDean explains the situation and Sam realizes what happened with the trails.

HeadDean says he doesn’t know how Dean will save Sam, but he will. Sam asks if HeadDean, aka the part of him that wants to live, doesn’t know what to do, is he supposed to be fighting at all? HeadBobby pops in and says that a good question.

Meanwhile, Castiel almost gets run over by a truck in the mountains of Colorado. He leaps out of the way and the driver gets out to check on him. Castiel sees his hand is bleeding from scraping across the rocks. And it hurts. A new feeling for him. The guy offers him a ride and drops him off at the first gas station. He gives Castiel money which he reluctantly accepts.

Supernatural 9.01

He goes up to the payphone and orders the man to get off saying he doesn’t want to hurt him. But Castiel finds his powers don’t work. Before the guy finishes his call and stabs him, he walks away, but a woman stops him.

Hale is also an angel.

Back in Sam’s head, Dean and Bobby argue about whether or not Sam should be fighting to live or not.

Bobby pops Sam out of the car and into the woods, away from Dean. They take a walk.

Back above ground, a grief counselor comes to talk with Dean, but he’s not ready to give up. Especially when he remembers he’s got Crowley in the trunk. He goes out to the Impala, but the first angel to respond to his call suddenly arrives.

He beats Dean’s head onto the trunk, demanding to know where Castiel is. But Helo another angel arrives to stop him and tries to say they are angels of compassion, not wrath.

Supernatural 9.01

Yeah right. The first angel punches him and they fight. Dean takes the angel blade and sticks it into the first guy.

Castiel and Hale chat about the moment the angels fell from heaven. She fells his grace is gone, but he can still hear angel radio. Hale says many angels are still searching for vessels.

He says they have an opportunity now to do whatever they want. He asks her what she wants to do and she says she wants to visit something she built when she was here last… the Grand Canyon.

Dean questions the angel, Ezekiel. He says, believe it or not, there are still angels who believe in their mission and in Castiel and in the Bros. He tells Dean that he was hurt by the fall, but wants to offer every bit of strength he has left to help.

Supernatural 9.01

Sam and Bobby take a stroll. Bobby says Sam’s lived an accomplished life and has left a legacy on Earth.

Ezekiel goes to see what he can do for Sam, but he is so weak. Castiel calls Dean and tells him about Metatron and about losing his grace. Dean tells Castiel about Ezekiel and Cas confirms he’s a good one. He also warns Castiel about vengeful angels upset about falling.

The ground starts shaking. Dean tells Castiel to go to the bunker, alone. Not with his new friend. Ezekiel tells Dean another angel is about to secure a vessel and they need to leave.

Castiel tells Hale about needing to separate. But Hale wants to go with him and hopes he can help her. She grabs a 2×4 and whacks him.

Dean puts angel warding symbols on the walls of Sam’s hospital room and tells Hale to save Sam. He goes outside and gets everyone to evacuate as the windows blow out.

Hale kidnaps Castiel and tells him she wants to posses him as her vessel is not going to last long.

Dean faces two angels, including one that’s slipped into the nice grief counselor from earlier. They knock him around demanding to know Castiel’s whereabouts.

Supernatural 9.01

In Sam’s head, Bobby brings him to a cabin he says has everything that Sam would need for his trip to the afterlife. But Dean appears and stabs Bobby in the back.

Bobby disappears. Dean says he needed to get rid of the part of Sam that wants to die. He begins knocking some sense into Sam about fighting to live.

Sam says it’s okay, he wants to go into the cabin. He walks in where he meets a familiar face… Death.

Dean gets rid of the two angels and goes back inside where Ezekiel is growing weaker. He has tried all he could, except for one risky way. Possession. While he fixes Sam, he’s also get fixed himself, time to recover. Dean says Sam would rather die than go for that. But when Ezekiel goes to leave and give them some time alone, Dean stops him.

Dean wants to know how bad Sam is doing and Ezekiel allows Dean to listen in on what’s going on in Sam’s head.

Sam and Death sit down for a chat. Death says he feels it an honor to finally come to take someone like Sam Winchester.

“Well played my boy.”

Supernatural 9.01

Sam wants to know one thing. If Death takes him this time, can he promise that this is final. He can be brought back and he can’t have anyone hurt because of him anymore.

Castiel puts his seatbelt on and forces Hale to drive into a concrete barrier. She goes flying out the window, head cut open, legs turned backwards. She tells Castiel if he leaves her there, she will go on angel radio to tell everyone his whereabouts so they can unleash their wrath on the guy that ruined their lives.

Castiel can’t take any of her taunts and threats, so he sticks the angel blade in her.

Sam is about to go with Death, but Dean pops up and pleads with Sam to let him help. Sam says yes and Dean- Ezekiel officially possesses him.

Ezekiel’s vessel wakes up in the hospital room, confused as Dean and Ezekiel, now in Sam’s body, are already outside.

Ezekiel says Sam doesn’t need to know he is even in his body, unless Dean wants to. Sam could eject Ezekiel from his person at any time. And that would mean Sam dies. Dean says they’ll just have to keep this a secret from Sam then. Ezekiel offers to erase Sam’s memories of the hospital.

Supernatural 9.01

On the other side of the country, Castiel walks into a laundromat and strips to his underwear as he puts his blood-stained clothes into the washer. But he’s also hungry and thirsty. So he decides to just take someone else’s clothes and buy water instead.

Sam wakes up, the real Sam, and Dean lets him believe he’s just been passed out for a day.

Dean says he meant everything he said back at the church. He knew Sam would pull through too. Good, Sam says, because they’ve got work to do.

Supernatural 9.01

Episode Thoughts
And season 9 begins! Okay, so I didn’t get this whole Repair Sam set-up at first until that final scene. So Karl “Helo” Agathon will be in Sam’s body to patch things up and will stay there until both he and Sam are all fixed.

That definitely makes much more sense than the idea of Ezekiel riding along with Dean on jobs, which is what I thought would happen.

Anyway, that should be interesting. Following the first arc traditions of Benny, Sam’s head exploding and Mother of All.

Castiel having to adapt to being human should definitely be lots of fun. And getting to meet the different types of angels should provide lots of story possibilities.

I always applaud Supernatural (and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) for always finding ways to bring actors and characters back when you least expect them. Very clever way to bring Jim Beaver back for a few scenes. And Julian Richings was always a fun Death.

Overall, a very good start to season 9. Hope they keep it up.

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