Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 1, Episode 8 – “I’d like to find the bosoms.”

The Amazing Race Canada 108

A U-Turn is coming up as teams must fly to Halifax, Nova Scotia. The clue also says they will be driving manual Chevy Sonics once they arrive.

Vanessa & Celina are already worried. During their stopover in Ottawa, they ask Jet & Dave to U-Turn another team, saying it would be in their best interest to Race against them in the finals.

Meanwhile, Jody decides to store his bag at the airport since he’s from Ottawa, hoping to lighten their load.

The Amazing Race Canada 108

The teams finally arrive in Halifax. Inside their Chevy Sonics, they will find a clue envelope containing a USB that they will plug in to use in the myLink system to reveal their next clue.

Jon appears on video telling teams to head to the Pier 21 Historic Site for their next clue.

The men speed off, but Vanessa & Celina are struggling to get started. They finally get out of the garage and then stall at the stop light. The sisters catch up though because Pier 21 opens at 6am and the teams must spend the night.

The Amazing Race Canada 108

The sun rises on Pier 21 where millions of immigrants entered into Canada as a port of entry. The teams take time to reflect on the history before the head to the immigration desk to receive a passport.

They must take the passport to seven stamp kiosks in the museum and exchange it for their next clue.

Teams must now head to Mahone Bay.

Jet & Dave arrive first and find the Road Block.

VVVIn this Road Block, teams must search the town for a scarecrow that matches the one on their provided Blackberry Z10s. They must then head to the gazebo and build an identical scarecrow using the items provided. After taking a photo of their twins, they’ll show it to the scarecrow expert who will give them the next clue.

The Amazing Race Canada 108

Jet starts running around town as the other guys just arrive.

Jet finds his scarecrow and heads to the gazebo to start putting his together, but Tim Jr. and Cory are close behind. Meanwhile, Vanessa & Celina are still having trouble with the car and are now lost.

The Amazing Race Canada 108

Cory finishes the Road Block first and now teams must head to the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic in Lunenburg.

The Amazing Race Canada 108

Jet can’t find the arms and boobs to his scarecrow as Vanessa & Celina arrive and Tim Sr. gets frustrated with Tim Jr.’s job. But it is Tim Jr. who finishes next.

Jody & Cory arrive at the museum and open the next clue to reveal the Detour.
In Surf, teams must board a fishing boat and haul up six lobster traps. After collecting the lobsters and banding their claws, they must return to the harbor and deliver them to the Grand Banker Bar & Grill.
In Turf, teams head to the Boscawen Inn where must study 12 sausages and memorize their German names. They’ll head down to the wharf and have to identify the sausages to get their next clue.

The Amazing Race Canada 108

Jody & Cory choose Surf while the Tims choose Turf.

Back at the Road Block, Dave is frustrated while Jet finally finishes his twin scarecrow, leaving Vanessa & Celina in last again.

The Amazing Race Canada 108

Jet & Dave decide on Surf as the Tims get going with the sausage.

Jody & Cory deliver their lobster and open the clue telling them to go to St. John’s Anglican Church. The Tims are close behind. Vanessa & Celina go with Turf.

The Amazing Race Canada 108

Jody & Cory get to the church first and decide not to U-Turn anyone. They pick up a box with their next clue, a coin, the Canadian dime with the picture of the Blue Nose II. This is the Pit Stop.

The Tims arrive at the U-Turn and consider using it again, but decide Jet & Dave and Vanessa & Celina are no threats to them.

Jody & Cory, meanwhile, step on the Mat as Team #1 and win round-trip tickets to anywhere in South America. But Jon also has another clue for them.

The Amazing Race Canada 108

They must now take a ferry to St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labradour.

The Tims ask locals what the boat is before heading to the Pit Stop and are Team #2.

Jet & Dave see the sisters running around and head to the church and are surprised no one has U-Turned anyone. They also decide not to U-Turn. They head to the Mat and get their next clue.

The Amazing Race Canada 108

Vanessa & Celina finish the Detour and head to the church. They get the coin, ask the locals for what it means and head to the Mat. Jon hands them their next clue and they aren’t sure what it all means at first. But Jon tells them they are still Racing and they hurry off.

To Be Continued.

Episode Thoughts
It was a solid Leg. Definitely different having a Double Leg before the finale, though of course TAR8’s finale was a Double Leg.

The Road Block was quirky and fun. The Detour was pretty standard TAR.

As for the Teams, I am definitely rooting for Jet & Dave. They are the most fun of the final four teams and are solid Racers. And as much as I wasn’t high on Vanessa & Celina, them falling forwards is kind of endearing. They’re still not very good Racers and I wouldn’t want them to win, but it’s funny seeing them fall forward. Still, kudos to them for continuing to push through though.

Jody & Cory are alright. They remind me of Anthony & Bates who were meh for me last season. The Tims are interesting, but I don’t know if I would necessarily root for them to win.

And speaking of the Tims, why are they able to U-Turn again? Is that a Canada-only rule or has TARUS also made that a rule? That’s not fair at all. Actually, that’s starting to sour me on the Tims even more. They get saved twice by non-elims AND they can U-Turn more than once? Eeek.

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