Recap: Power Rangers Megaforce, Episode 10 – “No, not logical!”

Recap: Power Rangers Megaforce, Episode 10 – Man and Machine

Megaforce 10

Bigs summons mutant Shadow Serpent from the lake and tells him they’ve teamed up with aliens to take over the world.

Waiting until the sun comes out, Shadow Serpent aims to “freeze dry” the humans by eating their shadows. Bigs asks him to fight Robo Knight to try and find his weakness while in the process, drawing out the Power Rangers to allow him to gobble their shadows up too.

Megaforce 10

The mutant starts taking shadows around town and Tensou quickly notifies the Rangers who are training in the park nearby.

Robo Knight arrives on the scene and interviews a little boy whose parents are now frozen. He scans the area for “hostiles” and Shadow Serpent pops out from behind a tree.

“What are you, a giant snail?
“I’m a serpent! Wow, I think the guys who hired me overestimated you!”

Megaforce 10

The Rangers arrive, already morphed, and Robo Knight advises them to remain in the shade. But it’s too late as Shadow Serpent sees a chance to knock them around.

Troy tells the others to get in the shade and runs toward Shadow Serpent. Robo Knight tells him to get out of the way as he should have a clear shot. But clouds start rolling in and Shadow Serpent decides to retreat for now.

The rangers demorph and while the others are fine, Troy is hurting, and winded.

Megaforce 10

Robo Knight says it’s their fault they were knocked around so easily as they got in the way. Jake and Emma step forward to defend Troy, but Robo Knight says that’s their problem. If they didn’t worry so much about each other, he would’ve finished the job.

Troy goes to find Robo Knight on the roof and suggests they work together. The Rangers will act as bait so Robo Knight can come in with the SURPRISE attack.

That’s illogical. “We will work together, but separately,” Robo Knight says. He’s a machine; he doesn’t plan, he attacks. He doesn’t think like a human or take risks. He’ll does this alone.

Megaforce 10

Troy asks him to think about it.

Emma meets with Troy at Ernie’s while Robo Knight stands on a new rooftop thinking about whether the plan is a good idea.

Meanwhile, Bluefur brings Vrak to meet Shadow Serpent who assures he will defeat the Rangers when the sun comes out tomorrow.

Megaforce 10

The sun rises next morning and Shadow Serpent aims to attack a train, but the Rangers stop him. Robo Knight arrives and the Rangers use their Cards to create a huge storm only to get cut through by Shadow Serpent.

Robo Knight decides to take the lead, but he gets hurled over to the rock quarry and overheats from Shadow Serpent’s explosions. He tells the Rangers to leave him, but they say they can take care of one of their own while also fighting the enemy.

Megaforce 10

“No, not logical!” Robo Knight says.

What is logical is the Rangers doing a roll call before charging towards Shadow Serpent. They fight while also lecturing Robo Knight about feelings and caring about each other.

Robo Knight starts to realize how teamwork may actually be a good thing. Troy says the plan he suggested is still on and the throw themselves in front of Shadow Serpent who gobbles up their shadows.

Robo Knight decides not to waste this opportunity so he attacks, releasing the Rangers from their freeze and proceeding to defeat Shadow Serpent’s first life.

Megaforce 10

Admiral Malkor demands to know what’s going on as Vrak embiggens Shadow Serpent. Robo Knight hops into his Gosei Ground Grand Megazord while the Rangers hop into theirs.

Shadow Serpent forces the zords to separate, but Gosei gives them a new card allowing them to combine into the Ground Gosei Great Gosei Great Grand Megazord.

“Let’s get this guy where the sun don’t shine.”

Megaforce 10

They insert their Victory Charge cards and finish Shadow Serpent off. With teamwork!!!!

Even if their methods differ, they should collaborate. But they still have a lot to learn… they all do.

Megaforce 10

Episode Thoughts
Megaforce is finally back! That was a pretty long 2 year hiatus, eh?

And what an episode to come back with! What better way to come back from a long hiatus than with an awkwardly dull argument against teamwork.

I mean, honestly, if I were the Rangers, I probably could care less about working with a cold, anti-social, sarcastic robot. They already have Troy as a leader, after all.

And on the flipside, I don’t blame Robo Knight for pooh-poohing the Rangers. Would you want to team up with a guy that gets winded after every punch or kick? What’s up with Troy being so weak? Who does he think he is? Alata?

But in all seriousness, Alata was bad ass. As dainty as a flower, but always kicked ass in battle.

So when morphedTroy starts showing some excitedAlata mannerisms, it is really off-putting and awkward since Troy himself is so stiff and emotionless.

Sorry Andrew Gray, the 2 year hiatus didn’t help your acting one bit. =/

Overall though, this was a slow, boring episode. And especially considering…

How different is Megaforce from Goseiger?
Corresponding Goseiger Episode: Epic 22 – Over the Rainbow

Goseiger‘s episode was filled with backstory and heavy drama.

Shadow Serpent, or Uobouzu of the Nessie (Lochness, basically), turns out to be the one that defeated Gosei Knight long ago. So there’s that bad blood.

But we get an explanation from Master Head to the Goseigers about why Gosei Knight may not be so receptive to team work. He has been buried for10,000 years after all. Plus, the Gosei Angels from back then were apparently all self centered and weren’t big on teamwork.

So the Goseigers telling Gosei Knight the virtues of working as a team worked much better than the Rangers’ lecture to Robo Knight that felt so cheesy and forced. (Not a surprise from the Saban II Era though.)

Despite a very full Sentai episode, this adapted episode stripped it down to bare bones and managed to fill a half hour with Mr. Burley slapstick, Troy and Emma making googly eyes over froyo and a joke about mustard.

*sigh* Okay.

Welcome back Megaforce!

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