Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 1, Episode 4 – “Keep it together… yourself, I mean.”

Episode 4 – “Grab a ‘Nug”

The Amazing Race Canada 104

Teams must fly to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. At the airport, Vanessa & Celina get two young guys to let them cut in front of a looong line at the ticket counter.

The Amazing Race Canada 104

All teams end up on the same flight at 6am via Edmonton. As soon as teams arrive in Yellowknife, they must hop into a Chevy Traverse and drive themselves to the Bush Pilot’s Monument, a tribute to fallen pilots who lost their lives when the Northwest Territories were first being settled.

The Amazing Race Canada 104 The Amazing Race Canada 104

At the Monument, teams open the next clue telling them to look for a Bed and Breakfast on Great Slave Lake by the Government Dock just below where they are right now.

But most teams drive off in the other direction allowing Holly & Brett, who were in last place, to get to the next clue first, revealing the Road Block.

Who wants to do a whole lotta shakin’?
In this Road Block, teams will take part in a classic Canadian tradition, the Polar Bear Dip. They must retrieve their next clue by jumping into an icy hole.

The Amazing Race Canada 104 The Amazing Race Canada 104

While the locals cheer them on, Jody & Cory arrive at the Road Block 2nd just as Holly manages to grab the next clue.

Teams must drive back to the Yellowknife Airport and sign up for one of three flights leaving 20 minutes apart that will take them to the town of Carcross,. Yukon.

The Amazing Race Canada 104 The Amazing Race Canada 104

Hal & Joanne, Jet & Dave and the Tims arrive at the Road Block next. Cory jumps into the water, but he doesn’t grab a clue so he has to jump in again. When it comes time for Dave to jump into the water, Tim Jr. tries to cut in line, but the crowd starts booing him as Dave complains.

Departing on the first flight to Carcross are Holly & Brett and Jet & Dave. Hal & Joanne get horribly lost on the way to the airport allowing Tim Sr. and Jr. to sign-up for Flight #2.

The Amazing Race Canada 104 The Amazing Race Canada 104

Jody & Cory arrive at the board next, but they sign-up for Flight #3 instead of #2. Hal & Joanne get to the charter flight office where Cory points them to the sign-up board. They see there’s a spot on #2 so they take it. Jody & Cory head outside to see how that’s possible and Cory realizes he screwed up.

Joining them on the last flight are Vanessa & Celina and Kristen & Darren.

Once in Carcross, they must find The Duchess, a steam locomotive, for their next clue.

The Amazing Race Canada 104

Back at the airport, Jody & Cory approach Hal & Joanne and ask if they are willing to let them go where they were “supposed to” go, that is, on the 2nd flight. But they refuse and the brothers are not happy about it.

In Carcross, Brett & Holly and Jet & Dave hurry to the train and open the next clue to reveal the Detour.

In this Detour, teams will get the chance to take part in two pioneer pastimes.
In Yukon Supply Run, teams head to Lake Bennett and must construct a raft using the supplies provided and wade out into the water to retrieve their next clue.
In Klondike Gold Rush, teams must complete three competitive pioneer activities. First, they must cut through a 20-inch log using a traditional longsaw. Then, teams must lodge an axe onto a target. Lastly, one team member, blindfolded, must push their teammate in a wheelbarrow through an obstacle course to collect five nuggets.

The Amazing Race Canada 104 The Amazing Race Canada 104

Brett chooses Supply Run even though Holly really thinks they should do Gold Rush, which Jet & Dave opt to do.

The 2nd flight arrives and on the way to the train, Tim Sr. & Tim Jr. find their Speed Bump.

For their Speed Bump, the Tims must memorize the first four stanzas of “The Shooting of Dan McGrew,” a poem written by Robert Service, a famous Yukon native who wrote about life in Yukon during the Gold Rush. When they successfully recite the poem to Robert Service, they’ll get the next clue.

The Amazing Race Canada 104 The Amazing Race Canada 104

Meanwhile, Hal & Joanne head on to the Detour and decide to do Gold Rush.

Holly & Brett set off on the water while Dave finally gets his axe on the target after several tries. The friends get started on the wheelbarrow. Hal & Joanne move on to the axe throwing while Tim Sr. & Jr. finish their Speed Bump and decide to also do Gold Rush.

Holly & Brett grab their clue in the water and start back to shore, but it is Jet & Dave who finish the Detour first. They open the next clue telling them to take an ATV and head to the Carcross Desert, the Pit Stop.

The Amazing Race Canada 104 The Amazing Race Canada 104

Jet & Dave step on the Mat first and are officially Team #1. They win an all-inclusive trip to Cancun. Holly & Brett settle for 2nd.

The last flight arrives in Carcross and while Kristen & Darren decide to choose Supply Run, Vanessa & Celina decide to use their Express Pass. Jody & Cory, now in last, have to hustle.

Hal & Joanne step on the Mat and are Team #3 while Vanessa & Celina hand over their Express Pass and head to the Pit Stop.

The Tims manage to catch up to the sisters, but on the way to the Mat, Vanessa & Celina drop their bags. Jon says he cannot check them in if their bags are in sight. They head back to grab their bags then drop them closer to the Mat as the Tims come running up.

The Amazing Race Canada 104

Vanessa & Celina officially finish 4th and Tim Sr. & Tim Jr. finish 5th.

Kristen & Darren decide not to use their Express Pass and forge on with the raft. They are neck and neck with Jody & Cory, but it is the brothers who step on the Mat in 6th.

That leaves Kristen & Darren in last and eliminated.

Episode Thoughts
Best thing about TARC has really been the beautiful landscapes and scenery. Imagine, a desert at the foot of a snowcapped mountain. Insane!

It was a close finish, but the equalizers also stifle the excitement of Legs. It would’ve been awesome to see more teams running around the small town together.

The tasks were pretty solid. The flight in the middle made it feel like a very full Leg even if the tasks were simple, though still good.

My Subjective Team Rankings (for Leg 4)

Hal & Joanne – Another solid Leg for them. They are definitely doing very well so far in the Race. Good on them for not letting the brothers squeeze them out of the flight. They signed-up fair and square after all. I’m rooting for them to make it to the end.

Jet & Dave – A very good Leg for them. They took the lead and kept it throughout the Leg. They are Racing much better now and could definitely do lots of damage if they are running on all cylinders from here on out.

Jody & Cory – Horrible Leg for them. And all because of one mistake. It only takes one little fumble to eliminated a team and it almost happened to them this Leg. It was funny seeing them ask Hal & Joanne to let them back on the 2nd flight. But annoying how upset they were that Hal & Joanne refused.

Tim Sr. & Tim Jr. – An okay Leg for them. Seems like Vanessa & Celina are rubbing off on them with that little cutting drama at the Road Block. Still, they did well overcoming the Speed Bump and finishing ahead of 2 teams.

Kristen & Darren – Though not as embarrassingly hilarious as Jessica & John’s elimination in TAR22 with the Express Pass still in their backpocket, Kristen & Darren probably should’ve considered it seeing as they were on the last plane.

Brett & Holly – They are definitely settling into their dysfunctional couple characters. A typical TAR team who could go either way.

Vanessa & Celina – They’ve been running a pretty sloppy Race, but they’re the kind of team that could fall forward and further into the Race. Especially when other teams are making bigger mistakes to get themselves eliminated. The cutting at the airport was embarrassing since there was a whole line of people there. It’s not like they merely cut in front of fellow Racers. Eeek.

Episode Quotes
Dave: “Whatever man, don’t call me a cheater.”

Brett: “Keep it together… yourself, I mean.”

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