Recap: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Episode 9.04 – "You're naked and stuck in a coil!"

Sunny 904

Dee is giving a presentation about the virtues of Invigaron, a wealth creation system by way of super Abani berries. She got some brand new golf clubs just for sitting in on a presentation about them and she wants the guys to buy in.

She asks Charlie to help her demonstrate by measuring his level of stress. 157 units of stress!

Charlie and Mac believe this is all just a scam and they will prove they aren’t easily got like Dee got got.

Sunny 904 Sunny 904

Later, Dee brings Charlie his gold Invigaron starter kit including juice and gels. Charlie opens a bottle up to drink, but Dee says it’s for him to sell. She looks through the brochure and is starting to be a little iffy about the wealth creation details herself.

They decide to go ask Frank to help explain it to them, but Charlie says he hasn’t come home this morning.

Sunny 904

They head to the park where they find him stuck in the playground coil in his underwear.

Before they get him out, they ask about their new business opportunity. Frank says it’s a pyramid scheme. Dee says it’s a funnel system, but Frank tells her to turn the brochure around… and it’s a pyramid scheme.

“You’re the sucker! You’re naked and stuck in a coil!”

They ask Frank how to get out of it and he says they just need to round up some dumb, deep pocketed suckers. Dee says Ben the Soldier is as dumb as it gets. Charlie and Frank agree.

They tell Frank they’ll try to pull him out, but Dee says why not leave him there for a couple of days so they go to him for business advice anytime they want. Leverage. You never know if Frank is just scamming them.

Frank is worried about the kids coming to the park though!

Sunny 904

Dennis and Mac walk into the Invigaron seminar where they meet Harris. They sit and tell the guy they’re just here for the golf clubs, but Harris says he understands they’re smart guys so he won’t waste their time.

Sunny 904

Instead, Harris offers a coupon for a free round of golf in Florida. And better yet, he offers to set them up at a private villa. He hands them a brochure and before they know it, they’ve bought three weeks of a timeshare.

Back at Paddy’s, Dee and Charlie are getting ready for their presentation. But it’s a very low turnout, just Ben the Soldier and surprisingly, Da’Maniac. He was likely just looking for the free soup since he’s a poor drifter.

Sunny 904

Anyway, they get started and play a nice little video of Charlie as a berry scientist, Dee not-explaining the business, Frank explaining what a pyramid scheme is and clips from previous videos they’ve made and have just taped over.

Da’Maniac is ready to buy in, but Charlie says he can’t since you need money to do so. Ben the Soldier doesn’t really understand, so they do a stress test on him and he’s only got 107 units. That’s pretty good, Charlie says, so Ben the Soldier decides not to buy.

Sunny 904

Meanwhile, Da’Maniac thanks them for the opportunity and takes a few cases of Invigaron.

Dennis and Mac go to Frank who is still in the coil. They don’t understand what’s going on, but proceed to sell him on the timeshare. How can you all be so gullible!?

Sunny 904

Frank offers them a premium lead on a big money guy they could sell the timeshare on, Ben the Soldier. Good lead they think, but they don’t get Frank out in return. Leverage.

They invite Ben the Soldier to their apartment and hope to trigger his PTSD to get him to buy a week of the timeshare. Da’Maniac also pops up and invites himself in.

Sunny 904

The guys start their presentation and Mac make a sudden loud noise to push Ben the Soldier into some kind of shock. Instead, it is the Da’Maniac who reacts and hurls a lamp at the wall.

He apologizes, it’s from all those years of wrestling.

Ben decides he won’t buy since he can’t take any more stress. (He’s at 107 units, after all.) He leaves. Da’Maniac will buy though, but he’ll pay them in Invigaron.

Dennis and Mac think maybe Charlie and Dee are on to something with these berries and decide they have more skills that far surpass Charlie and Dee’s abilities. They accept Da’Maniac’s offer and he goes to grab his things to move into their apartment.

Sunny 904 Sunny 904

Meanwhile, Charlie and Dee buy night vision goggles and hope to barge into Ben the Soldier’s apartment to trigger his PTSD. But they walk in on Mac and Dennis trying to do the same thing, but dressed as Arabs.

Sunny 904

Ben is having fun. Turns out, he had a great time during the war. He was a computer programmer.

The Gang puts the pieces together and realize Frank may have been scamming them all along. Him being naked in the coil was just one huge distraction.

They barge into the Invigaron seminar. Harris tells Dee she can opt out anytime, just pay a $200 termination fee. Meanwhile, Dennis and Mac and get out of their timeshare by paying a $2000 fee. They all happily pay the fees and mention Frank.

Harris knows no one named Frank. Suddenly, Da’Maniac arrives at the seminar and says he’s already got 30 people under him. He got all of Ben the Soldier’s comrades. He thanks them for the opportunity.

Sunny 904

Dee thinks she’s got a buttload of money since Da’Maniac is part of her down line, but she of course just opted out of the program.

The Gang still thinks this is all Frank’s doing and he’s probably not even in the coil anymore.

Sunny 904

Actually, he is.

Episode Thoughts
I definitely like these episodes; the ones that are low concept but the Gang still manages to screw themselves. They are always fun.

Great to see this week’s returning characters. Travis Schuldt has been great as Ben the Soldier even though he’s still Ethan Crane #1 to me. (Hello Passions!)

And great to see Roddy Piper back too! That was definitely unexpected, but definitely a pleasant surprise.

I wonder if we’ll ever find out about what naked Frank in a coil is all about. Just randomly hilarious.

A detailed recap is nice and all, but you know what’s even better? Actually watching the full episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!
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