Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 1, Episode 6 – “We want to be les champignons at the end of the Race.”

Amazing Race Canada 106

It’s the 6th Leg of the Race and teams must fly to Quebec City, Quebec.

Jet & Dave arrive in Quebec first and head to the Levis Forts National Historic Site where they find out that it opens at 10am. It’s 8:30pm right now, so the other teams manage to catch up and they all spend the night.

Amazing Race Canada 106

Next morning, teams search all over the grounds for hidden clues. Jet & Dave stay out in front, finding the clue telling teams to take a ferry across the St. Lawrence River to the Statue of Samuel De Champlain.

Amazing Race Canada 106

Vanessa & Celina catch Jet & Dave at the ferry, leaving the other three teams to take another boat half an hour later.

At the statue, they find the Detour.
In Sculpt It, teams must create a replica of either a star, house or boat ice sculpture by using a chisel and gloves with a prepared block of ice.
In Spot It, teams must compare a replica painting of a famous local mural and spot the missing items. They must then place blocks with the missing items printed in French onto the painting in the correct spot.

Amazing Race Canada 106

Jet & Dave choose sculpt it, while Vanessa & Celina run over to Spot It. But as soon as they see Jet & Dave chiseling away at the ice, they decide to switch over.

Just as the other three teams arrive at the Statue, Jet & Dave finish their sculpture and head to Place de l’Université-du-Québec for their next clue.

Amazing Race Canada 106 Amazing Race Canada 106

The Tims join the sisters at the ice while Jody & Cory and Brett & Holly choose Spot It.

Jet & Dave try to maintain their lead when they find the next clue, the Road Block.

In this Road Block, teams must take orders from customers, in French, then follow a chef’s demonstration to make the ordered crepes, two savory and two sweet, using the correct ingredients and proper method. Once they’ve served all four crepes to the customers, they’ll receive the next clue.

Amazing Race Canada 106

Dave gets started with the Road Block.

Back at the Detour, Vanessa & Celina finish, followed closely by the Docs and the Brothers, leaving the Tims behind in last.

The three teams catch up to Dave at the crepes while he struggles first with the ingredients, then with making them. It isn’t easy for the other teams either.

Amazing Race Canada 106

Meanwhile, Tim Sr. and Tim Jr., mishearing the Docs from earlier, think their next clue is close by. By the time they realize their mistake, they’ve lost a lot of time.

Dave finally gets the thumbs up and he and Jet head to the Lacrosse playing field at the Plains of Abraham.

Amazing Race Canada 106

Here, each team member must catch a pass from their partner and score a goal to receive the next clue.

Jet & Dave stay in first place all the way to the Pit Stop at Battlefields Park where they officially check-in and win round trip tickets to anywhere in Europe.

Amazing Race Canada 106

Back at the Road Block, Holly and Cory both finish after some struggles. Vanessa is having even more trouble, especially as the Tims arrive.

Vanessa thinks she has one of her ingredients wrong and asks Tim Jr. what cherises is and he tells her it’s cherries. Oops. She finishes her crepes and they’re off.

Holly gets frustrated at the lacrosse, but she and Brett finish right alongside Jody & Cory. They both head to the Pit Stop and actually step on the Mat at exactly the same time.

Since it’s too close to call, Jon officially checks them in both as Team #2.

Amazing Race Canada 106

Vanessa & Celina keep their lead on the Tims and finish 4th (though Jon says Team #3… wrong).

That leaves the Tims in last, but Jon tells them this is a non-elimination Leg.

Episode Thoughts
This was a pretty good Leg. The equalizer was fine since it provided some exciting Racing.

The language barrier was fun and I wish we could see more of that on TARUS. I also definitely want to see more language tasks, like the taking orders.

Quebec looks beautiful too.

A good Leg with exciting Racing.

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