Recap: Power Rangers Megaforce, Episode 11 – Ultra Power

Megaforce 11

The Rangers walk into some creepy underground cave…

Oh, it’s actually the command center they haven’t been to in months. Tensou wheels around, worried, as Gosei fills them in on the Wild Sword which was created to protect the Earth, but became so powerful it had to be sealed.

Megaforce 11

Now, the sword’s restless energy is forcing it to break free, so Gosei sends the Rangers to retrieve it in the Black Mountains before it falls into the wrong hands.

On their way to the mountains, Vrak overhears them and decides to beat them to the punch.

Megaforce 11

Vrak summons Distractor who begins rampaging in the city. But Tensou doesn’t detect anything. The Rangers morph and hurry over.

Having already embiggened, the Rangers summon the Megazord, but are too slow to realize Distractor is, well, merely distracting them.

Up in the mountains, Vrak finds the Wild Sword, but a force field is preventing him from getting near it.

Megaforce 11

Meanwhile, an embiggened Robo Knight pops in and clues the Rangers in to the fact that Distractor and the other four goons he’s summoned are illusions.

They all get back down to size and Robo Knight tells them to go to the secret sealed weapon.

Vrak fights the Rangers, but disappears. They turn their attention to the sword. They cross the force field and Troy yanks it out. But it begins rampaging.

Megaforce 11

Vrak grabs it and it is now in his possession. He sends some big explosions the Rangers’ way and he and Distractor head back to the city to start leveling some buildings.

Suddenly, the Wild Sword is resisting. The Rangers and Robo Knight arrive, but they are no match for the power of the Wild Sword. Vrak powers up Distractor who summons the monsters again. And this time, they’re real.

Megaforce 11

The Rangers are down and Vrak gets ready to deliver a final blow. But the Wild Sword starts going crazy, destroying all the buildings around them.

Troy realizes, maybe the Wild Sword doesn’t want to follow Vrak’s orders to destroy Earth. So he decides to prove to it that the Rangers are worthy of its power.

Megaforce 11

Troy runs toward Vrak and the Wild Sword and somehow manages to connect to its spirit, a dragon spirit!

With a final call to the Wild Sword, it flies out of Vrak’s hands.

Megaforce 11

Gosei chimes in to say they have now unlocked the Ultra Zords which allow them to use their Ultra Mode powers. They insert their new Ultra Zords into their Ultra Staffs Swords and activate Ultra Mode.

Flying up into a heavenly display of columns and feathers, the Rangers have now gone Ultra!

Megaforce 11

Now with angelic wings acting as shields and armor from Vrak’s attacks, the Rangers manage to drive him away.

Robo Knight happily watches the Rangers finish off Distractor and the goons with their angelic pillar power.

Megaforce 11

The Rangers head back to Gosei’s lair where they get congratulated.

Jake asks Tensou to play some music and they decide to dance. Troy, instead, heads over to the Ranger Keys in the wall to think. Gia walks over and tells him how brave he was and pulls him over to their dance party.

Megaforce 11

Episode Thoughts
It was an okay episode. Plenty of cringe worthy dialogue, naturally. But it was alright. Definitely nothing to get excited about, but nothing so horrible to laugh and point at.

Thought it’s odd that we’re getting an “Ultra” Mode before the “Super” of next year, yes? Ultra tops Super?

I will say, at least Vrak is shaping up to be a legitimate villain and not some cartoon joke like we’ve seen the last three years.

How different is Megaforce from Goseiger?
Corresponding Goseiger Episode: Epic 24 – The Miracle Attack Goseigers

Embiggened Robo Knight did not make sense in Goseiger either. The Goseigers pointed out embiggenged Gosei Knight, but didn’t speak of it any time afterwards. So, there’s that.

I actually re-watched Epic 24 before seeing the Megaforce episode today instead of the other way around like I usually do. And so I was dreading the scene of Troy and the Rangers speaking to the Abare Headder in the dark dimension.

Yudai Chiba may be able to carry a scene talking to a some sword spirit, but I was definitely afraid of how that scene would translate with Andrew Gray instead. Thankfully, they reworked that scene and kept Troy in suit, which spared us some emotionless facial reaction.

The Goseiger episode was much more dramatic though (complete with bandaged up Goseigers) and built up nicely to them obtaining their new powers. Megaforce didn’t really hype it up enough I think. And the dancing and celebrating after half the city was totaled was just weird, though fits in very well with the rest of the season, mind you.

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