Recap: Kamen Rider Wizard, Episode 51 – The Last Hope

Sora has the Philosopher’s Stone and excitedly inserts it into his body. He transforms into an upgraded version of himself and is ready to rampage.

Back at the shop, Haruto drops the emotional bomb on everyone that Koyomi is gone. They can’t believe it, but realize Haruto must feel even worse as he was the closest to her.

Kosuke hopes Sora doesn’t try and do anything now, hoping to spare Haruto more trouble, since he no longer has magic.

Donut cart owner and worker are sitting, wondering when Haruto-tachi will come visit. Suddenly, Sora arrives and blows the cart up. He kicks the would-be donut customer while Owner and Worker try to back away.

Kosuke, Rinko and Shunpei arrive and tell them to get to safety. Kosuke tries attacking Sora, but is powerless without magic and with Sora’s upgraded form. He tells them instead of wasting time looking for Gates to power up the Stone, he’ll just murder everyone in the city and hope people turn into Phantoms from their fear of death.

Sora proceeds to lay waste to the city. Yamamoto watches the news reports of it as well as of Ghouls attacking civilians. His wife says that Wizard will make sure they’re all safe, right? He takes his Ring out of his pocket.

Yuzuru and Mayu also see the explosions and hold their Rings in their hands.

Haruto sits in his room, holding Koyomi’s Engage Ring. He thinks about Koyomi’s final hope and heads downstairs.

Wajima gets off the phone with Rinko. He reluctantly tells Haruto about Sora’s attacks and Haruto decides to go. He tells Wajima he will take back the Philosopher’s Stone… and save Koyomi.

Don’t do anything foolish! Wajima implores. “Koyomi is gone.”
Haruto leaves.

Ghouls continue attacking the citizens of Tokyo, the guns of policemen are no match. Kosuke continues trying to get the Ghouls to back off.

Shunpei does what he can with rope and safety cones, while coming to help Rinko whose own gun isn’t enough to fight back against the Ghouls either.

Kosuke comes to Rinko and Shunpei’s rescue, but all three of them are soon cornered and surrounded by dozens of Ghouls.

Suddenly, a group of Ghouls get chained up and knocked away. It’s Mayu.

“It doesn’t matter who gave me this power. How I use that power is my decision! If this ring can save others, then I will fight!”

Across from them, Yuzuru swats another group of Ghouls away and comes to tell Kosuke that it’s his turn to help in his place.

Blocking an incoming attack, Yamamoto also shows up saying he’ll do what he can to protect his family’s future.

Mayu leads Yuzuru and Yamamoto as they all henshin.

They take on the army of Ghouls.

And they finish them off. But Sora quickly appears and easily takes care of them, sending them flying in a wave of explosions and forcing them to de-henshin.

Sora says he might just take their magical energy instead.

Kosuke comes running up to Sora, but gets hurled aside.

Sora turns to drain Mayu of her magical energy, but Haruto arrives just in time and ready to fight.

Sora de-henshins into his human form. He cringes at Haruto calling him Gremlin and says thanks to the Philosopher’s Stone, he will once again become Takigawa Sora, he will be human.

You’re going to sacrifice others just for that, Haruto asks. I’m the one who was sacrificed, he replies. He was turned into a monster all because of that doll Koyomi.

In a way, we’re the same, Sora says to Haruto, since Haruto too was forced to become a mage.

“I thought you’d understand my hope.”

I understand it well, Haruto says, that’s why he will make his own hope come true as well; to take back the Philosopher’s Stone and… to save Koyomi.

The others are shocked.

Haruto henshins directly into Infinity and Sora too prepares himself.

They begin their battle.

They land their blows, but Sora unleashes a burst that forces Haruto to down-henshin. They continue their fight, but Sora brings Haruto to his knees.

The others come outside to watch just as Haruto blocks what would be Sora’s final strike. Haruto’s Engage Ring shatters.

You and me are different, Haruto says.

“I don’t cling to the past like you. I accept everything and proceed forward. That includes saving Koyomi’s soul.”

“Koyomi gave me this mission. So that Koyomi can rest in peace, I can’t let anyone else have the Philosopher’s Stone!”

Haruto knocks Sora’s sword away.

He punches Sora in the gut then pushes right in to reach for the Philosopher’s Stone.

Dragon appears and says this is the first time Haruto’s used his power for himself instead of others. He allows Haruto to use his power as much as he wants as they venture deep into Sora’s Underworld.

Koyomi’s soul appears and Haruto reaches out to her.

He grabs her and pulls out the Philosopher’s Stone.

Sora down-henshins into his original form.

And the Philosopher’s Stone turns into a new Ring for Haruto.

“This is my final hope.”

Haruto jumps into the air to deliver the finale blow to Sora.

Sora de-henshins into his human form, giggling.

“Taking away the hopes of others… and you call yourself a mage.”
“You’ve lost your human soul, you’re no human.”
“Way to stick it to me.”

Sora disintegrates.

The others hurry over to Haruto.

I’m sure Koyomi is at peace now, Rinko says.
Shunpei is amazed that Koyomi’s hope became a new power for Haruto.

But Haruto says he will never use this Ring again. He’ll take it somewhere far away where no one will find it.

“Because her wish to rest in peace, is Koyomi’s hope. That is… what it means to save Koyomi’s soul.”

Some time later, Kosuke is telling Wajima, Shunpei and Rinko he plans to capture Chimera to find out more about him.

He’ll even have Yuzuru’s help, but only on weekends when he’s not in school.

Rinko, meanwhile, will continue working for Department 0 to continue investigating any possible future Phantom attacks.

Wajima asks Shunpei what he’ll be doing now and he says he will make rings as Wajima’s apprentice. Eh!? Wajima laughs and supposes he has no choice.

Across town, Haruto visits Donut Hungry at their temporary table set-up. They hope to get back on their feet and have a brand new cart soon. Which is why they’ve created a new Hope doughnut.

Haruto orders a plain sugar, of course. But he also orders a hope donut… for Koyomi. They wave goodbye to Haruto.

Kosuke is treating Yuzuru to some mayonnaise kabobs.

Rinko introduces Mayu to Kizaki as Haruto’s fill-in for Department 0’s anti-Phantom division.

Rinko’s ex-Chief pops in hoping for a promotion too.
Meanwhile, Yamamoto is enjoying life with his wife and newborn.

While Shunpei clumsily gets to work on his first ring downstairs, Wajima is in Haruto’s old room saying he’ll just leave it as it is for now.

Haruto eats his sugar donut and realizes, it’s time to go. He looks at his Koyomi Ring and drives off into the mountains.

Episode Thoughts
Well that was a fine finale, I must say. Epic at its height and emotionally satisfying at the end.

The waterworks for me actually started when Sora blows up the donut cart. Like damn, that was tough. Though I did wish we saw a little more of Owner and Worker in these last episodes. They deserved to be in a little more danger I think. (And I mean that in a good way!)

But the real MaGMCM was definitely when Mayu-tachi quickly arrived to help a cornered Rinko, Shunpei and Kosuke. I love it when estranged teams come together like that. Very exciting, don’t you think?

I actually cried more at that moment than at the ending, but that’s not to say the ending wasn’t sweet as well. It was a great epilogue (disregarding anything that’ll come in the final 2 Wizard specials) to Haruto securing Koyomi’s soul rested in peace.

And she is in fact still dead. I actually think that was a big surprise. Though I would’ve dreaded somehow bringing Koyomi back to life, I half expected it would happen. But I think it gave the finale a lot more heft, leaving Koyomi dead and making the final episode pretty much center on Haruto’s mission to let Koyomi’s soul rest in peace. That’s pretty insane. (In a good way! I promise!)

It was AMAZING seeing Gremlin unhenshined as human Sora. That’s what I was hoping for the most actually, seeing the human Sora and unhenshined Haruto face off. Though I wish there was more of it, maybe some more action, I was happy with what we did get. Honestly, I was afraid we wouldn’t even get a second of it.

But at least we did have Takahisa Maeyama getting the opportunity to play up how deliciously evil and maniacal Sora had become in the end. It harkens back to the big revelation episode of sexual predator Sora. Haruto’s “You’re no human!” and Sora’s “Way to stick it me.” was a great exchange and perfect ending.

Again, it’s been great to see Erina Nakayama as both Medusa and Mayu. Seeing her lead the guys in the henshin made me wish she gets cast in the 2014 Sentai. It can happen, right?

I might wait until the final, final episode of Wizard, but overall, I’d say this was a pretty solid season. I think they really ramped up the action and story in the latter third of the season, but these last few episodes really made the entire season worth it since it all led up to seeing what this group of friends would do for each other, especially Haruto for Koyomi.

As for this finale, it was awesome. It did leave me wanting more, but it was a great way to end the season. And so, I’ve finished my third Kamen Rider season. And it’s been three great seasons in a row! If I wasn’t a Rider fan already, I definitely am 100% now.

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    KAT349 says:

    Wow! That’s cool seeing 4 wizards but the 5 colours were Red Blue Green Orange and Gold maybe Toei can use those colours for a new sentai. And can I say Nitou-chan looks so cute with his hair down. Damn if he wants to attract the ladies like Rinko and Mayu he should have his hair down.

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